The Weekend Edit #28

The Weekend Edit #28

Evening all. It hasn't been long since the last post, and this is a little different to the usual weekend edits but I will recap the week. If you follow me on instagram you know that it doesn't end well, but this post will end on a positive note. I promise not to drain all life out of you two posts in a row...

Wednesday 27th and the yearly edit went live. I got a lot of lovely messages wishing me lots of luck for the New Year and it really meant a lot, I love using this blog to connect with people, especially when they are going through similar mountains of shite. That night I became unwell, like, can't leave the bathroom unwell. We aren't entirely sure what it was, Michael and I had eaten exactly the same that day, a friend suggested that I had probably picked up this winter sickness bug that had been going round. You know where I had been that afternoon? The gym. No going back there then...dirty dirty. I spent the night in sick bay and finally managed to stay in bed and fall asleep at about 4am. 


Thursday, I was still feeling unwell but everything had seemed to stabilise itself internally, praise to the immodium and buscopan gods. I spent the day in bed. Watched Little Women and the Miniaturist. Highly recommend both. I was getting anxious because I was meant to be travelling to Stamford the next day and I still felt unwell, on top of that...we had snow forecast. 

Friday morning we woke up to a fair bit of snow, and decided to travel the following day. We spent the day watching films by the fire and finalising a few house bits. 


Saturday morning came around and I felt better but still unwell, I had a bath, watched Harry Potter, packed my bags then got ready to travel down to Stamford. We set off around 4pm. We were back in Leeds for around 5.30pm. I didn't make it. The journey out was busy, there was lots of congestion and I just couldn't stop the anxiety from rising. No matter what I did. We pulled over in 2 car parks and 1 lay by. But the last car park was the final one, I walked around in the cold December air crying and trying to do my deep breathing. I was in a state and there was no way going down the a1 was an option like that. I got back in the car and we drove home. Michael was amazing, as per, he reminded me to breathe, that we would be there in no time, but I just had a mental block. I am still sad that I didn't make it. I really wanted to see my mum before her surgery. 


Sunday rolled around and it is the end of the year. THANK GAWD. I have a diazepam hangover and a headache from continuous crying so we aren't going out celebrating tonight. I got up and finished de-Christmasing the house, read Country Living then went back to bed for a bit, had a bath and now I am writing this up! The main reason for this post was to look at my goals for 2018. You can see what I achieved in 2017 in this post. I have always found it better to write out goals rather than resolutions, I always add in a few that are fun and try to make them achievable. I also add to the list as the year goes on. 


Goals for 2018

  1. Keep on vlogging. It is something that Michael and I really enjoy doing, it is so much work but this is something I definitely want to push in 2018. We have been doing it for a year now and I already love that I have captured my journey with anxiety as well as some lovely family moments. I mainly vlog for my mum to watch what we get up to, we don't lead a particularly exciting life but making weekly round ups pushes me to expand my comfort zone and flex my creative muscles. Goal - 1k subscribers would be amazing. Currently on 238. 
  2. Instagram - I definitely had a love/hate affair with this god damn app. I need it for work (@soyouregettingmarried) which I feel stifles me personally. I just don't have time for instagram. Will make more time. Would like to up those followers significantly. Currently on 11096 - (@simply.weekend).
  3. Get fit. So I joined the gym in early December and had a PT session, whilst he chuckled at the fact I had never been to a gym before he helped show me how to use everything and I am now confident going on my own. I have been going 3 times a week. I would like to re-add last years goal of running a 5k before summer. 
  4. Get a tattoo. I don't know what, just something small, but I want one! 
  5. Get better sleep hygiene. This was in last years list and something I still haven't managed. I am hoping the new house will help this. 
  6. Make the new house a welcoming home and have a huge party. 
  7. Have a week away somewhere in Yorkshire. (any suggestions most welcome)
  8. Visit Stamford 4 times this year. 
  9. Go to a nightclub. 
  10. Attend a live music gig. 
  11. Volunteer more. So I have a place volunteering at a nursing home which starts soon. 
  12. Promote mental health - something I think I do just by talking about my own, but would love to work with a charity to do some good in the world. 
  13. Look at taking Simply Weekend up a gear. To be totally honest with you I am going to wing this one. I was approached by brands across 2017 but none took my fancy so I think I will approach those I want to work with to create some fun content. I will be looking to blog more, especially with the new house projects and hopefully some more about our little adventures. Like I have said before, this blog has never been about the money but I think working with other human beings would be fun! 
  14. Practice gratitude. I appreciate every day that I am exceptionally privileged to have the life I do. When I am in full anxiety mode I lost sight of the fact that I am lucky to only have my own anxieties to be worried about. I don't need to worry about money, a roof over my head, being well fed etc. All of this is taken care of. I feel that practicing gratitude will help when I am in the little anxiety spiral of "woe is me". 
  15. Make more friends. Last year I made and cemented new friendships, but I am greedy and would love to make, meet and nourish new friendships. I would also like to make time for my current friends. I am never too busy. I am always free to meet up!
  16. Start my new business. During December I did a few consultations with some ladies regarding blogging, social media, SEO etc. I listened to their issues and guided them and helped with their next stages. From making media packs, approaching brands, to making money from blogging, We covered it all. This is something I am going to be taking in to 2018. If this is something you would like to ask about please email 
IMG_6901 copy.jpg

I think that is plenty to be getting on with. Don't you? If you can help in anyway that would be wonderful, whether it's a follow on the Youtube channel or a recommendation of where I could visit next, it all is most appreciated. I hope you have a lovely new year and here is to a positive 2018. We got this!!!!!