The Weekend Edit #9

The Weekend Edit #9

GUYS! Feeling better this week! Stomach ulcers are finally abating, I am feeling a lot more positive (amazing what illness does to your mental health, no matter how serious or not). I am also excited because we are off to view another house. More below!

Monday saw my first trip to the cinema in ages. I worked off the positive experience I had in town shopping on the Saturday and agreed to go in, even though stomach was burning. Gin and some popcorn later and it started to calm down a bit. Afterwards we went to Reds, somewhere Michael has been wanting to take me for so so long. Sadly I wasn't hungry for their gluten free options (re: there was hardly anything) but the smell was good and it was packed for a 9pm Monday sitting. I just sat and watched him eat brisket and mac & cheese balls. Oooph.

We saw Baby Driver which I enjoyed, I think. It was a weird one. The editing is fun at first but then gets predictable, it does have a cracking sound track though and the acting is good. 

Tuesday, decided to plough through emails. It was basically me apologising for being so shit at communication but please forgive me and work with me. Thankfully everyone emailed bar one brand were understanding. I have taken July off but still maintaining SYGM behind the scenes which essentially means just emailing and instagramming. It is hard being self employed when poorly because whilst they money is there now, it won't be if you let things slip. Which I have. Ack. 

Wednesday. Yeah I can't remember what I did? It was date night but we didn't go anywhere. #greatbloggingPhoebe

Thursday. I dipped my toe back in to insta after about a month away. I met up with my friend who recently got married (@teaandheels on insta!) and I took a photo for the blog but realised that it was actually a memory I wanted to keep so uploaded this pic to insta. We had such a lovely afternoon drinking aperol spritz in the sunshine

And I think thats where I have found my balance with the app, not uploading for the sake of it. I was happy to reconnect with some people I genuinely missed (mainly talking about murder podcasts). 

Stomach hurt when I got home, had some rice cakes (yawn) and artichoke (meant to be good) and went to bed. 

Friday we booked a viewing for a house we have been umming over for months. After looking back through the images we (mainly Miller) have decided we are buying it. House viewing on Monday. The loveliness of insta made me smile when I received Breathe magazine through the post that I had been searching high and low for. Kelly popped a copy in the post and I devoured it in one sitting. If you can find a copy, and it sounds like your kind of thing then you will definitely enjoy. 

Saturday. Power of insta once more, I was sent a colouring book of serial killers. It made me chuckle so much. Thank you Laura! I will upload a few pics to my insta stories as I go. I am feeling Jeffery Dahmer in fluro. My stomach had been so bad overnight and I bailed out of another wedding. I was seriously looking forward to this one, and had it been 3 months ago, or 3 months down the line I totally would have nailed it. I've accepted it and let it go. Miller stayed overnight so I occupied myself with some DIY prep for house selling and binge watching Bloodline and Harry Potter. Friend text to see if I wanted to experience the newly opened Home Bargains, it was a no but she lured me with sitting in the pub garden. It is only a 5 min walk, I packed a little handbag full of snacks and actually found some decent stuff in Home Bargains. Pub was fun, got sun burnt sat there for 6 hours. Realised I gave my suncream to Miller to take. We went back to hers and had dinner together (I took my own!). 

Sunday. Oh Sunday how I love you. As you know, Sunday is usually exposure but the Leeds 10k was on and I didn't fancy the traffic congestion. Instead I had a slow morning in the garden reading interiors mags and eating cherries. We then did the weekly shop, walked the dog, changed bed sheets and now I am just waiting for Love Island to start. 

This week was so much better than last and I am hoping that leads in to the coming week. I am so excited to see the house tomorrow. I really hope I love it, its the perfect size for us. A 10-15 min walk to my usual bars/shops (currently 5). 5 mins to the park (currently 20) and 5 mins to my sister and other friend. It means then the stress of selling but thats a worry for another day!