The Weekend Edit #16

The Weekend Edit #16

Morning all! This is a double edition so you may want to grab drinks, snacks and the like. I am also assuming it isn't going to be overly perk due to having a super crap week but I did copious amounts of online shopping to make up for waning content. Should you fancy it, you can watch the weeks in vlog form on our channel


21st Aug - The beginning of the week was mainly about getting the house perfect for the estate agents, they were coming to photograph for RightMove/brochure, the plant I wanted for these cute planters never arrived so I bought a cheapy little cactus from Tesco for the mean time. The bathroom is now finished! 


Tuesday and Wednesday were spent doing the same, making house photo worthy. Thursday saw the arrival of some bits from ikea, including a desk for me as Miller had taken over my work space. I use the laptop to blog from, but the mac to edit photos/videos so my work flow was thrown out of kilter for a few days. We put an offer in on the house, but it sold for over asking shortly after. Oh well! I am sure we will get our perfect house eventually. According to a few friends and estate agents, Sept can be a busy time with putting houses on the market because kids have gone back to school and people have visions of moving somewhere new for Christmas. So hopefully that will happen in Roundhay!


Large dome for a housing candles, a throw for the guest room and a sheepskin for next to my bed. All popped in place ready for photos. The rest of Thursday was spent getting ready for dinner than evening with Michael and his department. We went to a Japanese restaurant in town, and I drank AND ate food. High Five. 

I wore my Karen Millen dress, new Isabel Marant earrings, Choos, and Mulberry bag. I got to wear ALL the fancy shit. If you are looking for good sushi in Leeds I highly recommend Issho. Though £12 for a gin. Those aren't northern prices!!!

The photographer for the estate agent was coming at 9am so I was up early finishing off some tidying. The place looked perfect for this arrival!

The more I make the house look lovely, the less I want to leave it :( 


Friday evening (25th) we went to our local pub as it was their 4th birthday, they had a pop up bao bun kitchen. I was told they were delicious. I just had a couple of gins. 

Saturday was spent feeling a little hungover (!) then getting ready for a 30th in the afternoon. This was the birthday cake, I never did find out why it was a gnome. I left early as my tummy was hurting, came home, had some food then fell asleep on the sofa!


On Sunday we went up to my mother in laws land again to forage for blackberries, rose hips and plums! 


It was only a short while ago, maybe May time, that I was so anxious going up to the land but now it almost feels like a second home. I wander round on my own taking photos, talking to the sheep and breathing in the country air. It's lovely. 


We went home with lots of treats and the joy of a bank holiday monday ahead of us. We watched the penultimate Game of Thrones again before the finale the next day in front of a cosy fire. 


That morning we have breakfast and watched the final. Oh it was goooood! Empty void now though. We are going to rewatch Stranger Things ahead of season 2 coming next month, but doing Downton before that. I made banana bread, had a bath then decided, as I felt well...we should do some exposure. 


I'd give you the recipe but it was awful. Really dry. Forgot gluten free baking can be so hit and miss. So...our adventure. I mapped it out for Michael, he knew most of the way, we were going to be going the furthest yet. At this time it actually felt far. 


We timed it so that we would hopefully be there for a sunset, 30 mins of country roads and having to look at the map on my phone and I arrived feeling very sick. What I didn't account for was the sun setting in the opposite direction of where we were walking and surrounded by forest. 


I got a little panicky in the woods so we left here and went to a different location which was meant to give us incredible views...which it bloody did. 

We reached the top at dusk, just as all the street lights were coming on in the town below. I couldn't quite believe I did it, we met another schnauzer whilst there, took some photos then headed home. On the journey back I felt so sick. We were doing country roads, in the dark in a sports car. I felt every little hill and bend. We started to get back in to city roads but still another 15 mins from home. I did my breathing, turned up my relief band to 4/5 and just kept my eyes on the road. I got home, had something to eat as I thought that would help then went to bed.


