The Weekend Edit #7

The Weekend Edit #7

Oh well hello! I think this is the first week ever that you won't have seen any updates on instagram first? Am I missing it? Not. At. All. 

I once read somewhere that you should only put positive vibes online because people have their own struggles and they come online to get away from it all. Ummmm. Sorry, this blog isn't going to be a happy clappy place. I mean, it also isn't going to be a depressing dark cavern of shame but it is going to be real. And not all weeks are happy. This one definitely wasn't. Enjoy reading. HA. 

A couple of friends text me and asked a) why I've left insta and b) u ok hon? Special snowflake syndrome hadn't kicked in just yet but I was feeling it. I told them I was ok which was a slight lie. I mean, in the grand scheme of things I will be OK and my week started off OK. OK?

Monday was another warm day so I ate my breakfast in the sun, then grabbed the ipad and watched Moana whilst sunbathing. Managed to trap my arm in the sun lounger which has now turned in to an attractive blood blister! Topped up on vitamin D, ate olives and revelled in the quietness whilst everyone was at work. That was until our daily trouble showed up, which has been contributing to my heightened anxiety. Essentially for the past 4 years we as a community have been trying to get the woodland next to our house fenced off as it attracts, well I am sure you can imagine. The problem is escalating and every day I have to call the police (just 101) and log a complaint so that eventually the council can put pressure on the land owner. Well these youths have grown bolder and more brazen over the last few weeks and things are getting rather unpleasant. Thankfully, we have been given some great advice and are now trying a different approach to get shit done. Really hoping I can resolve this before we move, in saying that. If you were to work 9-5 you wouldn't hear most of it as its mainly school kids, but weekends can sometimes get a little dicey. We live in a cul de sac and just shouldn't be experiencing this shit. 

Tuesday was spent working, mainly emails and by the evening I was starting to feel really unwell. My stomach ulcers have flared up again, this time worse than I have experienced. I called the docs and got an appointment for the Friday. 

We were still looking after Geoff but he was being picked up Weds evening. Just as they had learnt to sleep near each other. I cancelled our dinner plans which were to go to a new Japanese restaurant that opened in town called Issho.

Thursday I was getting a little worse, the burning/gnawing pain of the ulcers meant I wasn't hungry but if I didn't eat it would get worse. I went to Tesco with Michael and we picked up 'nibbly' food for me. Mainly popcorn, falafel, olives, avocado, rice cakes and gf digestive biscuits. This will be my evening meal until Sunday. 

Fridays appointment at the docs went well, I saw the nice locum doctor. We discussed my stomach, he confirmed ulcers and gave me the blessed omeprazole. If not better in a week then go for endoscopy. We also spoke about some genetic testing that I need doing and he just so happened to specialise in that field, he explained everything so well and I left feeling satisfied in what I had learnt. Who needs google! I spent the rest of the day in bed nibbling on popcorn.

Saturday. Didn't leave bed till bath around 5pm, then Miller suggested a walk. I really didn't want to but appreciated I could be in bed in pain or getting some fresh air in pain. I chose the latter and he took me up to the lake, it was empty and Atticus loved having a run around. We are still not sure if he can swim/has ever been in water. Came home and had my picnic dinner, stomach felt a bit better until bed time. Hot water bottle, antacids and sleep!

Sunday. Yup. Another bed day, here is a list of everything I watched this weekend, no judging: 

  • Bridget Jones Baby
  • Secret in Their Eyes
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Runaway Bride
  • The Durrells
  • Entourage
  • Chalet Girl
  • Kingsman
  • Friends S10 Ep 8-12
  • Love Island
  • Pitch Battle
  • Big Brother

I also listened to the most terrifying podcast to date. Actually, including films I think it is the creepiest thing I have heard/seen all year. It is Casefile: True Crime Podcast and Ep 53 part 1-4 East Area Rapist. I started listening on Saturday night in bed and had to turn it off until daylight hours. I am now on part 3. Loving it, in a morbid way. And probably not the best choice given my mood. 

Moving forward for the coming week, I now have the right meds and a bland diet so hopefully my tummy will heal. I also looked back on my 2017 resolutions because I thought it would be positive to see how well I have done this year, here are my goals/resolutions which I blogged on SYGM:

  • Run a 5k.
  • Microdermabrasion x 5
  • Get my ears pierced again.
  • Get better sleep hygiene. I will tell you what, ever since Boxing Day I have slept so so well. I haven’t slept like this throughout the year, I know it helps having all work scheduled and being off but I am actually falling asleep when my head hits the pillow and waking up with my alarm, not several times in the night. Really want to hold on to this.
  • Drop Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat. Yup. Dead weight, time consuming vacuous hell holes. (so is instagram but I need it, ha)
  • Keep on vlogging. Gain 1000 subscribers by May.
  • Have an overnight stay somewhere.
  • Have a weekend away somewhere.
  • Eat out in the city more.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Read more. At least a book a month. January’s book is The Warden.
  • Visit Stamford.
  • Promote mental health where I can.
  • Volunteer/Charity work – Age or Mind in particular.
  • Go to a live music gig (it may help that I have The Weeknd tickets)
  • Push SYGM even further. We have so many exciting things planned for 2017.

We are half way in to the year and I have completed 5/16. Need to pull my finger out! I am hoping that this week goes a lot better. I am on top of my work now, my anxiety is lessening a bit, I just feel I am operating at 50% at the moment. Quitting insta has been wonderful though. I really do suggest trying it for a week, see how you feel. I uploaded a pic just now to let you know this post was going live and I realised that I don't miss posting but I do miss the updates of a few people I like to follow. Not sure how to get around that one .

At time of writing stomach is starting to be less is hoping that continues! I have decided to redecorate the master bedroom which will be fun! Look out this week for my favourites edit and a haul! 

I also want to add, even though I am off insta, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you all tagging #simplyweekend in your adventures!