The Weekend Edit #3

The Weekend Edit #3

Well, another up and down week! This house buying shit is just exhausting, I had hoped it would have been easier second time round but no. 

So we left each other last Sunday after I had been to a 60th. It was quite a testing day behind the scenes with some family stuff but it looks like (at time of writing) things are getting better which makes me happier! We had viewed a house and decided to go for it. 

Ok so Monday we put in our formal offer on the house. We had to email bank statements, mortgage acceptances and so much other bumph, is that normal? Because we didn't have to with other houses we had offered on? We were told we would here by Tuesday at 5.30. 

 I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the news as I was getting ready for bed on Monday night, as reports of the terror attack in Manchester unfolded it made my heart feel so heavy. I was so grateful to be going to bed knowing all my loved ones were safe, but felt so sad for those that wouldn't.

We called on Tues afternoon and were told we would hear. Did we? Did we bollocks.

Wednesday morning rolled around and we found out that we hadn't got the house. It went way over asking, which is just redic. It wasn't worth it for the location so we are happy we weren't pushed in to making an offer we weren't comfortable with. I was gutted because in my head I had already moved in to that house. Planned a new kitchen, layouts and what I could plant in the garden. I've learnt for the next one not to get too carried away. And oh there is a next one.

The weather was an absolute treat this week and I managed to get myself a little bit of sunburn due to using out of date suncream (who knew) and then a fine Yorkshire tan. I only get sunshine till about 2ish, then I go to a neighbours house behind and stay there till the sun disappears behind the houses. The joys of back to back terraces, but also being friends with your neighbour! I wasn't in the mood for date night on Weds so we postponed to the next day. 

Thursday - Some lovely treats arrived (definite perk of the job) which I enjoyed in the sunshine and contemplated what our next move should be. Literally. We decided to drown our sorrows in some beautiful evening sunshine and headed to one of our favourite local restaurants. We scrolled through Rightmove in between courses. There is a house on there that is totally overpriced (its £70k more than the other house and so much smaller) we decided to contact the estate agents to find out if they would be willing to accept a lower offer as it had been up for a while. We are still waiting to hear back on this. 

Friday involved more sunbathing (whilst working this time, I am not a total slacker) and waiting for a friend to come round. I set up a wonderfully Country Living style bedouin seating area in teh yarden amongst the unopened peonies and roses (seriously yorkshire, cmon). It was lovely until the council decided to come along and clear out all the drains in the street. You win some, you lose some. 

Saturday was a totally chill day for us, we were puppy sitting, which was fun for a bit...but Atticus isn't too fond of little Skylar and spends a lot the time hiding under the beds. He likes to sit and stare from a far. 

Sunday morning and the little rascal was collected. We got in to the habit of brunching in town but there was a festival on so I decided to give town a miss and proffered the idea of heading up to Mother in Laws land. Michael agreed as the weather looked like it was holding out, on the drive up I think my anxiety peaked no higher than about a 3. This is quite unheard of seeing as I had only been there once before. I think it was because I had such a lovely time there last time my brain was actually doing its correct job and telling my body there was no danger to be anxious about. 

We arrived to mother in law tipping sheep over to shear them, Michael jumped at the chance...oh poor Thomasina. I couldn't stop laughing at the outcome, it is a lot harder than it looks but they were all grateful to be free of their wooly coats!

The walk back to the car was bathed in warm sunshine, and all felt well. The thing about my anxiety (re travel) is that when something becomes 'easy' you then move on to the next exposure. It is exhausting and constantly challenging but rewarding at the same time. We had 1 day left of the holiday to squeeze in some exposure.

With it being forecast for rain all day we cancelled the BBQ we were going to have at my sisters and instead opted to go in to town. I thought it would be quiet due to the shitty weather, it wasn't. My exposure came in the form of Mr Miller getting his hair did. His barbers have been in the news quite often for their "no women" policy so I knew that I couldn't bring a book and just wait with him. Likewise, if I was left to venture the streets and have a wobble, I couldn't go to him or make him leave with half a haircut. I would be trapped in the situation, which is one of my triggers for biggggg anxiety. 

He said he would be 30 mins. I visited the nice shops first, went to WHSmith bought a book and a mag, fawned over handbags, went in to Zara and bought a jumper, visited; The Body Shop, Lush, Topshop, Harvey Nichols, Illamasqua, M&S, Zara Home and a dodgy looking homeware shop. I text michael and he said he would be another 10...well that 10 turned in to another 30. I was starting to feel warm (it was muggy), flustered and very ugh. I needed to find somewhere to sit down but because it was raining everywhere was full. I also didn't feel confident enough to wander too far from where he was in case I got lost. I saw a Pret and went upstairs. Got my book out, text a few people and tried to calm down. I think my anxiety went up to about a 7 but using my techniques I got it down to a 4/5 when Michael finally found me. 

Looking back I know that I got anxious because it was warm, I was over layered, my escape out of the city was unaccessible, I don't know my way around and it was busy. Feeling determined I have booked myself to make flower crowns at Anthropologie sans Michael on the 17th June for some floral filled exposure. He is very much my 'safe person' and I need to start challenging this. 

From town we went up to M&S, I was feeling beyond drained, my pacer app told me I had already hit my 10k for the day and I just wanted to go home but no. That would be the easy option. We did the food shop, I took the dog for a walk, had food then fell asleep on the sofa. Michael woke me up to Moules et frites with a little prosecco for me. All in all...not a bad day! 

The week itself was OK and hopefully we will have happy house news by the next update. Hope you had a good week and enjoyed the sunshine. Make sure to tag your weekend adventures with #simplyweekend so we can all enjoy.