The Weekend Edit #8

The Weekend Edit #8

Oh well hello! Trying to get this up before Love Island starts, if you have been watching, you will know how good it is getting. If you are judging're missing out. Oh, and if you are here just for handbag porn, skip down to the bottom! You're welcome!

Monday saw the arrival of Millers Enclothed box (yes this was the highlight of my day as I was still bed bound and poorly). He has been getting these curated clothing boxes since we saw them on Dragons Den in 2015. You receive a box of clothes from a personal stylist, whatever you like you keep, what ever you don't want you send back. A courier drops off and picks up. It takes a few boxes for the stylist to gauge your style, but after a while they push you fashion comfort zones, hence Miller ending up in a suede jacket and palm embroidered shirt! Highly recommend it to any bloke that doesn't like shopping as it is just so so easy. You can also set price points which is helpful. This is sponsored, just really enjoy the service, only wish they did women's clothes!

Tuesday and oh oh oh! I woke up without burning agony in the stomach for the first time in ages! Woohoo! I didn't get ahead of myself, I kept up with my bland 5 meal a day food and bed rest and by that evening I was definitely feeling perkier. This guy has been wonderful bed company! Everyone needs a schnauzer. 

We carried on watching Ru Paul in between keeping on top of emails. I have actually decided to have July off from SYGM. I feel I am currently doing everything by half. Quitting insta has definitely been a good choice, but I feel stepping back from the blog for a little bit will take a little more stress off me. I will of course have to keep up with emails so that I don't lose potential content or business but I am not putting any pressure on myself to blog. I will still keep Simply Weekend going as this is easy and light hearted for me! 

Wednesday, we had booked back in to that Japanese restaurant but I wasn't feeling it. I did have something other than falafel and hummus for dinner though and had paella! Felt fine after, I think my ulcers are slowly starting to heal. I spent some time in the garden, my rose from Rebecca for my 30th has finally started to bloom. The scent is gorgeous, its called Scepter'd Isle

Thursday and another morning waking up without that burning pain, I am still waking up after a few hours sleep in pools of sweat and anxiety but least the ulcers are clearing. I will happily take that! I had enough energy to take the dog on a long romp, took snack of popcorn as I felt stomach pain niggling a little in the middle of the afternoon. We met 2 retriever puppies and I am now convinced I need one for our next addition. They seem like such good dogs?!

As part of my Thursday afternoon routine, I have a bath, face mask and listen to the newest episode of Small Town Murder. This weeks was a goodun! Root Beer is my new obsession. (No I shouldn't have fizzy drinks with my stomach but cmonnn)

Friday is cleaning day for me! Managed to do the whole house with no pain (engaging stomach muscles makes it hurt, hence so much bed rest). Friday is usually also my gin night out but I opted to stay in and give myself a good rest. I watched Love Island and more Ru Paul.

Cute but creepy. 

I realised that I hadn't done any exposure in about 3 weeks. I had even skipped going to my now normal places such as M&S and left Michael to do it solo. I had been saving up my pennies since Christmas as I really wanted to invest in a black handbag. The first one I saw was a Mulberry Winsley. Then the Darley. Well I got a little sale email and I clicked just out of curiosity and saw that my initial love was in the sale. I wanted something a little different and not as structured as a Lily/Bayswater/Darley. I ummed and ahhed but emailed the Leeds store and asked if they had any in I could have a look at. They had one. And he said he would hold it till Saturday. 

So that meant going in to town on a Saturday afternoon. It was a sweaty, anxiety filled car journey. Probably a 6. Higher than recent trips but I was very aware I have a lot of background anxiety at the moment and I hadn't been out in a while. Town was relatively busy. I made my way to Mulberry, she got the beauty out and I said yes immediately. 

We then went to Harvey Nichs cafe (I hadn't been there since I first came to Leeds visiting Michael in 2006!). I had a Elderflower Collins (gin) Miller had bagel and a cheesecake. We decided to go and look at some shoes for him after, then hit up John Lewis. Well, we got a phonecall from a neighbour who told us there was car in the side of our wall. I called another neighbour who went out and took this photo. Their handbrake was faulty or some shite. No major damage but I was annoyed at it curtailing my exposure. I wanted to get back and make sure the dogs were ok. 

We were looking after Geoff for the night. We were going to go back in to town to the cinema (think to see Baby Driver) but I opted for an early night watching scary films in bed with these guys. 

Sunday, another weekend passing us by. Thankfully this one was the best I had had in the past few weeks. It was marred in other ways as I turned down going to a friends wedding, meaning I missed out on yet another happy occasion and Michael had to go solo. My anxiety was just too high, I wasn't feel 100% and it was 50 mins away! But! I have another wedding coming up this weekend so wish my luck for that one instead. So the handbag? I took a few photos in case you are looking to invest too! 

When I am back on insta I will upload a shot in use so it is easier to see it comparatively against a body. But I can fit a purse, bottle of water and a crap tonne of make up in it easily due to all the compartments. You can slide through the chain to turn it from a double to an over the body or long shoulder strap too which is handy! 

I hope you had a good week and a lovely weekend? Let me know! I am so proud of finally dragging my butt out of my misery pit/bed and I hope this will continue in to this week. Here's to hoping. Now, time for Love Island!