Brunch at Hessian

Brunch at Hessian

As a gluten free-er who also can't eat eggs...brunch can sometimes be an absolute chore. When it comes to the breakfast menu at Hessian there is hardly anything I can eat. Sausage, black pudding, breads, porridge (why don't cafes ever just use gf oats!?) get the jist. And most mornings on waking I don't fancy Chorizo hash (though it is delicious). 

We arrived around lunch time so had a look at their breakfast and lunch menu. Miller went for the Full Hessian from the breakfast menu and I went for a gf and dairy free salmon sandwich from the lunch menu and a green machine juice. If there is a green juice to be had, I will sample it. 


Hessian's green juice has the perfect blend of fresh greens, spicy ginger and a little sweetness. We waited for quite some time for our food, not sure if it was because it was very busy or because they were training a new chef. 

When the food did arrive there were absolutely no complaints from either of us. Miller's breakfast was delicious and the salmon in my sandwich was perfectly cooked. 

Even though there was a wait, you can sit and admire the decor, a fun mix of industrial rustic luxe (that's totally a thing)

You can count on Michael to add extras to a brunch, he added avocado and halloumi which was no trouble at all. I then had a vegan whoopie pie which was beyond delicious. I was exceptionally jealous, I always am when we eat out together. There will definitely be a theme to these reviews and more often than not you will definitely want whatever Michael ordered. 

vegan whoopie pie

Would we go back? Most definitely and we already have. Their evening menu is where Hessian really shines as I can have my pick of most items on the delicious sounding list. Add to this their insane juniper gin, and you have got a customer for life. As the food is quite tapas-y and geared towards sharing (totally no problem with) my friends and I come here not totally starving, order a few dished between us then fill up on cocktails. Top picks from me are the fried butterbean crisps, polenta chips, serrano jamon, patatas bravas and the rare steak. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes! 

I would definitely advise booking as the venue is small but there is the fab Preston next door if you need to wait. Service can be a little slow but if you're not in a hurry then hey, that's not a problem. As a bonus, they are children and dog friendly!