The Weekend Edit #4

The Weekend Edit #4

We last left each other on Tuesday, the reason for uploading today is that I am back on scheduled with another post up on Tues and Thurs so wanted to make sure this went up today to keep on track. Whilst this is a lifestyle blog, I didn't want it to be your stereotypical lifestyle blog. Yes there will be hauls, and tips on finding the perfect red lip but I want it to be more than that and I hope with the upcoming posts, you will start to feel what this whole blog is about. So, shall we catch up on the week? 

Well it was another beautifully warm day up here in Leeds so I did my morning emails then grabbed a book, suncream and some water and plonked myself in my neighbours garden again. I am still reading Anxiety for Beginners, and very much enjoying it. There have been a few moments of 'omg that's me' but even more moments of realisation. You get quite attached to, and think you know everything about anxiety but I have found that all it takes is someone (anyone) from outside of your brain to help you detangle your behaviours and thoughts, this book is definitely doing that. 

That evening was date night and I had booked seats at super new restaurant Ham and Friends. They had only been doing evening meals for 1 night but I really wanted us to go before it gets too popular and we can never get seated. One of my anxieties is eating then having to get in the car. I promised myself I would have some food, and have some food I did. The venue is beautiful:

The food was delicious, we had the chicken skin to start, Miller had the most incredible looking bread and butter. We then both had fish dishes, which were so yummy. Michael also had the pigs cheek as a side to try. Dessert was chocolate for me (only gf on the menu) and Miller had the strawberry dish. It was all delicious. I picked at it to be honest, but I had about half of the fish, and half of the chocolate (which I actually got wrapped up to take home). The staff were exceptionally accommodating and I can't wait to go back. It also has a food hall and wine bar. The cheese room looked insane the toilets were top notch. My only criticism? They put coriander in my gin and tonic. I hate coriander with a passion. We also discovered one of the most delicious drinks i have ever had which was the Kitsch Fennel and Cucumber soda. Oh my days. Most deffo will be purchasing as I think it will make a perfect gin mixer. It was a beautifully sunny evening and I had such a lovely time. Aside from my new sandals giving me such bad blisters I still can't wear shoes without plasters. 

Thursday was hairdresser day, and do you know what? I actually enjoyed it this has taken me 2 years of going to the same place but I think I now actually am relatively relaxed there. High five. Staying blonde for summer then going brunette in the autumn! I treated myself to a post hair gin, tried a new one which was Pink Peppercorn, ooo its a goodun! 

Friday was full of email, admin and blogging. I have some beautiful weddings coming up on So You're Getting Married but I have been a little behind due to unforeseen circumstances. I am slowly getting caught up, but I have hated having the stress of unread/non-replied emails and work waiting to be dealt with. That afternoon I had a doctors appointment about an ongoing issue I had been having with my rib (for about a year!). Last time I went to them I ended up going for a scan to see if it was anything internal, all organs looked fine. But recently it has flared up again, so much so that after walking round for ages in town on the Monday I felt it really badly on the Tues. 

She assessed me and decided it would be useful to send me for an xray on my spine as apparently when I bend over it goes to the right slightly which could be pushing on my rib. If it isn't this we may go down the shingles pain route. I had shingles when I was about 17 but I am aware the pain can come back. I assume it would feel stabbing skin like which this doesn't, but may be worth looking in to. Tuesday was the first time I actually felt I had to take it easy so thought it was time to go back to the docs. Will let you know what we find out! If you have any experience of this, whether its chiropractors, osteopaths anything please let me know as I am quite a novice.

After I went for a gin, then Miller met me. We picked up a curry and watched some TV. I then was very ill...

For 2 days :( Saturday was spent in pain, in bed living off of water and popcorn to keep my tummy stable. The curry had flared up my stomach ulcer, that's curry off my list then. It did mean I got to watch crappy TV without feeling guilty, I watched all of Hunted USA and The Trial. I couldn't believe what I was reading just before bed. London attacked again. No words for it all. 

Sunday - no brunch date for us! I knocked back some omeprazole, had peanut butter on toast, lots of water and by the afternoon I was feeling better. Yay! I convinced myself a wander would make me feel even better so we took the dog to some walled gardens. I thought it would be busy but we were the only ones there in the diminishing evening sunlight. It was beautiful and still warm! The peonies were in bloom, a few roses had started to come out and the sound of the fountains was so relaxing. Atticus had a wonderful time chasing squirrels, until we realised one of the squirrels was actually a fat rat...ahhh city life. 

A quick house update, the other house we looked at has reduced their price but still not enough for us. But they obviously took our feedback on board. We have decided once again to stay put, plough money in to the bathroom but keep one eye on Rightmove just incase. We aren't asking for much but people in Roundhay seem to stay put, someone did mention that may change after the election, so we will see! 

I hope you have a lovely week. Did you watch One Love? It made my heart happy in light of recent events. I think whilst the whole "keep calm and carry on" may be what we are told, it is OK to be scared and it is OK to change your plans. Everything will carry on regardless. Do what makes you feel safe for now. Have a lovely week and I will see you back here on Tuesday.