The Weekend Edit #5

The Weekend Edit #5

Welcome to another week on the blog! I hope you enjoyed my last post on deep breathing. I have needed it this week thats for sure. 

My peonies finally started to bloom then were continuously batter by torrential rain (life metaphor?) I kept meaning to prop them up but they ended up being slug fodder for a few days before I finally lassoed them to a few sticks. 

This guy came in as I was taking a pic for insta, grabbed the peony and became my phone lock screen. Can we talk about insta for a mo? I have totally fallen out of love with it again. I have two accounts, personal and business and the amount of ads I see on the personal one is double, maybe even triple what I see on the SYGM business account. I am seeing posts from 3 days ago when I log in and from accounts I rarely interact with. I am finding that the 'curated grids' (vom) are becoming more and more homogenous, and just boring. It is becoming a chore to me as brands repeatedly ask for insta stats and not blog traffic. I don't have the time to post 3+ times a day as stated by 'insta-gurus', I don't have the energy at the moment for my SYGM account let alone my personal one, so I feel just a bit lost with it all. 

If you can recommend some awesome people for me to follow then please let me know. Nothing fluffy, nothing samey. 

Wednesday and a good blitz of the house as I slowly get it ready for an interiors photo shoot. I still have a few bits to buy, we cancelled our new sofas when we decided to start house hunting again, so they wont be here in time which is a shame. In saying this, a house has come up that has caught my eye, heres the link (I got yo house hunting backs). It is out of budget as it will need so much work doing to it. But would it be worth it? I can't imagine living amongst a long term renovation project (and it would be longgggggg) what is it like? Do you get even more stressed, or do you stop noticing it after a while? Miller is not convinced. Our kitchen was plenty!

Thursday and voting day!! I mean, I am not going to go in to politics on the blog. As long as you voted we are all good. I stayed up till about 5am watching the results come in. I nearly teared up at Clegg losing his Sheffield seat. 

#dogsatpollingstations was my fave thing as always

#dogsatpollingstations was my fave thing as always

Did my skin care in front of the results;  Kiehl's moisturiser  (all time fave),  pixi glow ,  Luna  on forehead,  Salicylic  on cheeks.

Did my skin care in front of the results; Kiehl's moisturiser (all time fave), pixi glow, Luna on forehead, Salicylic on cheeks.

I woke up at about 9 and cracked on with work. Blogging pretty weddings, replying to brands and trying to keep things afloat! Started to flag when we found out our only choice would be DUP and when for a little disco nap as I was out that night for some gin. 

Fell in love with a new gin! Black tomato, it's a little sweet but mainly savoury, quite earthy. Don't add citrus to it. I am thinking of writing a whole blog post on gin if you fancy it? 

We ended up in Hessian, it was delicious as always and you can read a review by clicking le link! 

The weekend was going to be slightly moot as the World Triathlon was in Leeds, predominantly Roundhay which meant road closures everywhere. Saturday was spent catching up on The Handmaid's Tale, Orange is the New Black, and Love Island/Big Brother. 

Sunday and an afternoon spent avoiding cyclists, runners and general sporty people by finding safe harbour in the pub with my sister. Obsessed with this top from H&M, it fits perfectly, goes well with everything and is super breathable for summer. I have a whole haul post coming up soon! 

Irony, I have joined a gym. The same one Michaels goes to (lols). Fun fact. I have never been to a gym. What should I expect? What should I take? I have bought all the gear, and I have definitely have no idea. Any tips on where to even fricking start?!!