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The Weekend Edit #21

Phoebe Miller4 Comments
The Weekend Edit #21

Oh hello October! I promised myself I would take things slowly to let myself recover from my jolly jaunt to Stamford. I did well for a little while but this time of year is busy for wedding bloggers so this blog has to be put on the back burner. It should ease off as we go closer to Christmas but weekend edits may end up being bi monthly till then. Shall we have a quick catch up though?


I think the last edit was a couple of weeks ago, but to be honest nothing major has happened. If you want an update then I did vlog the last two weeks which are up on our Youtube channel, if not I am just going to give a little overall update then do a proper weekend edit next weekend. 


Health - I went in to the eye clinic (finally!) and had my eyes tested. They confirmed what we already knew which is chronic dry eyes and gave me antibiotics and steroid eye drops. When I blink there is absolutely no moisture. Its like rubbing sandpaper. The drops aren't helping that much and I haven't taken the antibiotics. The eye dilation was annoying but fascinating. Had to google what makes it happen, the drug is also mixed with heroin and injected!

I had an appointment with a locum doctor because tmi alert, I had been having some blood in my stool and I was still experiencing stomach pain. She looked up propanolol (my anxiety med) and main long term side effect is dry eyes...I can't come off it yet but she has suggested that is what is causing my eyesight issues. She booked me in for bloods and other samples and I get the results back this week. I loved her. She was so proactive. I then had the unfortunate encounter with my own doctor as the drugs she gave me made my stomach worse so I wanted to request to be sent for an endoscopy. 

He cornered me after I had my bloods done and I went in to see him. Asked if I could have a look down in to my stomach as I was still in pain and losing weight from eating little (oh and the bloody poop). He basically said I am being paranoid after my mums cancer diagnosis earlier this year, it's the stress and anxiety causing pain and an endoscopy is an "unnecessary procedure just for anxiety". I didn't know what to say. He then wrote me a prescription for anti-depressants. I laughed. I came in for a blood test and was leaving with antidepressants? No. I basically had to beg for an endoscopy which he finally agreed to. He fully believes it's in my head. Even if it is, I am obviously having a hard time and his reaction was uncalled for. I will be complaining as this is not the first time I have had issues with him. 

I have finally worked out a diet that doesn't flare up my stomach. Everything has settled internally and the medication I have is working for now. I won't be taking the anti-depressants. 


House - OH GOD. Ha. Ok, so we went to view a few houses out of Leedshire. We comtemplated village life for a little was pretty! 

Whilst the village was gorgeous, I think we have finally decided it isn't for us and going to focus back in Roundhay. We have the best of both worlds here. 10 mins to the city and 10/15 mins out to mother in laws land/the countryside. The major update was the house with the gin terrace sold in September and we were a little bit gutted. We got a phone call on Monday to say the sale had fallen through and were we still interested. We said yes but we'd like to know what happened before making an offer but we will be making an offer on Monday. Would you like to come and drink gin with me?! 

Our house has been photographed and ready to go. 2 houses behind have been put up for sale and sold within a week and I have no doubt the same will happen for us so we are poised, ready to go. 


Activities - we have been a fair few places but the only ones new to me were the villages we looked in for houses and the audi showroom. I haven't had a say in any of our car purchases over the years because a) I don't drive and b) I know nothing (jon snow). I just know what looks nice. We have always had audi. We don't go on holidays (for obvious reasons) so Miller has always treated himself to a nice car, he spends a lot of time in it to and from work and client meetings across the UK. One of the deals was that when I started going out more I could have a say in our next purchase and I felt it was time to get rid of the 2 seater and go for something more practical! Long story short we test drove the sq5 and the q5 and I think I decided that I prefer what we have. I was surprised as I thought I would feel safer in something a little larger and sturdier but it was quite the opposite! We won't be getting anything until we have sorted out what ever the hell is happening with our house situ as our money will be going in to that but it was nice to finally visit the showroom and meet the guy that Michael has dealt with for the last 8 years.

Made sloe gin. Frozen sloes plus a bottle of gin and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Place somewhere dark and turn every few days. This method can be used with any fruit btw. 

I pub quizzed with my friend Laura. We won. (full footage in the vlog). We went back to Issho ( it really is incredible food) for my best friends birthday. The same best friend who's 30th was the first thing I went to in 6 years, last year. This time last year I had only just managed to go to town, and now I have been to Stamford. High five. 

We also saw Blade Runner...I won't leave any spoilers but I didn't enjoy it. In the films defence I hadn't seen the original till a few days beforehand but the music and visuals were good but 2hours 44 is too long for me. Unless its directors cut of Lord of The Rings. 


Misc - Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year. I adore cold weather, seasonal food and the exciting anticipation of the festive season. I have a lot of content coming up on here but like I said it will be when I get time. This is just a hobby blog and SYGM takes priority but do not fear, it will never be neglected because I love writing Simply Weekend.  I would like to know if there are any posts you would like to see? I've got a little list which will keep us going in to November and then I will move the content towards Christmas joy. 

We had a lovely relaxing weekend, we were going to go to the cinema to see The Snowman (sadly not the Raymond Briggs version) but it got torrential and I couldnt be bothered so we lit the fire, put all the candles on and watched Thor. On Sunday I had a slow start, then we went for a dog walk followed by a roast. I am now sat writing this up in front of the fire. There will be a vlog up tomorrow. Then we are back in to another week. Can you believe it's nearly November?! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I've got 2 posts scheduled for this week and I really hope you enjoy my upcoming content. I don't like to do things half arsed, I like to take my time on the photography and the content which I think shows. Coming up: 

  • How to make money from blogging
  • Top films for Halloween 
  • What it's like to give up caffeine
  • Gluten free apple pie
  • Seasonal knitwear 

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