The Weekend Edit #17

The Weekend Edit #17

Any week without vertigo is a good week! 

Taken from my films to watch now post -  read here!

Taken from my films to watch now post - read here!

It has definitely gotten colder up North, the leaves have been falling for about two weeks now and I have been watching the squirrels gather up huge conkers and bound across the branches back to their dreys. I think we left each other on Monday so let's pick up from Tuesday. 


Tuesday - Hairdresser time! Ugh. I always like how I feel on leaving (usually tired). This week I took a photo on to my hairdresser and we are walking towards be going brunette/bronde/balyage-y. I left 3 or 4 shades darker which was hard to pick up on camera!


When I saw the back of my head in last weeks post I knew I wanted to dull down that blonde blonde and I was thankfully so happy with the result. That evening I treated myself to my usual Mexican takeaway. Stomach was not ready for that, and I felt like shit for 2 days after but I am kind of used to feeling crap at the moment so didn't let it dull my week (plus anything is better than vertigo) 


Wednesday turned in to an unplanned self care day with candles, magazines and lovely films. My delivery from The Botanical Candle Co arrived just in time, I ordered lavender and rose geranium for my bedside and then the new Tinder Box because I thought it sounded lovely. I lit it whilst I had a bath and watched when Harry met Sally. 


Taking a day off on Wednesday meant I had to catch up on work asap which I managed to do by about 4pm then tackled that days to do list. I was surprisingly efficient and had only a couple of things outstanding! Not sure what got in to me! 


That afternoon my Space NK delivery arrived. I re-bought my beloved Kiehls moisturiser but I was in need of a new exfoliator and picked up The Algenist after reading good reviews. I then couldn't resist and treated myself to a new Autumn perfume, Super Cedar Byredo, which I have had compliments on every time I have worn it since Thurs. Very woody, floral and a gorgeous base note of vetiver. See my perfume post for more details! The exfoliator is lovely so far but only used twice. Will report back after 2 weeks use. 


We then went to go and visit puppy Gatsby, he is exceptionally cute and terrorised Atticus, who didn't seem to mind tooo much. When he is a little bigger Atticus will have a lot more time for him. His training is going well and he has seemed to have mastered the basic commands! He is a terrier though, stubborn at heart. 


That evening I lit my new candle, put on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and hung up laundry and chose which items to get rid of. I then uploaded this picture to instagram and all hell broke loose. 


The comments ranged from "is that all you own" to "omg I wish I could do this". I am going to write a blog post on minimalising your wardrobe but not having a capsule wardrobe. I have implemented a one in one out policy for the last couple of years and it works so well for me. A few points to note; I have a dresser for underwear, gym, loungerwear/Pjs and I work from home. I could wear my wedding dress every day if I want to. So I don't necessarily have a 'work wardrobe'.


Friday morning I woke up and jumped straight on the laptop so I could book tickets to see one of my favourite comedians Joe Lycett. I am the proud owner of 2 tickets for the leeds Feb showing, this will be my first ever comedy gig!

Michael had the day off work and I scheduled a house viewing. The house was terrible, the garden was lovely. Getting so bored of not finding the right house! And I am sure you are all bored of me whining about it!


I then commandeered a neighbours doorway for some blog pictures, hoping that they didn't arrive home or need to exit their house. (I did text to ask, I am not that creepy)


I have found a new podcast to listen to which I popped on before bed. It is about missing people with the odd murder thrown in. Missing people cases fascinate me. Its called Already Gone


Saturday was a totally chilled day. I found myself involved in a missing puppy case. Randomly a couple of days earlier some lads were messing around with a staffy outside the house. I then noticed they had a very young puppy with them, off the lead following the older staffy. I took a photo and videod the puppy because something was just a bit off about it all. These lads are known to our little street as they like to throw fireworks in the wood next to it. I was on facebook Saturday morning and came across a Wanted poster for the exact puppy I saw the other day. Turns out the pup was stolen out of the arms of a little girl who was waiting outside a newsagents!! Can you believe that? Anyway, I called the number and left a message then called the police and told them everything I knew and passed on the footage. Long story short. As of Sunday eve the puppy has been returned to the owners!


We left the house for suppliers but came home and finished off watching Stranger Things. I watched American Horror Story and Taskmaster.


Ahh Sunday! A totally relaxed day. I did a few work emails, had a long bath and then we went for a dog walk. Watched the bake off whilst eating soup, and now I am writing up this before bed! Whilst on the dog walk I came across a poster for a Tough 10k at Roundhay Park for Cancer Research. My question is, what level of fitness do you need for this and is it achievable to get there in 6 weeks? I don't particularly care about a good time...but will I die whilst doing it? 


I wore new Zara scarf (£19.99) and have already got make up on it, but it was big and cosy. You need it in your life too. 


Enjoy your week! Embrace Autumn in all it's splendor and keep everyone updated with the #simplyweekend hashtag on instagram!