The Weekend Edit #1

The Weekend Edit #1

Good evening! Welcome to the first (but not the actual first) Weekend Edit. It is a post simply about the week I have had, whether anything interesting happened or not I think it is nice to recap and take stock. Sometimes they follow a day by day format, sometimes they are just a summation with the odd rant. I will try my best to use my proper camera to take photos of the week but more often than not it will be my trusty iphone capturing my moments. So shall we begin?

Last Sunday I posted this to instagram, I took the photo just before we were about to go in to the city for some brunch. The caption was written just after I had put my shoes on and I realised that for the first time I wasn't overly anxious about travelling in. I have been doing so well lately, filling my weekend with things I would never have done 6 months ago, let alone a year ago. This post came from a truly happy place then Monday came around...

Life is funny hey? 

Tuesday was a moot day. Michael took a half day and we just watched happy films. To distract myself I worked on this blog a bit more, because when I was in my happy place on the weekend I set the 10th of May as the launch. Idiot! 

Wednesday came around and my concentration was waining but I managed to get the blog launched with no hiccups. The reception has been wonderful, thank you so much if you left me a comment/message on twitter or instagram. I will sort out the commenting function on here (hopefully by the time of publish it is working!). My plan at the moment is to post on Tuesday, Thursday then a Weekend Edit on a Sunday. This is just because I want to work out how to manage my time between this, So You're Getting Married and the vlogs. If it works out, I will up the schedule on here. As per SYGM, this will be ad free and is not for income, it is for mine (and hopefully your) enjoyment. In saying that, if Jimmy Choo/John Lewis/The White Company want to work with me I wouldn't say no, because we all collectively love them don't we? 

Thursday and Friday was again just filled to the brim with work and random chores (cleaning down skirting boards, why not). I am not sleeping at the moment, taking ages to dose off and then on waking I am wide awake. I am feeling the need to keep busy all day to stop my mind from wandering, this has meant I have actually been quite productive! Using this to my advantage and getting as many posts written and scheduled as possible just incase this doesn't last. On Friday, I had piano, ordered take away and watched Masterchef final. I AM BEYOND ANNOYED that Saliha won. Giovanna was consistently wonderful, and I want to be her best friend.  

Saturday. EUROVISION DAY. We went up the road to a local festival in the afternoon, started drinking and well...didn't stop till Portugal had won. Hated the song and I was very much a Moldova fan. 

Sunday. Sat in my shame well of a hangover for a while until we had lunch with some family that I hadn't actually seen since the wedding. Was so lovely to catch up with them. I then went back to bed, text Michael for water/food (does anyone else do this?) and watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 1. 

So there we have the first Weekend Edit! Once again, thank you all so much for the blog support, it really means a lot! It hasn't been the best week as I haven't done much. I promise next week will be better!