Welcome to Simply Weekend

Welcome to Simply Weekend

Well this is a bit weird huh? If you have been following me since So You're Getting Married circa 2009 then you will know the kind of posts to expect from this blog. I see this as an extension of my Weekend Edits. If you know me post PhoebeWedding then hello and welcome! There is a bit more about me in the drop down. So why Simply Weekend?

Yup a second blog. On top of SYGM and vlogging I decided I wanted another outlet and so here we are. It is a little empty at the moment, there will be blog posts every day for the next few days as I build up content. SYGM is doing so well at the moment that for the first time I felt a little bit awkward putting up a post on something personal and non wedding related, I wanted to write about (and have done, coming up on here on Friday) my year of CBT. I felt that SYGM wasn't the place for it but I had so many questions and requests that I really wanted to share my experience. I then realised that there were a few posts I hadn't written because I felt they were a bit 'off brand' or they ventured in to Emily's territory (and she is much better at beauty than I am). 

Over the past year I have changed so much, and I really wanted an outlet that expresses that. I will always be @PhoebeWedding: Wedding Blogger Extraordinaire but I am also looking for beautiful, simple things in my life, borne from being less anxious, but also seeking them a lot more. I want this blog to be a space for me to take pretty pictures of a weekend away, a recipe or an outfit but also fill it with meaning, purpose and hopefully a little bit of serenity away from all the hustle and bustle of weddings...and life. 

No one holds a pen like that...I know. Ha.

So what can you expect from this blog? Why will you want to read it? Great questions reader. As I write this I have some experimental (dairy/gluten free) macaroni cheese in the oven, which I will write up if it tastes edible. Smells ok so far. I want to write about mental health. House tours, interiors (omg we are going to look at another house next week, this one is almost perfect!), beauty, life and just general chit chat. Is there such thing as the perfect red lip? How do you make friends in your thirties? There will be Sunday night Weekend Edits (not looking forward to this Sunday's as I received some rather devastating news this week, but I know you all have my back). There will be Thirty under Thirty, and other general haul/shopping type posts. I have half a notebook full of post ideas that I have been sat on for almost a year and I can't wait to share them all with you. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, even if this is the only post you read, I am very grateful. I want you to share your #simplyweekend moments. From gin gardens, country walks to painting your front door. Tag it and it will appear below.

I want to start a movement of mindful weekending. To reclaim our weekends. To live, breathe and enjoy what is around us.