The Weekend Edit #26

The Weekend Edit #26

There isn't a vlog this week because content was minimal but I think there is enough to beef out a weekend edit. You can watch last weeks which was actually a favourite of late. So here goes this news obvs...! 


Monday started off OK, we put the house back on the market, we were unsure what to do really but thought lets just put it on, see if we still have interest. If we do, great, if not we will pull it down until next year. This is definitely not the time of year to be buying and selling but our sellers told us that if we don't find a buyer by the following Friday they would relist our house so we had to do our best. 

I then made myself dinner. And gave myself food poisoning...


I was out of commission until Thursday morning. I spent most of the time in sick bay (guest room, close to bathroom). I watched Howard's End (love it) The A Word (amazing bbc series about a boy with autism) and The Vampire Diaries. Gotta keep my viewing balanced. We were meant to be going to Stamford this weekend but it was looking so unlikely. This little bout of illness really knocked me and I felt a little iffy about going down the road let alone to Stamford. 


We were going down to Stamford because its my mums birthday. I spent Thursday afternoon wrapping her gifts for my sister to take down. One of the things I picked up for her was a bottle of my favourite gin which we had when she came up a couple of years ago. And when I say favourite, it is my ALL TIME favourite. I purchase all my booze from Master of Malt and have done for years. Ever since I was at uni and sent whisky to my dad for bdays etc. They have always been really well prices


At this point I did have a little cabin fever and hadn't eaten properly in 3 days so I went to Tesco to buy everything for Gf and Lactose free lasagne. Recipe will be up tomorrow. It was delicious and exactly what I needed. That evening I lit a fire and we caught up on some TV. 


Friday! I had to spend the day catching up on work but thankfully past Phoebe had scheduled a lot of So You're Getting Married wedding content (she's the best). I had to plan our December content both wedding wise and on here. I am going to be blogging Christmas content Mon, Wed, Fri and a Weekend Edit on a Sunday. I am calling it Simply Christmas and would love for you to tag anything festive with #simplychristmas on insta/twitter etc. 

On top of this I am going to be doing Vlogmas. This is when you film daily and upload every day leading up to Christmas. I am hoping this will encourage me not to be a grumpy little madam because life isn't 100% right now and to plan and embrace the festive season. 

We have fun stuff planned and I am excited to share it all with you, from buying the tree, to fun festive activities and trips! If you would like to subscribe so you don't miss out there you can do so here. I have no idea what it is going to be like filming daily life and the workload involved but I am up for the challenge! May just put a go pro on Atticus for a couple of days. 

The Millers_edited-2.JPG

Saturday and a chill day. Mentally not feeling great. We had an afternoon of viewings booked in for the Sunday, I was just so anxious we weren't going to find another buyer, lose the other house and stay where we are. Which for a worst case scenario is totally fine but its this limbo life that I just can't stand at the mo. It's really wearing me down, a lot is potentially changing at the mo and I am not coping. To be honest, I had a little melt down and spent Saturday in bed. I needed to clean the whole house for the viewings but burrito-ed myself in a duvet and watched Christmas films. Michael brought me up food and I just kind of laid there. I was gutted to be missing my mums birthday at such an important time (though truly hoping this is the only one she has with cancer), nervous about the viewings, still hoping we were moving but also dreading it at the same time. I decided that it may be best if I go back in to CBT. 

I watched Ingrid Goes West in the bath. Worth it if you're quite entrenched in instagram. Made me want to delete the app. 


Sunday - we got up at 9ish to blitz the house, Michael was awesome and did most of the graft, I pottered lighting candles and putting stuff away. All the viewings went well, and we finished the day with a really lovely couple who seemed really interested. Back to the waiting game. The more I sell the house, the more I fall in love with it. Will I ever feel like this about another house? Let me know if this happened to you. 


I saw on twitter there were some last minute empty seats for the Ox Club Chop Night, it's one of our fave places to eat in town for brunch but we had never been for supper. I wasn't feeling up to it. At all. But I dragged myself in to the bath, had some propranolol and got ready. By the time I was made up and saw how excited Michael was for some meat I decided to just go. 

It was a lovely evening and the food was, dear god, delicious. The venison bresola, and 60 day salt aged wing rib (1kg of it!) was so good. I had gin. Took some photos then came home and watched Howards End. House update at the end of this post! 

We have sold! Again...! Ha. The lovely couple from Sunday offered. And we accepted. Which means everything can still move forward! They want to move quickly too so that's good as I got a call from Loaf asking when I want the sofas and beds to be delivered!! 

I have decided to decorate for Christmas, I had no idea when we will be moving so I have decided to just crack on and turn the house in to a grotto. I am going to have to get out the decorations anyway so I might as well put them up...we are still in debates whether or not to get a tree though. Would it be pointless? So glad I can end this week with some happy news. Looks like I will get the Gin Terrace after all. Will keep you updated but I will see you on Youtube with the first installment of Simply Christmas on Friday and Vlogmas on Saturday!