The Weekend Edit #19

The Weekend Edit #19

How are we nearly at the end of September? I feel like this month has gone so quickly, I can't quite believe it is October next weekend. We had planned to travel this week but that didn't work out due to accommodation issues so we have rescheduled. The week itself was quite eventful, but ended very nicely with a country house, dog walks and cups of tea. 

Monday was a full on work day, after being poorly on and off I had fallen a little behind on project work (when I have to take photos, edit and write up about a brand) so as my vertigo symptoms have mostly faded I felt confident in taking photos without pulling out some dutch angles. I know it sounds easy and simple, but it is quite time consuming and I had 3 projects that needed to be done by the end of the day. Thankfully I managed to get them all done and brands are happy with the results but it meant nothing was done on Monday aside from work, eat, work, eat dinner, work then bed!  


My work for SYGM always takes priority over this blog because the other is how I make my monies. This one is just for fun. I have been approached by brands (the usual watches, towels, interiors stuffs) but I am not wanting to get involved with that side of blogging yet on here. I have a blog post going up soon on how to make money from blogging if you would like to know though! I spent Tuesday morning taking pictures of my wardrobe for a blog post on how to achieve zen like organisation which you can read here, it has gone down so well and I am loving being tagged in all your tidy wardrobe pics! That evening we went for a dog walk around the park. I love it most in the evenings, especially this time of year. 

I had been having a high anxiety week due to the fact we were planning on travelling down south on the Thursday.  I realised on Wednesday morning I had run out of foundation and mascara, still didn't own any black skinny jeans and I wouldn't be able to buy back home. Michael had a half day so I asked if we could go to town. He offered to go and pick everything up for me (aside from the jeans, god knows what he would have come back with). I declined and asked he come and pick me up and we go together. The easy option would have been to stay at home, I was already very anxious but was only go to stay anxious at home so why not. We left around 1.30ish and headed in, if only I had checked twitter first! 

That morning I received a letter from the hospital cancelling my appointment which was Thursday morning. I have now been waiting 27 weeks to be seen about my eyes (losing sight/blurred vision/double vision) and the fact this is the 4th appointment that has been cancelled is just ludicrous. Rant over. Next appointment is apparently 5th October. 


Well on exiting our usual car park there was a small police cordon, nothing too unsual but we couldn't get up to the street we needed to go to so had to head back in to the car park and through John Lewis. As we were there I asked if they had my holy grail beloved Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc (I knew they wouldn't they are always out of stock). It was no surprise when she said they hadn't got any, so we continued to Space NK. Via Anthropologie for a cup. At this point, I noticed some more police. I managed to get my foundation, and Michael needed to get some new sunglasses because oh yeah, on Monday night we had them stolen from the car. (They were out of sight, we just accidentally left it unlocked for about the second time ever, v unlucky!) 


After being upstairs in the sunglasses shop for what felt like an eternity, we came downstairs to see that the shop we were in was now part of the cordon because there was a bomb scare. I thought we were trapped. Which sent anxiety which was already prettttty high to an almost panic attack. I put down the glasses I was wanting to try on and asked how we get out, they had a door leading to a jitty which lead out another way, which after checking we were allowed to use. We followed the footfall up and around the other side of the town. I was doing my breathing whilst crying but thankfully I didn't have a panic attack. It then dawned on me that if they had extended the cordon this way, then our car park exit could also now be in the cordon. 

We got to the car park and saw that cars were still being allowed to leave but everything was gridlocked. Id rather be in the gridlock trying to get home than not at all so I'd take it. We sat in traffic for an uncomfortable amount of time, all the while I was just trying to keep my bubbling anxiety to a gentle simmer. On the way out we stopped at Aldi, it was my first time there. Was a curious place. It was an in and out kind of job but I did get to marvel at the footstools next to the pet food. And why can't you pack your bags at the checkout?! The chicken I got from there was delicious and the avocados were perfect so there were no major complaints from me!

We later found out the bomb scare was nothing serious and thankfully no one was hurt. 


One of the best things I have found for excess anxiety adrenaline is walking. Not running or any other kinds of exercise but walking. That evening we went to the park again and I stomped my way around pretending that I wasn't going to be hurtling down the a1 the following day. I didn't sleep a wink and woke up sooo clammy, racing heart, all the joys! After a few texts I realised that I had messed up our acommodation and hadn't got anywhere to stay on the Friday night. My parents of course would have put us up but with mum being so poorly I felt like I would be in the way. So we have next week. 


As we had no food in due to thinking we were going away we went out for a late lunch. I had a gin and propranolol. I was still too anxious to eat. I slept for the rest of the afternoon. 


Friday and a new day! I agreed to go back in to town and we went to the cinema to see Wind River. The cinema was quiet (it was 12.30 on a Friday) and I had a gin. The film was so so good, it was by the same person that directed Sicario (another to watch if you haven't already) and it had the same tense thriller vibe. 

As a treat for doing well this week I bought myself the new acqua di parma perfume, Pura. I love acqua di parma a lot. This one is a fresh play on Italian cologne with hints of jasmine, petit grain and some citrus but sits quite woody on the skin. It is for men, but who cares. 

That evening we chilled out, watched Downton and I feel like we watched another film but I can't remember what right now!


On Saturday we thankfully managed to get Atticus back in to the groomers so we dropped him off there and then headed to M&S. We took the scary route which I had refused to go on (the ring road) but all was fine, and it was much quicker. Did a little food shop, picked up this delicious new gin and came home and had thai chicken soup with bread (Miller had delicious foccacia, I had skanky GF roll). We then went back to pick up Atticus, then we napped on the sofa watching horror movies whilst Miller gamed. We started a new TV called Limitless, based on the Bradley Cooper film. So far, so good. It has Deb from Dexter in it, a good pace, some laughs and crime investigation. 


I ate an entire chocolate orange then felt really sick (dairy) so went to bed at half 8. 


I mean, the pic above gives the game away...but I woke up on Sunday knowing we had to do some exposure therapy. I suggested that we go to Harewood House. It is somewhere I have wanted to visit since I moved to Leeds about 8 years ago, and since seeing it on Victoria I wanted to even more. I had planned our route out along some roads I knew, well we got there and there was a road closure due to traffic works which did not show up in google maps, so we had to go on the ring road then a bit of a dual carriage way to get there. Thankfully I did that part of the ring road the day before else I may have opted to turn around. 

I took quite a fair few pictures so I completely understand if you want to scroll down to the end! I really enjoyed it, anxiety was minimal considering I was somewhere new. It was a gorgeous day and the house itself is definitely worth a visit! 

The bed below in The State Bedroom has only been slept in twice, once by Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia and then a young Queen Victoria in 1835. It was built by Chippendale and was dismantled and rediscovered in the 1970s. 

Whilst the house was beautiful, my favourite part were the grounds. The landscaping by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was just stunning. We got outside just as the sun came out and the view from the terrace over the 100 acres was breathtaking. We took a walk down to the stables/courtyard and through to the farm, bird farm and lake. I really wanted to see the walled garden but by the time we had finished that, 3 hours later, I was just too exhausted and the shuttle bus had stopped running. 

Whilst I enjoyed the farm bit, I don't know how I feel about the penguins, they looked a little bit sad. After we had finished we went to mother in laws land to pick some sloes so I can make gin. We came home, took Atticus for a walk then curled up on the sofa, watching some more Limitless and ate dinner. I think I fell asleep around 7pm and dragged myself up to bed and had a great nights sleep!

I hope you have a lovely week! Keep me updated and tag #simplyweekend in your activities!