The Weekend Edit #2

The Weekend Edit #2

Good evening all! Another rather rollercoaster week for me, blurring the lines between excitement and anxiety once again. My body isn't coping all that well but a quick docs appointment to rejig my meds has meant that at least my physical anxiety symptoms have subsided by the time of writing! Yay. Shall we begin? 

Beginning of the week saw happy post from my friend in Australia who sent gin, always welcome and my donor card finally arrived. The link to donate is here, not going to preach as you are all wildly intelligent and can make your own choices, but have a read if you aren't currently registered. 


Michael worked from home and we managed to get out in the torrential rain for a dog walk amongst the wild garlic during our lunch break. Thank you all for your wild garlic recipes on instagram, I plan on making some kind of pesto or herb crust type concoction. 

Taking this opportunity for a public service announcement. My usual go to mascara (Diorshow Blackout) dried out (accidentally left the cap off) so I ventured in to the realms of high street and picked up, what I think may be, the greatest mascara of all time. It is Maybelline Falsies and is currently on offer in Boots! I spent Thursday deep cleaning the kitchen ahead of a fun event planned for Friday. 

Friday afternoon and I was eagerly curtain twitching waiting for the Leafy girls to arrive with some gorgeous flowers. I was not disappointed, a beautiful wreath for the door, a large arrangement and some pretty little posies to dot around the kitchen. 

I was working with Yorkshire Bartender on a blog post, when he suggested it might be fun if he came and showed me some of his cocktails and suggested I invite a few friends. Well, who is going to say no to that? Friday was spent prepping the house. He arrived with his pop up bar and plenty of booze for 6 lovely ladies. We had our own custom menu for the evening using ingredients I selected from a questionnaire given a week prior. This involved lots of gin. Surprisingly, my favourite cocktail of the evening was the Yorkshire Pornstar! Second to that was the Lavender Lady which has crushed parma violets around the rim. Oooph. 

I bought the girls a little party favour of monogrammed glasses, and fed them a selection of uninspired meats and nibbles. The evening was so much fun, everyone loved the cocktails. Callum even showed us how to make them...we were terrible so will be leaving it to him in future!

With a rather sore head (all the mixing!) I got ready early on Saturday morning as we were off to view another house! I know, like buses hey? This one is a lot closer to where we are, has more space and has a larger garden. The cons? Needs a little TLC and the's way overpriced. 

It's online profile doesn't do the house justice. It is much better in person, and pretty details aren't even mentioned on rightmove, such as a log burner in the dining room. And the cutest veranda/seating area leading off from the triple aspect (oh to have light!) living room. 

It has all of it's original 30s single lead pane windows, some need repairing/replacing and there will be no insulation I am sure. The area is good but I know there can be trouble down a lane nearby. It has sinks in the bedrooms, but no sink in the upstairs toilet (separate to the actual bathroom) - weird things like that. But, oh the light. The size. The garden! We put in an offer and are waiting to hear. Exciting and very fast hey? If you want the rightmove link, message me and I will send it your way. 

We then went for lunch to talk it over, got caught in all the rain. Then I went home to try and sleep off more of the hangover. That evening I took my elderly neighbour to our local cinema to see Arrival. We often stop in the street and talk about the sci fi films he's watched, but because he only has 'normal' TV, he hasn't seen anything recent so I thought it would be fun. He really enjoyed it, and if you haven't seen it I highly recommend. 

Sunday has always been my favourite day, but I think it is also Michael's now. I lure him in to town with the promise of an Ox Club breakfast just so I can go shopping after. It is by far one of the best in the city, and if you live here or are visiting, you simply must go! Michael had coconut french toast with maple bacon. I had a ginger beer...I'm working on the eating in town thing. 

I have been eyeing up my next handbag purchase for a little while, as was drawn to the beautiful floral display in Aspinal...which I put on instagram...and lost followers for haha. 

We then spent a large amount of time in John Lewis buying gifts for my mother in law and her partner as it was their 60th that day (cutting it fine I know). I picked up a few beauty bits, but was actually quite well behaved. I saw that they have Bella Freud - Ginsberg is God in stock exclusively to JL which is incredible and I will definitely be purchasing. 

Back home for a bath and prep before heading out to their 60th celebrations. It was a challenging week for other reasons but I am proud that even though I was feeling anxious I still tried to push myself. Going in to the city is becoming less of a big deal, and I can see us pushing further out of Leeds very soon. I hope you had a lovely week. Have you seen the amazing weather forecast for the bank holiday weekend. Get planning something lovely!!