The Weekend Edit #15

The Weekend Edit #15

Hello all! I asked if you wanted a double edition on Sunday or a blog now and you asked for one now. Sorry it is late, I have had tech difficulties this week and work has taken over. This week was good! 


Monday - good start to the week as I took on 2 exciting new clients for SYGM. My stomach still hurts so I finally took to google (something I try and avoid doing with illness at all costs) I read up on ulcer diets so decided to change my diet to see if that would help. I worked most of the day wth Atticus snuggled on my lap. I started re-watching Downton Abbey (makes me feel cosy and Autumnal). 


Tues - I waited in for a delivery of a few house bits. I really wanted some kind of trailing greenery for the bathroom cabinet, I opted for a faux asparagus fern from here. A few other boring bits arrived. That night Michael was out for dinner with his friends, afterwards we went to Tesco and I bought new food for my new diet. 


Weds - I am now eating five to six small meals a day. Breakfast consisted of salmon and greens. Lunch as an example would be a pear and aloe vera juice, 3pm carrot and hummus, dinner chicken and avo then something small around 8pm such as a nakd bar or more fruit. It was the first day that it got to bed time and my ulcer pain wasn't throbbing, so something was working!! I spent the majority of the day blitzing the house from top to bottom as the estate agents were coming to value the next day. That day Millers new PC and gaming shit arrived...

That night was date night. Miller had McDonalds, I had pear and a green juice. Loving life. 


Atticus and I enjoyed the sunshine on Thursday morning. I had a little bit of cleaning left to do but the estate agents weren't arriving till 2. I am really happy with how the bathroom has turned out, it has give it a much needed refresh without having to spend a fortune. The estate agents went well, it is with the people we bought from in 2012 so thy remember the house. We have had it valued at 230k and we bought it for 164k 5 years ago. Should I be talking about this stuff on here? Is it crass? Who cares. We have had the kitchen done, added a log burner and fitted wardrobes. Thankfully things are good for selling right now so I think we will list and just see how it goes. UGH VIEWINGS. 

We still have our offer in with the Gin Terrace house, but they are being exceptionally stubborn/greedy with their asking price still. 


Another day waiting in on deliveries as I ordered some new knitwear. I did a little 'try on' in the vlog which you will see as soon as I have my PC back and on a desk (Miller has taken over the desk space, I ordered a new one from Ikea). I bought a wire basket for my sandals/flat shoes, a candle for the house viewings as I like having a candle lit but don't want to burn my expensive ones. I love the H&M range. I also then bought 4 new jumpers, I adore H&M knitwear so much. A classic cable knit which fits really well, a grey long cardigan, what I thought was a plain bottle green jumper but is actually flecked with gold glitter...and my favourite thing which is the fluffiest pale blue v neck jumper. They also have this in coral which I will pick up soon. I find late August in the north can be quite chilly so I like to buy a few bits of light knitwear before going whole hog in September/October. I have a one in one out policy in my wardrobe so will sort what goes to charity next week. 


What a Saturday we had. Tonnes of exposure and new experiences planned. First thing was taking Atticus up to the vets to get his second booster. There were 2 adorable fluffy puppies there on their very first outing and I nearly cried at how cute they were. Atticus just cried at them because he wanted to play. 


Michael picked up some breakfast from Costa, which I swear wasn't there the last time we went to the vets. We then came home, I did some washing and ironing then it was time for a house viewing! OK, so I had fallen in love with this house before we stepped inside. It is on one of my favourite streets in Roundhay. It is a 5 bed victorian terrace, and it has all the original features. I took a few pics whilst being stealthy on our look round. 

Original mouldings, cornicing, fireplaces, sash was gorgeous. It doesnt really have a garden, and well, the garden doubles as a drive to the garage...which isn't ideal. The kitchen was sub par and poorly thought out, fridge was downstairs in the workshop/pantry/utility area. Realistically it is too big for us, we don't need a 5 bed 2 bath. But there are no 3 beds coming up in Roundhay (apart from the one we currently have an offer in on). We have put in an offer but we know we most likely won't get it. I adored it. The light was lovely, the bedrooms generous and it would be perfect for us in a couple of years maybe. 


We took a slow walk home through the woods pondering what to do, I then wrapped up gifts and had a bath ready for the evening. Michael also kindly bought me one of my favourite candles as mine finished a few days prior. The Ambre is just perfect for this time of year. We were ready and driving in to town to celebrate my friends 30th. 


This pic was for my mum but I forgot to take a decent one of us together, on the way in I decided to get another piercing (3rd lobe) so quickly called the place I usually go, which is Rude Studios on Vicar Lane. Can highly recommend! It meant we were a little late arriving as I misread the map and the walk from there to the venue was a lot further than I had thought. It was at The Brunswick which I hadn't even heard of before. Decent priced gin, the food was good and you can use their top floor for free. It is a wonderful blank white canvas so perfect for what Sammy did. 

As we were going to a new place my anxiety was a little high, but I would say a 5? My tummy wasn't sore at all which really helped and most of my adrenaline had been in getting my ear piercing. 

Yay for Sunday! I wanted to take the dog for a walk somewhere different but Michael ended up faffing with his new PC/gaming system for ages so by 4pm we just decided to go to the park but the quieter end. It was lovely with signs of Autumn popping through. 

This week we have another birthday party, a photographer coming to take pics for the estate agents, some fun house bit deliveries and hopefully going to see Dunkirk. OH! And I am going for dinner with all of Michael's work team, I think there are about 12 or them. We are going to the Japanese restaurant mentioned a few weeks ago, should be fun! Will let you know how our offers go!