The Weekend Edit #10

The Weekend Edit #10

Evening all! It was a good week, finally!! I had a fun filled week and a lovely weekend. I felt well enough to push my boundaries further with travel, we viewed the house mentioned from last week (and now have update from the sellers) and my stomach didn't hurt at all. 

Monday was spent catching up on chores and blogging. I finally am on top of emails (which feels amazing!) and the time spent not blogging up weddings has been put in to emailing new contacts. I have set my back to work date as August 1st but I think I will probably start back next week. My feet are getting itchy not blogging all those pretty special days. 

That evening we had a 6pm house viewing, I met Michael along the main road so that he didn't have to drive up to ours because he was running late (Leeds traffic is a joy) we called ahead to say we would be delayed and they were fine with it. We pulled in to the courtyard driveway just as the sun came out, which made all the Yorkshire stone glow in evening light. Got a good vibe. 

The house itself was bigger and brighter inside than the pictures. The kitchen is what they had invested in, not as nice as ours (ha, will anything ever be?) and they used cheap lino herringbone flooring. The bedrooms were spacious, with double height ceilings and original beams. The roof terrace is what won me over, and I got to spend a few minutes sat up there in the sunshine. It was so peaceful and quiet. 

Downsides are; majorly overpriced. Like stupidly so. The bathroom needs redoing. There is no storage/wardrobe space. It has a garage and utility for other crap but nothing in the bedrooms. It has a small walled garden from the french doors in the kitchen but that's all. We later found out that they are on a water meter (I bathe every day), they are on BT and they are def looking close to asking. 

Tuesday, I cut some of pretty Wildeve for the kitchen. Worked. Cooked and then relaxed by colouring in serial killers. 

Wednesday and date night! We finallly made it to the Japanese restaurant Issho, I didn't eat as we were going to the cinema after and I was trying to keep to my simple stomach diet. But talking to the staff most of their food can be GF as they use GF soy sauce. Miller declared it was the best dinner he has ever had in Leeds. We will definitely going back so I can fill my tummy!

There is a lift up to the top floor but there is no way I am ready for such enclosed spaces so we took the stairs, the design is gorgeous. 

We then went to see Spiderman Homecoming. I was dubious about it having sat through the other 50 versions of the film but this was by far the best. It was a funny coming of age tale with extra superhero awesomeness thrown in. You get to see a little more in to the Marvel universe and I enjoyed Iron Man in it. If you do go and see it...wait till the end. Patience. 

On Thursday afternoon we had our initial offer rejected from the sellers. We got the usual spiel about how it's an amazing opportunity bla bla bla. But we won't be upping our offer unless they have another. We aren't just going to throw more money at a house we already feel is overpriced. I also have started vlogging again! If you would like to subscribe to mine and Michaels channel you can, I will get the new vlog up this week! 

That evening I met up with a friend for dinner and drinks, she convinced me to verge from my usual gin and have a French Martini...well where the hell have they been all my life? Absolutely delicious and far too drinkable. We had tapas and discussed Ru Paul. 

Friday, surprisingly no hangover. Yay. Worked worked worked will 4 then jumped in the bath, listened to Small Town Murder podcast then went to a friends house for gin. I was waiting for her to get back to work so I took some candles and decor over for the garden whilst I waited. We had Bloom and Bulldog gin. Both different and delicious in their own ways. 

On Saturday we heard from the estate agents again regarding a few extra questions we had, we emphasised to them we are still interested but the sellers are going to need to come way down on their price. We also found out they aren't part of a chain which puts them in a stronger position, and explains why the house has been up since Christmas (though has been reduced by 40k since then!). We opted for a lazy day so Miller gamed and I binge watched Ru Paul and some trashy netflix films. I have nearly finished Gypsy and I started Friends from College, not overly impressed with the latter but easy to have in the background whilst I work. I had a bath, watched some Stacy Dooley investigates and then got an early night as I had stated it was about time I did some more exposure. 

We woke up early and had several options, brunch in town, brunch nearby. I was tempted by another ear piercing and some shopping, cinema in the evening. But! I have done all these things before. There was a garden that I wanted to go to. I checked the weather and it said sunny. This meant I knew it would be busy getting out of Roundhay (ugh cant wait till winter) but at least it would be lovely weather for it. I showed Michael where it was on the map and the route I wanted to take, he said yes so off we went round about lunch time. 

The drive there was about 6/10 on the anxiety scale which was a lot lower than I thought it would be, once we were over a certain junction (the one near M&S) I was in to unchartered territory. We got a litttttle lost on the way there due to my poor map reading but Miller knew where I went wrong and swiftly corrected it. We parked up next to a cute village church and walked through a little dell to get to the garden. You can read more about it here, it runs off of donations and is £5 to get in. I is super beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you are local. 

There were so many cute nooks and crannies. My favourite part was definitely the kitchen garden and little potting shed. They had tea rooms (and gf cake!) but we didn't have any. We drove back a different route, went via the supermarket and then came home and had chicken salad. 

I treated myself to a blueberry muffin and I am writing this up whilst watching Ru Paul and getting crumbs in the keyboard. This week was awesome and I am so proud of myself for today, here is to another wonderful week.