The Weekend Edit #23

The Weekend Edit #23

It feels like I only wrote one of these yesterday but then I remembered this weeks went out a littler later than usual. So shall we catch up from Tuesday? 


I always start these posts by scrolling back in my photos to see what the hell I was up to 4 days ago. Turns out Tuesday was quite the non event in my camera roll. 


I embraced Halloween with spiced pear pies. I was addicted to these last year. These are spiced perfectly and taste like little mouthfuls of comforting apple pie. Buy them even if you aren't glute free. They are not vegan as contain powdered egg (yum). Sorry!


On Wednesday I dressed Atticus up as a sailor. Not much else was done that day. 


Thursday and the first bit of house news! I think I ended the vlog on Thursday so you would have seen what I did up until then actually. Our buyer has booked in her survey for this house and also has requested that we work to an exchange of the 30th of November. Yup. 25 days away. 4 weeks since we accepted her offer. Unheard of? No. Possible. Who knows?! We are currently on track but anything could happen and if I am honest the hold up will not be at our or our buyers end. It will be because of our seller. With this news I went in to full panic because most beds/sofas take 6-8 weeks to arrive which would put us at the first week in December. I didn't have time to sit down and ponder this yet as I have work mounting up and fully accept I may be without internet for a short while (WHAT WILL I DO OMFG) so need to keep on top of work....

IMG_5228.jpg I took Friday off. Ha. I know. I had a party that night so I just decided to chill for the day. It was lovely! I got up, played some Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 (it is AWESOME) ate, took the dog out, watched Hocus Pocus then went for a bath and listed to latest Small Town Murder episode. I filmed a 'get ready with me' for this weeks vlog (up tomorrow as I have run out of time now as its will find out why in a few paragraphs). 

That evening I was going to an instagram meet up/party type thing at Katie's house of Come Down to The Woods fame (follow her insta it is wonderful). Our new house also happens to be a stones throw from her so it will be nice to have someone I know locally! I was excited to go but also a little nervous, new places etc. It was driving distance but also Roundhay bonfire which means the whole suburb comes to standstill and it is claustrophically draining. 

I met up with a lady I know through instagram who owns Oakwood Vintage (I have blogged about them before as I bought a few bits a few weeks ago). We went to the pub for some dutch courage then headed to the party. We were greeted exceptionally warmly, given a lanyard to write our names on, handed gin then free to roam Katie's house and say hello to other interior enthusiasts. 

I am going to be honest (Katie if you are reading) whilst the house was lovely. Ziggy was my highlight, he was such a well behaved dog with over 100 people there, fireworks outside and general noise. I will admit, I stroked him a lot and got a little sad when I saw him with other people. I met my friend Sam there, she is my number 1 person to take to social events because she is just so warm and friendly. She can chat so easily to anyone and makes the whole not knowing anyone process so much easier. She also necks all the gin and becomes and absolute fucking hoot. Bonus. 

If you want to see what it was all for then check out No House Rules


So! This was the only photo of me (so far) from the night. I am gurning at a sink. Taken by Man With A Hammer, the only bloke at the party really. Had an excellent time but received not only a wonderful goody bag but a very hungover body the next day.


Saturday - I mean. I didn't move all day really. Only to retrieve food and put a log on the fire. I remembered I had this in the fridge so decided to try it. It is their only gluten and dairy free one so far (but I have been told there are more to come!) I gave it 6/10 - it was yummy but I really just want cookie dough. Michael had meeting with Barclays in which he was told that yes, we could have a new mortgage with them for the new house. Wahoo! We were worried they may say no! We watched Thor, Captain America and a lot of crap TV. It was wonderful. We decided to tackle house stuff the following day. 


I woke up with the best of intentions. Up early, wash dress and in to town to sofa and bed shop. Get some lunch then take the dog for a lovely long walk in the park. Well I woke up, and I will be honest, it was 2 day hangover situation. After a bath, I still didn't feel better so decided to call it off and we decided to online shop all the house stuff. Risky. Not knowing the measurements of the rooms we were shopping for...even riskier. 

We started with our main bed which is from Soho Home, this one to be exact. However they don't have the size we want left. After a phone call a very helpful lady said it will be back in stock mid November with a dispatch of 2 week...cutting it close. We then went to order the mattress but thought there was no point if the bed frame wasn't going to be delivered for a while. We have decided on a Somnus (after much research) if you have had one of these please let me know!

So not much luck there. Next was the guest bed and the sofa. Both from Loaf and both needed to be ordered before midnight to ensure Christmas delivery. Well, we tried for 2 hours to buy them and finally gave up. The website kept glitching and didn't like the fact the delivery address was different to the billing address. I am going to call them in the morning and give them what for and see if we can still get them in time for Christmas. 


We then spent the rest of the evening filling out all the paper work for the solicitors so that we can move to the next phase. And one that probably takes longest. The searches and surveys. We then watched Blue Planet 2. Just incredible. It did meant that after writing this up I didn't have the time to edit the vlog and upload so I will do that tomorrow. It is only 3 days worth so won't be too long this time. 

So this week house wise we need to get those sofas and bed ordered. Then book a survey on the new house. We are all on schedule for the 30th of November...what do you think...doable?! Crazy?

I hope you had a good weekend and as always thank you for tagging #simplyweekend in your insta pics. I love the little community we are building up. I have Stamford trip booked in for this weekend, not sure how I am feeling about it with general anxiety being quite high lately, so I think we will just see how I feel. I think when all this house stuff is sorted I will calm down a bit. Hopefully!


If you fancy watching us - The Millers  - I am vlogging the whole house process. Make sure you subscribe because I often forget to mention when new content is up!

Find me on instagram here and tag #simplyweekend to share your adventures! Have a lovely week.