A Christmas Gift Guide for Him

A Christmas Gift Guide for Him

I have decided to do the mens gift guide a little differently and I haven't put a price cap on else I really would have struggled with this. Whilst I find Michael relatively easy to buy for, ish, I know that men in general can be quite tricky so I have tried to hit lots of gift genres without trying to stereotype. This is 35 gifts under a lot more money. Ha. 


Skincare - I guess beard care is part of skincare? All beards need an elixir and this is a lovely one. Mr Miller has been using Clarins for years now and has no complaints. I think this gift set is such a good price and contains everything a bloke could need. Also!! If your partner/brother/whoever has a beard...they need one of these. It has changed our little lives. And cleanliness of the bathroom. 

Fragrance, oh how I could write a whole blog on fragrance. Start with one of these candles from Beaufort London. Aftershave wise, anything from Creed, Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Viking. Acqua di Parma - their aftershave is delicious ( I wear it myself) but their aftershave balm is probably the best in the world. And smells incredible, a little goes a long way so don't be tooo put off by the price tag. 

Fashion - tan suede chelsea boots for under £100? Yes please! A bow-tie

House bits - dispenser perfect for parties. Marble monogrammed cheeseboard, also perfect for parties, and Saturday nights in. An appropriate mug. A neon cactus light

Accessories - good leather gloves at a decent price are hard to find but these from Barbour are perfect, and they also come with a wool scarf as part of the set. I have seen more men switch to smaller card holders rather than wallets recently, whilst you could easily spend hundreds, I found this one from John Lewis. Mr Miller has this one. There is also the classic Mulberry. If in doubt, beard baubles and if that is too much then a glitter beard kit will do. 

Star Wars notebook and pen.

Technology - a random one to begin with but I bought Michael this electric flosser last year and he proclaimed it the best gift ever. They are meant to be better than normal flossers and keep your teeth tip top. I can't recommend Sonos enough. Games wise, just buy Call of Duty. Or this Obama Llama one. Or cat bingo? A dinosaur skeleton jigsaw thing. If they are a Star Wars fan, how about this shaver

Mini handheld pac man game? This looks like it would be addictive. 


This Crosley record player in black is in the sale for £70. And this awesome record to go with it. I  am groot. 

Star wars origami, I think best bought for the man in your life that has some patience because it looks so damn hard! Edible bum holes. Also a superb stocking filler/secret santa gift. 

Food & Drink - Whisky truffles. Need I say more? A bacon curing kit, really intrigued by this! There is also a gin kit