The Weekend Edit #27

The Weekend Edit #27

Good evening all. How has your week been? Vlogmas has started over on our youtube channel, we are uploading a video every day, so far so good but it has only been 3 days. I imagine the longer this goes on the more of a challenge it becomes. The week started off nice and calmly with my finishing off all of my SYGM work. Fancy a little catch up? 

I have to credit Mr Miller for the main image, he is getting quite good with the dSLR! 

Monday - you know when a week goes past and you genuinely can't remember what you did? Well I had to look back in phone pictures and calendar to see what happened on Monday. The Edit went out on Monday, so I skipped to Tuesday to see what I was up to. 


For a reason unbeknownst to myself I got up early on Tuesday and took the dog out for a big walk. He wasn't himself so I just wanted to see what he was like if he could stretch his legs. He enjoyed it, befriended a beautifully chunky brown lab and we came home and had breakfast together in the lovely morning sunshine. It was a good job I got up early because it meant I could crack on and get a tonne of work done, which I did. I was sat at my laptop for 13 hours. Anyone who is self employed will know that if you want time off you have to put in the hours before or after. I always prefer before because then I can rest a little knowing my work is done. I am aiming for a good 3 weeks off so I am putting in the work now. It will be worth it! 

Wednesday was the same, I was up early (I appreciate that 8.30 is not early to A LOT of people, but I will always rather stay up till 3am than get up at 9am, just how I am wired). I lit a fire, got the lap top out and tip tapped all about weddings stopping for lunch, a dog walk and dinner. Only 2 more posts to write up then I can put my out of office on! 

That evening we were eating dinner and I heard a dog crying, I thought maybe one had got lost or stuck in the wood next to the house. Atticus seemed quite bothered by it and you could tell it was a dog whelp/cry rather than a talking noise, if that makes sense? I put my coat on and heard it was actually coming from the pub car park. To my dismay I came across to tiny little puppies tied up at the back door huddled together for warmth. It was 1C. There was a load of wee so they had been there I while, I went in to the pub and asked if they knew where the owner were and if they were aware of how bloody cold it was. One of the waitresses said she would go round and ask. I went back out and sat with them, put my scarf over them and waited about 20 mins until the owners came out. They didn't care. They didn't say thank you, and I left the two pups with a sad heart. 


Thursday. Guess who has joined the gym? This girl! I have an induction next week. Like, I don't think I am going to update you on gym stuff, and if I do it will be for the amusing anecdotes rather than how much i can lift...the guy signing me up was shocked I had never been to a gym before (not because I am in great shape lols). 


I celebrated joining the gym with the cutest little gingerbread house (thankfully I couldn't eat it, gluten and all that) it was 50p from Home Bargains, and I will be honest...I bought it for instagram. It smelt so fricking good. Michael ate it. 


I then came home and starting writing up a little bit of my Christmas content for this blog but didn't finish as I was interrupted with a surveyor coming round for buyers. Fingers crossed this house passes with flying colours...


Friday and the first of December! I usually get all the decorations up on the 1st but I dunno, whilst I got them all out I just wasn't really feeling it. I put up a few bits but hoped for inspiration over the weekend. 


My Christmas gift guide for her went live. I put a little disclaimer at the beginning of that post that nothing you will see over the Christmas content is sponsored or paid for in anyway, it is all my own opinion and everything I review (mmmm mulled wine and gin) has all been bought with my own pennies. Nothing is an affiliate link. Friday night was spent editing the footage from the first day of vlogmas. 


For some reason I took no photos on the Saturday apart from this one. I don't know if thats because I was concentrating on vlogging or nothing of note happened I am not sure. We got up relatively early, Michael went in to town to get his hair and beard did. I was going to go but glad I didn't as apparently it was disgustingly busy. Crowds are still something I am trying to expose myself to but doing that one gradually. He then dropped me off at a friend who was having wordpress issues so I helped her as much as I could. We then went to M&S for a food shop, came home and unpacked then went to pick Atticus up. I then went to a friends house to see her lovely new sofa and drink mulled wine (not near the sofa) then came home had soup and started watching a new series. A Shot in the Dark on Netflix. If you have seen Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal then this is the real life version, and I swear down, I have never audibly gasped so loudly at something than at the end of episode 1. It follows stringers in LA (these are the people arriving at crime scenes to film for the news). Its a great series, let me know if you give it a go! 

All of Saturday was vlogged here.  


Sunday and we had agreed to go and get a tree. Well instead I said yes to going with my sister and her boyfriend to the Dogs Trust for the Santa Paws festive day of fun. It had been a while since we went somewhere out of my comfort zone, and I thought it would make fun content for the vlog. I had a little bit of a wobble on the way there because the Dogs Trust wasn't where I thought it was along the a64, in fact it was much further along but when we got there and I was greeted by the fluffiest akita, I was a happy girl. 


The main reason for going, other than being able to donate to a wonder cause was to get a photo with father Christmas. Mission accomplished. The vlog footage will be up tomorrow, basically atticus pissed on everything in the queue and then pissed on the tree thats in the photo. He is a treat. 

Credit to Mr Miller for a few of these images!! Really love the last one.

We haven't had much house news this week other than that bloke coming to do the survey, we should get a move date THIS WEEK if the survey comes back ok, ha. Lots of fun plans for the week which I will share with you next Sunday, or you can follow along via Youtube. Have a lovely week, and thank you for much for all your support and lovely words. I was worried I am putting out too much content at the moment but everyone seems to still be reading and enjoy so I will keep on doing it. I hope you are doing ok. This time of year can be hard so be easy on yourself.