Top 10 films for Halloween

Top 10 films for Halloween

Afternoon! You may know by now that I love my films and TV. We try and go to the cinema most weeks and I constantly have something on whilst I work. My ideal night in is a couple of films and good food by the fire. The horror/scary/thriller genre is my favourite but sadly not Michael's so I watch a lot of scary stuff on my own. Brave or stupid not too sure, but here is my list of films for the perfect scary night in. 


I haven't listed any of the classics such as Psycho, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre etc as I think you know those by now. I should also mention I am not a fan of slasher flicks, I much prefer the atmospheric build up of ghost stories or claustrophobic first person shot horrors. I have tried to include different types and maybe some you haven't watched before so that there is something for everyone. 

1. The Orphanage - ( I have this on right now) Yes it is in Spanish but this makes my top 10 films of all time list, not just the scary category. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro it tells the story a woman who brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage for handicapped children. Before long, her son starts to communicate with an invisible new friend. The atmosphere in this film is fantastic and my god, it has stuck with me for 10 years. 

IMDB rating - 7.5. Rated 15 (c'mon its a 15!) 

Available on Putlocker, Amazon Prime. 

2. Dark Water - There is the Japanese version (2002) and a 2005 Jennifer Connelly remake. Of course the original is better but it sticks roughly to the same story. Atmosphere better in the Japanese version but I know sometimes subtitles can take away from a horror film. It is by the same creators who made The Ring, a mother and her 6 year old daughter move into a creepy apartment whose every surface is permeated by water.

IMDB rating - 6.4. Rated 15. 

Available on Putlocker, Amazon.

3. The Others - Oh I love this film so much. I must have been about 14 when I first saw it, and I will be honest, it took me a little while to totally get the ending. But it has remained a firm favourite over the years. Nicole Kidman is brilliant in it, and I genuinely didn't see the plot coming. Excellent film for some light scariness. 

IMDB rating - 7.6. Rated 12.

Available on Putlocker, Amazon, Youtube, Now Tv (just not Netflix!)

4. Paranormal Activity - Now, I understand why this hasn't got a glowing score on IMDB but this really is such a great ghost story. Who doesn't love a bit of demonic activity?! Excellent suspense and brilliant ending. I love that it was all filmed in the directors own home and it was all shot on a digital home camera. It cost $15,000 to make and grossed $9.1million in its first week. Second most profitable film ever after The Blair Witch Project (which isn't on the list). 

IMDB rating - 6.3. Rated 15. 

Available on Netflix (and sequels)

5. Insidious - This film creeped me out. I am not entirely sure why but there are certain scenes I think about A LOT. A little boy suffers an accident in the attic and ends up comatose. But there is much more to this coma than they initially think. Really well done, good cast and one that isn't too scary but enough to give you some jumps.

IMDB rating - 6.8. Rated 15. 

Available on Netflix I think!


6. It Follows - I don't want to tell you much about this one as I watched it not knowing a lot but thoroughly enjoyed it. 

IMDB rating - 6.8. Rated 15. 

Available on Netflix

7. The Mist - This is also one of my favourite films. Not to be confused with THE SHIT TV series Netflix spewed out this year. You want the 2007 film. A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives. But this isn't your normal monster type flick. It is very cleverly done and the reveal of the monsters is great and doesn't ruin any suspense that has built up. Highly recommend this one!

IMDB rating 7.2. Rated 15. 

Available on Amazon, and online. 

8. The Strangers - ignore the IMDB rating on this one. This film scared the shit out of me. And does every time I watch it. It is a take on the classic home invasion film, and it will make you check every door and window before bed. This film doesn't use gore or horror, it relies on your own simple insecurities to make its way under your skin. It also features girl crush Liv Tyler. Oh, it was also based on real events. Always a line I love to read before a scary film!

IMDB rating 6.2. Rated 15. 

Available on Putlocker, NowTV, Amazon (please watch this!)

9. Don't Breath - I was a bit dubious about this one, thought it looked tween drama-eqsue but I was involved within 10 minutes and genuinely held my breathe for an hour or so. 3 teens plot to break in to the house of a blind man...what could go wrong? 

IMDB rating 7.1. Rated 15

Available on NowTV

10. The Conjuring 2 -  This is probably one of my favourite sequels to a film. It is better than the first and covers The Enfield Haunting. Supernatural spirits, scary children and 70s North London  nostalgia. It is an excellent film. It is one of those films that doesn't need much intro, doesn't have any gorey bits, just pure suspense. 

IMDB rating 7.4. Rated 15. 

Available on NowTV and Putlocker

Bonus 11. [Rec] - The only 18 on the list. It is in Spanish. This is a proper horror film. Do not watch this film if you scare easy or can have nightmares for weeks but this film will give you those. It is probably one of the best horror films I have seen and I always recommend it to people, they then always text me with an OMFG THAT FILM. 

IMDB rating 7.5. Rated 18. 

Available on Amazon, Putlocker or I own it if you want to pop round! Ha. 

What I will be watching - as a spin off in the same world as The Conjuring, Annabelle Creation is on my list. It has some 10/10 reviews then some 1/10. Really just want to watch it for myself and find out. Dolls can be scary AF though. Second on my list and one that I have been trying to watch for ages is Train to Busan. It has been touted as one of the most terrifying films of all time ever ever ever. South Korea definitely know how to do horror and I love a zombie movie. If I pluck up the courage I will let you know about this one. And finally if you haven't seen it watch The Visit (think it is still on Netflix) really enjoy this and have been meaning to watch it again.