The Weekend Edit #11

The Weekend Edit #11

Evening you lovely lot. I am writing this whilst getting excited for the Love Island final. I really wanted to watch it at Everyman but Miller said no! This was the week that The Illness struck the Miller household and we were forced to argue who was more pooly and therefore exempt from dog walking/food retrieving that day. 

Monday was spent working and trying to avoid social media so that no Game of Thrones spoilers were seen. It is very hard to be a blogger and avoid social media btw. In saying that, I am still not back in love with insta. Some of my favourite accounts are now all #spon and thats all their stories seem to be. Whilst I don't blame them, who doesn't want money/free shit? It just saddens me that one of my favourite things has been tainted by greed. That afternoon I headed to my friends garden to soak up the sun and read for a bit before heading home, having dinner solo as Miller was out and watching a bit of TV.


Game of Thrones with tea and biscuits. It was good, nice bit of intro story telling but I hope it isn't as slow to get going as least season! 

Candle Goals

Candle Goals

Tuesday! It was a day off to do house bits. Usual chores then that evening I met a NEW FRIEND. I know, another new one. I am getting greedy now. I wrote this post about making friends in your thirties. It is hard work but something I am finding easier the more I put myself out there. We had aperol and tapas. 

Wednesday I woke up feeling really rough. Michael had the day off sick because his hayfever had really taken over. Turns out this was the beginning of some kind of viral cold thing (I will never say flu, because I had swine flu and nothing will ever top how horrific that was). By Thursday afternoon we were both bed bound with sore bodies, heads, congestion and coughs. 

Thursday - living off lemsips and tomato soup. I was going to take the day off but ended up writing all of SYGM August content about 20 odd blog posts. Michael had the day off again, he was much worse than I was. I put my daily Berocca* to the cause of my quick recovery. 

Friday, Miller back at work but still quite poorly. Think the mix of hay fever and cold really knocked him. I changed the sheets, cleaned the bedrooms then responded to emails that had let slide in a couple of days. That night we watched Kingsman (didn't enjoy) and ordered takeaway. He had dominos, I had an open burrito (basically a rice salad). 

Saturday was eventful. That morning we had a vets appointment for Atticus. The lump on his shoulder had doubled in size very quickly and they had a Saturday slot. We woke early for our appointment. It wasn't at our usual vet location, it was at their other clinic. Somewhere I had not been BUT coincidentally on the same road out as the garden we went to the week before. We made it there on time, Atticus loves going to the vets, we sat down only to be told out appointment was actually at 11.45.

Drove back home, then back again. We had a lovely vet who drew a sample from the lump to be sent off. She thinks its a cyst but she couldn't get much out of it so will have to wait for results. He also had a check over (hes 0.6kg overweight) and had a booster. 

We came home, watched a bit of TV then went up to the park for a wander. That night we settled down to The Night Manager (late to the party, loved it). Until I got a text from a friend at about 11ish who was in a&e. We drove down to keep her company whilst she was waiting about. Dear god, a&e on a Saturday night has all the action! We got home around 2am and straight to bed. 

Sunday - we were meant to be going to a family BBQ but both Michael and I were tired, he still was very much feeling unwell so we had a lazy day at home. I cleared out a few cupboards of clothes to give to charity. Did all the washing and ironing and then settled down to Love Island in the evening. I found a design flaw in our kitchen...


There has to be a word for that feeling on a Sunday when you have done all your chores, candles are lit, food is in the oven and you are relaxing? I would think its something along the lines of content but I wonder if the Scandis have a word for it. They seem to do well at these feeling words. 

I hope you have a lovely week. We are viewing another two houses! And I am planning some more exposure for the weekend. 

*not scientifically proven. At all. 

Sorry some of the images of low quality, they wouldn't send at a higher res for some reason!