Gluten and Dairy Free Lasagne

Gluten and Dairy Free Lasagne

One of my favourite meals is lasagne, in saying that...who doesn't love it? Meaty, creamy, cheesey layers of deliciousness!! Can be made up in advance and frozen or fridged. To be honest, I rarely make lasagne mainly because I spent several years of my life making and selling lasagne in an italian delicatessen. For the first few years after leaving it still felt like work so I never really made it, or ate olives. But anything you wanted to know about cheese and sliced meat I was your gal. 

Disclaimer: The actual lasagne pictured is lactose free, not dairy free due to 1 cheese used on the top but I will list in the ingredients where to sub it out. Likewise, you could make it vegetarian by taking our the meat and vegan by removing meat and the cheese. 


Ingredients (serves 2 probably actually 4 ha): 

  • 1 large onion (chopped finely)
  • some garlic (2/3 cloves chopped finely) 
  • 1 carrot (optional)
  • glass and a bit of red wine
  • 500g minced beef 
  • tomato passata/sauce (I pre bought but easily made )
  • cheese (I used Arla lactose free mature cheddar and the tesco free from vegan mature cheddar)
  • white sauce ( jar of Tesco free from white sauce, vegan)
  • gluten free pasta sheets (box of) (also vegan) 
  • salt & pepper 
  • rosemary (or herbs of some description)


First of all, chop up the onion and get it frying on a low heat. You want to cook the onion for as long as possible so it goes transparent. I like to cook mine off for about 20 minutes. Add in the mince, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and carrot. Cook down for 15 mins, add wine. Cook off the booze. In the mean time get some water boiling for the pasta sheets. You need to par boil these bad boys else they are like cardboard, I also suggest doing one sheet at a time...I learnt that the hard way. 


Layer at a little of the tomato sauce on the bottom of your chosen dish. In an ideal world I would have had a rectangular dish in which lasagne sheets fit perfectly, but here we are with an oval. 

Once the pasta sheets have par boiled get your craft on and arrange a neat layer on top of the tomato sauce. 


Add a layer of meat, a table spoon of the tomato sauce dotted around and some of your cheese (vegan or not)


Add another layer of pasta, meat, tomato, cheese until it is full then finish with a top layer of pasta. Add the white sauce. Because this white sauce is made from coconut milk it is very runny. Like super runny. And remains so even after coooking. Add top layer of cheese (this is where I add the Arla because it crisps up better than vegan cheese). 


Little it of basil on the top. Bake in the oven for 30 mins at 180C or until golden brown (texture like sun). 


Serve with favourite sides. I am a lasagne and salad kind of girl, miller likes chips. Please let me know if you do the veggie or vegan version of this. Would be interested to see how it turns out. Also let me know if other supermarkets do decent free from, or if you have found a vegan cheese that properly goes brown?