The Weekend Edit #24

The Weekend Edit #24

I think it's weeks like this that kind of make me regret these weekly updates as I just get to relive quite a shit mundane week that doesn't really require any update at all. The week started out OK but got progressively worse after Michael and I got ill and then some shitty house news...


Monday - We left each other last week having difficulties ordering furniture. I gave Loaf a call and they managed to sort everything out and the order was placed for a sofa and a bed. We couldn't get the large chaise sofa we wanted in time for Christmas so have just opted for a regular one. We will pick up a loveseat and another sofa in the New Year. 

Tuesday and both Michael and I came down with some kind of cold thing. I don't often suffer with colds, most likely because I don't work in an office or meet that many people but a little virus managed to get through and we felt like crap! Forgot how much they can knock it out of you. 


Wednesday & Thursday - moot days. I have decided to get all of my December content pre-scheduled so it was spent in front of the laptop writing 24 blog posts (well attempting to, I think I managed about 12). Wednesday morning saw the arrival of our buyers surveyor. Who was just an arsehole. Putting it frankly, got a bad vibe from him in the first place.

We started watching The Sinner on Netflix which was awesome and boshed through the first 6 episodes in a night. 

Friday - we went to our solicitors to drop off documents. A H&M haul arrived ( I do a full try on in the most recent vlog) but I bought this pink jumper, this fairisle one, this grey one with pearls and a bat women jumper. 

Saturday started off OK. We got our contracts through from the solicitors. All of the documents/deeds etc is all there for the new house and they just need to be signed and sent back. The final stages!! Within a couple of hours we had a called from our estate agents to say that our buyer has called her surveyor and quickly spoken with them and is concerned. According to the LEVEL ONE valuation she had done on a 120 year old home, there may be subsidence and movement and the roof appears to be unsupported. Her bank won't give her a mortgage and valued our house at £0 until a structural survey is carried out and can prove other wise. She was demanding that we pay the survey on our house because we said we thought the house was fine. 

Now, we bought this house 5 years ago and our structural survey then came back ok. They said there had been movement in the area (our houses are built near old quarry land) but it was no longer moving. I doubt all of that has happened in 5 years but whatever...secondly, it is not up to us to correct the mistake she made by not getting a full structural survey carried out on an old house. To our knowledge from living here for 5 years and having no issues what so ever, the house is fine. The roof hasn't caved in and when we wake up in the morning we have not shifted another meter in to the road. We declined to pay and she went back and forth with us all afternoon saying we should pay. Well we aren't. The estate agent said it was her issue that she had to rectify if she wanted a mortgage. So we were left on Saturday wondering whether or not our buyer was still in, or if we may have to find another, or if there was work to be done then that would be a good portion of £££! I think she is forgetting that we also have these costs, we have paid for our own structural on the Gin Terrace house and costs are involved on both sides for us. She was the one wanting to push this house sale through quickly, and she is the one that has decided to cut corners. 


We thought heading up to our local Christmas light turn on would cheer our moods. We were very wrong. There were about 30billion children plus prams. Half of the area had been cordoned off so it was bottle necking people wanting to walk round the stalls, and the stalls themselves were dire. We did a swoop round, didn't stay for the lights to be turned on then headed over to the fish and chip place for Michael then walked home! 

£4 for a smore?! 


I then headed to Tesco to get myself some dinner and got a text from my sister to say she was in the pub. I wasn't going to turn down that offer. I picked up some food then met her, ate half the food, drank some gin, met cute dogs then went home slightly cheerier! 


By Sunday we had accepted that everything could potentially fall through, we were still exceptionally angry that our buyer just didn't get a structural survey done but oh well. We now just wait to hear (will update at the end with what I know at time of writing on Monday). That day we got a text from a friend to say that the iphone 10 I had been waiting for was in stock, I was feeling too poorly, but so was Michael. Being the trooper that he is he popped in to town picked up the phone and brought back gf burritos. It made Sunday a little more bearable. The iphone is weird. I find myself reaching for the home button and forgetting the new swipe gestures. Face ID doesn't always work so you end up doing a more convoluted way of unlocking the phone. The camera is good and I look forward to exploring what else it can do. I am sure I will get used to it but for now I am not convinced. The other problem with being an early adopted is that other apps aren't optimised yet so a lot of the larger screen isn't being used. It looks and feels nice and I now have space for SO MANY images. Will update you after a week of using!

Update - she is currently getting quotes for a structural survey...haven't heard anything other than that. 

Sorry for lack of photos this week, I lost a little portion of recent photos whilst transfering phones :( 


If you fancy watching us - The Millers  - I am vlogging the whole house process. Make sure you subscribe because I often forget to mention when new content is up!

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