The Weekend Edit #12

The Weekend Edit #12

Evening! I am writing this up a couple of days late due to a little bit of illness, more issues with my eyes giving me a really bad headache making screen time tricky. Obviously SYGM content comes first so sometimes I have to leave this till I get a change. I am currently sat on the sofa editing photos waiting for Celebrity Big Brother to start. No judgement. 

Monday monday! It was a work day for me, nothing major happened at all. 

Tuesday - first day I had felt fine in ages. Managed to buzz through all the chores, blog posts and edited the very overdue vlog. I felt so well I treated myself to a little gin, and then had dinner and a glass of wine. Went to the supermarket bought a bag of maoam pinballs and some hazelnut m&ms and woolfed the lot...well. That flared up my stomach ulcers didn't it! 

Wednesday was spent mainly in bed eating salted popcorn. (stick with me, the week does get better)

Thursday and left with just the nausea (which is tolerable) had to rescue some battered flower heads from the garden. Caught up on emails, carried on watching In The Dark (its getting so good!). I then watched Panorama's Prescription for Murder and got mighty angered. So angered that I wrote to Ofcom to complain about it. 

Friday morning and I was still annoyed by the documentary that I took to instagram to say my bit. I have never shied away from sharing my opinion, I can't bare wish washy people (and their instas). People without substance, opinion or thought. I thought "if I post this I will lose followers". I then chastised myself for caring...

The documentary was about James Holmes AKA The Batman Killer. He committed the 2012 Aurora cinema mass murder. One of the arguments of the docu was that the antidepressants he was taking (SSRIs) were responsible for the act he committed. The overall feel of the docu was irresponsible and negative towards those taking anti-depressants. I have ranted over on insta, I urge you to watch it and see what you think. My main summation was that the US need to look closer at the gun control than demonising the mentally ill. Never be ashamed of taking medication to make your life more manageable. 

The best and most surprising thing was that I didn't lose followers, we had an open and intellectual conversation in the comments and I felt like I enjoyed insta again. 

Until Saturday when I shared a half selfie and lost 50 haha. The plan on waking up was to go in to town, shop for bdays and other gifts then do chores. Well I got a text from a friend saying town was rammed due to payday so we skipped that. 

We took Atticus to the groomers first thing, came home then I showed Miller a garden centre I had wanted to go to for a while (since Christmas...oh I can only imagine the joy at Christmas). It was the same way as the groomers but further out of Leeds, so we could pick Atticus up on the way back. 

Didn't enjoy going on to the a64 but I did it. We arrived there and had a lovely mooch around. I picked up a dahlia, hydrangea, some indoor plants and pots. I saw the most beautiful peach delphiniums but Miller said no due to them being over a meter and us own a TINY GOD DAMN CAR. He wasn't happy about the boot situation. We were there for just over an hour then swung by the groomers to get pup. 

We got home, dropped everything off then headed up to M&S. Did bi weekly shop (how do you do a weekly shop, tell me your secrets!). Came home, ate and then I did some gardening. I can't wait to have a proper garden!

I then took a new gin over to my friends for sampling, as one must. I won't give too much away as I have a post going up all about gin soon. Spoiler. It was yum. 

£27 - M&S. 

We watched Doctor Strange, had paella and a little treat of a blueberry muffin. 

Sunday - exposure sunday! We opted for town. The drive in was fine, it lulled me in to a false sense of security as town was rammed. We tried to go to fave brunch spot but it was full so treked up to Bills. Hadn't been before. Had a cry at the table. Was just too overwhelmed as my anxiety wasn't calming down as quick as usual. Some distraction and deep breathing later and I was ok to shop. 

Started in Space NK as I was after some eye cream (for me), a candle and highlighter. Next to illamasqua for lipsticks. Then Anthropologie for some prettiness, ended up buying a set of rings and some mugs. I wasn't meant to be shopping for myself!

Then to Neom, the ladies in there were amazing at helping me choose some stuff for my mum who is currently avoiding lavender. John Lewis for more make up, some tea and I think that was about it. I started to calm down the closer we got to the shops near the car, always the way. 

I mentioned to my friend (same as Saturdays gin session, and most gin sessions actually) about the Aldi gin that had been voted BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD. She managed to get the last bottle and invited me round to sample. Results of that in the next vlog. Click bait. *spoiler* it was average. 

We then headed over to my sisters for dinner and a film. We watched new Amy Schumer film Snatched. 6/10. Some laughs but predictable. 

Monday - oh my days. I couldn't get out of bed. Tummy sore. Head sore. Body sore. I totally overdid it at the weekend. I spent the day watching Task Master and reading SYGM bride applications. 

Tuesday - and here we are in real time. Brandy from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has just gone in to the Celeb BB house. Earlier today we got a call from the sellers of the house we put an offer in on. They rejected our first, but we told them we could not and would not reach them at asking as the house was overpriced and needed work. We hadn't heard in weeks but they called today to say they would lower their asking. We said we would up our offer. So whilst we still haven't confirmed anything (they have had viewings but 0 offers due to it being overpriced) we think that we will end up agreeing in the middle within the week. Shit! 

Getting ready to say goodbye to the kitchen :(