The Weekend Edit #13

The Weekend Edit #13

It feels like I only just wrote one of these and I was worried the weeks were getting away from me but then I remember I published the last one on Tuesday and it's now Sunday evening so this may be a short one. As I am writing this up I am watching the last episode of In The Dark, it started off well but got a bit...stupid? Let me know what you thought of it. This week has been good! Stomach still sore but I am now learning to just cope with it until we can sort out what will make it better. 

Wednesday - had an early morning doctors appointment (HOW ARE YOU RUNNING LATE AT 9AM?!) It was for a check up on how my ulcer drugs were working. They weren't. He asked how I was and thats all it took for me to sit and cry for about 5 mins. He thinks with everything going on at the moment (can't discuss on here) my anxiety is essentially coming out via my stomach. We have more drugs, some weird liquid stuff, the advice not to drink *side eyes* and 6 small meals a day. 

Date night! Opted for a night in, we starting watching Ozark and got mildly addicted. Can highly recommend. 

Thursday - 3rd August - my sisters birthday! I met her in the afternoon for a few drinks (I stuck to one gin and then water) and to give her her gifts. She loved the rings I picked up for her but we wouldn't recommend as she has worn them twice and they have already gone silver...

I still can't quite believe that my little sister is 28. That is basically 30. And neither of us know how to adult. 

when your outfit is on brand with the pub

when your outfit is on brand with the pub

Friday and blitzing the house kind of day. After cleaning I sat in my neighbours garden for a teeny bit of vitamin D. I am pretty sure that is the last of summer now, but I can't complain because I have been quite happy with 2017 Leeds summer and...I adore autumn and winter far too much. 

Saturday, a chill morning and then headed over to my sisters birthday BBQ. She had friends up from Stamford and it was lovely to see old faces. I provided the wonderful unicorn cake! If you live in Leeds and want details just message me and I will pass it on. I don't think she is "official" yet and hasn't got a site etc. 

We were spoilt with such glorious sunshine, I left a little early than I wanted to because, you guessed it, stomach was sore :( this was due to not eating enough that day and felt better when I got home and had dinner. 

Sunday ahhh Sunday. No exposure today as it was Leeds Pride and I didn't want to get involved in the hustle and bustle of road closures (whilst it 100% has all my support!). Miller was at his brothers BBQ so I walked the dog, saw conkers (!) then took him to a friend to meet some didn't go as well as expected. He mainly curled up in to a ball behind my legs and tried to sit on my lap so we left quite swiftly. 

I am now listening to music whilst finishing this off. Oh! I keep meaning to mention, for the last two years I have been doing a monthly playlist on Spotify. You can find me here, not sure if we will have the same taste in music but its there if you want some new stuff to listen to -

Oh and house update...there is no update from Tuesday. As per. 

I purchased some awesome Harry Potter PJs from here and have lived in them all day. You need them in your life. 

On to this week. Miller has a week off...and we are going away. For the first time in 7 years, I shall be spending 1 night away from home. And if that goes well we have further plans. The trip is on Tuesday and I am sure you will see me bricking it on insta stories @simply.weekend.

I hope you are doing ok, I am always here if you need to talk.