The Weekend Edit #25

The Weekend Edit #25

Evening!! Michael and I both had this week off, was it lovely, restful and relaxing? No. Was it stressful? Yes. Do we have house news. Oh yes. Did the week end well? It did indeed. This week contains A LOT of food. Very unlike me! I hope you enjoy, look out for the vlog tomorrow evening as I give a little tour of the new house, and you get to see even more food. 


Monday morning and I was up at the crack of dawn (8.30am) for a brunch meeting. I was meeting with a lovely lady who wanted to know more about media packs, approaching brands and how that aspect of blogging/social media all works. It is something I have written about on here and it has piqued a lot of interest in people. So much so that I will be doing one on one meetings every week in December. And since posting that fact on insta I have had some more interest so it will also be something I will look to do in the new year. So if you are wanting some one on one about your blog/social and how to push things forward then message me/email me and I can add you to the list. I am still working on my rates but they won't be extortionate, just to cover my time. I will also be offering sessions via skype! How very 2017. 

Brunch was lovely, we then went food shopping and chilled out for the rest of the day. Had no house news other that our buyer was still adament we should be paying for a structural survey. 


Tuesday, I was feeling a little poorly so we chilled out all day which was lovely. After watching The Sinner we felt a little empty and spent a while trying to find a new series. We finished off Tin Star but apart from that, couldn't find anything. 


Wednesday, lit a fire and spent the day working. I KNOW. I was on holiday but I needed an outlet for my stresses. We finally heard back from our buyer, we gave her an ultimatum, either do the survey or not. She said she strongly felt we should be paying so pulled out. That meant we needed to find a new buyer asap so we don't lose our new house. We contacted the other 2 parties who offered but didn't hear back. 


Thursday and Mr Miller's birthday!! Woooo. We had no major plans apart from a dinner out at one of our favourite local restaurants The Flying Pizza. It somewhere I have been going since I started dating Michael 12 years ago and was lovely to celebrate with his dad. House update for Thurs was that one buyer's phone keeps going straight to answerphone so could be on holiday...and the other has invested his deposit money in to a business venture. It wasn't a no, but he would have to look at numbers...

Friday and we were meeting our joiner (the guys who did the kitchen) at the new house. We fully intend to buy it still, we just need a new buyer for ours we which have no doubt we can get. Right? RIGHT?! *cried in to pillow* It was a pleasure to see him again, we were talking wardrobes, desks and storage for the new house so he could measure up for our ideas. I managed to actually film some footage whilst I was there this time so that will be in the weekly vlog.


We came home, had some food then I climbed in to bed to watch a film then get ready for the night out. 


I was feeling a bit anxious going in, but I think this was down to just feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything lately and extra trips emphasise what would usually be an easy journey in to town. Once I got there, gin in hand and sat down with all Miller's old school friends I slowly calmed down. The menu was highlighted with what I could eat and I was mighty happy. After dinner we went to a bar where they put strawberries in my Sipsmith. I then went home. 


Saturday! A day at home doing chores, life admin. We were going to see Thor but I just couldn't be bothered to go in to town. We started watching Bosch (v good). I started watching Motherland, also v good. Film wise we watched Annabelle Creation (scary, v good) and Sing. One of our favourites. I started to calm down about all the house stuff. I feel like nothing is going to happen before Christmas now so I can chill, enjoy decorating and then refocus afterwards. 

I therefore opened my Christmas mags and enjoyed reading them in bed. 


Sunday, a lie in, a slow morning then in to town for lunch. We were going to an incredible new restaurant called Home. A fine dining restaurant, to enjoy their 6 course taster menu. I had told them my food allergies and was looking forward to eating amazing food without feeling poorly. We were celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary (which is actually on Mon 20th).

We arrived and entered a dark, velvet exceptionally well decorated bar area where I had a Harewood gin and tonic. Then canapes. We then went through to the main restaurant and awaited the meal. 

Here is my menu, Michaels was slightly different owing to the fact he can eat dairy and gluten but all of mine was delicious. I wasn't a major fan of the dessert but aside from that I would eat everything twice. It was cooked my Masterchef semi finalist Liz Cottam herself and the service was impeccable (mirrored in the 12.5% added service charge). My favourite course was probably the starter and the beef, though the fish stew was pleasantly delicious. I enjoyed puffed mushrooms! The food...

We left with happy tummies then did a little shopping. I popped in to The White Company to grab my annual Winter candle haul, left also with this star.

Found Miller in Hackett where he picked up this gorgeous navy overcoat. He has wanted to invest in one for a while and finally took the plunge, also managed to bag 15% off because it was his birthday. 


We came home, made tea and carried on watching Bosch, I edited a bit of the vlog (there is SO much footage this week) and now I am tapping happily away on the laptop writing this up before bed. I appreciate that my last couple of posts have been a bit meh. I only see things improving from here so hopefully moving forward content will be more cheerful as we start getting in to the Christmas spirit. I have decided to do vlogmas so that will be fun! Have a lovely week and I hope you are well. Let me know what's going on with you!

Oh and if you are after some blogging/social strategy chat. Let me know! 


If you fancy watching us - The Millers  - I am vlogging the whole house process. Make sure you subscribe because I often forget to mention when new content is up!

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