I was really proud of myself, I text my mum to tell her but didn't hear back which I thought was weird, and when I did it was from my dad to say she was in hospital. She is very poorly at the moment, and has been since May. For the rest of the week I felt so unbelievably sick, I put this down to left over car sickness (sometimes it can last a day or two) and anxiety. As I have mentioned before, the first thing to go for me is my stomach when I am anxious, followed by sweating then palpitations. I wasn't having the latter sensations. 

Wednesday evening came about, I was getting ready for bed and felt a bit dizzy. Dizziness is quite common when anxious but I usually get it in crowded situations, not when I am on my phone. I took my evening drugs and got in to bed, laid my head down and oh my god. The room was spinning, flipping and whirling around me. I sat upright and told Michael, the spinning started to slow and eventually stopped. When I went to lay down again it started up. I sat upright, Michael googled. Sounded like vertigo. 

He propped me upright in to sitting position, switched the fan on at the end of the bed to cool me down as it was making me feel so sick and panicky. I then spent the night sat upright staring at a light on the top of the fan till the doctors opened. 

She diagnosed me over the phone with labyrinthitis, caused by inner ear infection. More importantly a viral ear infection. Which meant no drugs! She did however say there are drugs which help with the symptoms but don't actually get rid of the infection. As I couldn't even get out of bed without feeling like my head was rolling down a hill in a barrel I said yes to the drugs. Michael took the day off work to look after me. 


A sparkly delivery arrived from Astrid and Miyu which I treated myself to, a necklace and an ear cuff. My first time shopping there and the pieces are such good quality for the price!


Sadly my nurse had to go back to work on the Friday, I got some fresh air in the garden with the dog then spent the rest of it sat upright in bed. Thankfully the major had spinning had stopped, I was left with a very weird feeling in my head. Kind of fuzzy head, like it was in a clamp but slightly wobbly when looking left to right or bending over. Quite hangover like. There was only one thing to supress the bed bound boredom...horror films and online shopping. 


Purse is from Aspinal, I was in the sale the last time I looked (searching for new handbag...shhh don't tell Michael). I first bought some candles from the new Autumn range at The Botanical Candle Co, looking forward to Tinder Box. I then hit up Zara as I was in need of a backpack for dog walks. I wanted something to house all the camera equipment we take with us nowadays for the blog and vlogs. I bought this. Which also comes in black. They all arrived on the Saturday, so let's just skip to then...


This dress, which I think will sell out pretty quickly. Perfect between seasons but looking forward to thick tights and ankle boots in autumn. Shirt and scarf


I also then bought a tonne of crap from Space NK which I will blog when it arrives, I sent my mum some perfume and then bought myself some from Byredo...I was saving up for new handbag but boredom has eaten in to those pretty leather pennies. Oops. 


Sundayyyyyy. Was feeling well enough to be coerced in to a dog walk. Michael had spent the whole day in town at the cinema with a friend. He got home around 5ish and we went to the park. I took my new back pack for a spin, we then came home and finished season 2 of Downton snuggled under the duvet on the sofa. It was sickeningly lovely. He also bought me a treat in town. 

He picked me up the new English Oak and Redcurrant candle, he remarked in the store that it smelt very similar to another I had, and he was right. After burning, it smells just like blackberry and bay. The hazelnut may be slightly woodier making it different but there was an overwhelming scent of berries after 30mins, though I am not quite sure what English Oak smells like? It is a pretty scent, but don't buy in to the hype. It is nothing ground breaking. 


*All shit mentioned was unfortunately bought with my own money and nothing is an ad*

Hope you have a lovely week!! I am feeling much better whilst finishing off this post on Monday morning, hoping that my body is fighting off this infection swiftly, I have been prescribed fluids and bed rest but this week I have the hairdressers, I start some volunteer work and we are off to view another house. As always I will update you as I go on instagram, but will be back here on Sunday.