The May Edit

The May Edit

Hello and welcome to another monthly favourites.  Like I have mentioned before I enjoy reading these kinds of posts so I wanted to incorporate them to Simply Weekend. They consist of a random assortment of bits and bobs I have been loving through the month of May, from skincare to TV series. They also include the odd pieces I haven't liked. I hope you enjoy! 

Starting with skincare, I decided to add to my Ordinary collection and pick up the Salicylic Acid 2%. It is meant for blemish prone skin, you add a little dot on to a spot or a small amount all over the face. I have been using over the space of about 4 weeks and I wont be repurchasing this as it is nothing compared to the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

The only make up item featuring this month is the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in , it is perfect for my pale complexion and gives me a matt bronze look without appearing orange. It has taken me quite sometime to find the perfect shade and I was reluctant to spend a lot as I often end up smashing my bronzers but so far, this is still alive!

Nail polish love of the month has been this Rimmel Pastel Pink (wearing below) in Lose You Lingerie. Super delicate pink and makes your hands look tanned! Lasts so long with a decent top coat, I am currently on day 9 with no chips!

Moving on to fashion, I have been living in this H&M shirt, sorry it is sold out online, but available in black or maybe in store? Whilst we briefly had some beautiful sunshine I have been wearing this hat. Perfect to chuck on dirty hair if on holiday, or in Leeds. 

Now for a few random things. Decaf coffee! I gave up caffeine about 4 years ago now. One thing I do love is the taste of coffee but the decaf coffees I had had always tasted a bit meh. Add in the fact I don't have dairy, I never really bothered ordering a decaf dairy free coffee as I thought it pointless. Welllll. I was very wrong! I ordered a few from my local cafes then decided to see what instant decaf is like, tastes just like coffee doesn't it? Yes. I can't believe I have spent all these years without coffee in my life. I am still yet to try and make an iced coffee as we have had the weather for it, but I am not a coffee connoisseur so any pointers would be great. 

Entertainment wise - we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which was wonderful. Much better than the first and I am still in love with Groot! I re-watched one of my favourite horror films Silent Hill, based on an awesome computer game. And talking of games! We finally picked up Resident Evil 7, and oh my days. If you know me by now, you will know I adore scary/horror films, podcasts books etc. I have said before it is because to me it is controlled anxiety, I know as long as I am watching, my body is reacting in the right way and feeling scared is normal. Well Resident Evil is petrifying, I recorded some footage which will be in the next vlog (subscribe here) but we ended up having to play it during the day because Michael and I were too terrified. Ha. 

I also enjoyed (wrong word but you get what I mean) The Keepers on Netflix. It was topped to be the next Making a Murderer (wasn't as good but close). It is a cold case about the murder of nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik. A 'whodunit' ensues but the amount of corruption within the church, town and police will just blow you away. Similar vein to The Big Short (watch if you haven't!)

I was left alone in town for an hour or so in May. First point of call was a book shop, it happened to be WHSmith, realised I hadn't been in one of those for about 8 years. I picked up this book, and it worked out quite well because after walking around for 20 mins, I started to feel my anxiety build up. I found a seat in Pret and got out the book and started reading. Usually during panic/anxiety you get this foggy head where you can't concentrate on what someone is saying let alone words in a book but I made myself focus. I have about 50 odd pages left and can say it has been so helpful. If you are an anxiety sufferer, where ever you fall on the spectrum, it will help you too!

You know what else is helpful? Candles. Specifically...THE MOST INCREDIBLE CANDLE OF ALL TIME. This candle had been scenting the bathroom for the last little while but was yet to be burnt. I needed a long soak so decided to finally burn it and oh my days. I *think* it may be my favourite scent ever. It is called Ottoman by Cire Trudon. The room is filled with scent within the first five minutes and the lingering base notes are just heavenly. Turkish rose, spices with the most delicate woody undertone. JUST OH MY GOD. Now, the price tag. Yeah. BUT! I have head they are sometimes available at Tk Maxx and in the sale in John Lewis. if you don't want to part with such a stupid amount. It is worth it though I promise. 

Add in some gin to that long bath and my oh my, we have a lovely time on our hands. This months favourite gin was Copperhead Gin. Yes I bought it for the bottle. But actually it is a lovely little number. It's Belgian, (which is new to me) it is sweet and citrusy with a little bit of a cardamom base. It is a ginny gin, without being dry. As in, you can taste the juniper clearly but it doesn't make you smack your lips together. I bought for £35 from M&S but the site linked is the cheapest I have found. I would definitely order this in a bar but only if they had decent accompaniments. This worked lovely with a little grapefruit and mediterranean tonic ( I promise I will write a gin post). 

Thats it for this month. I will actually start doing these a bit earlier because I realise a few things are now out of stock or unavailable. I will get June's up ASAP for you. May was a really hard month for me and my family, here's hoping the next month is better!!