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The best films to watch this autumn

Phoebe MillerComment
The best films to watch this autumn

You will probably know by now that I spend a lot of my time watching films and TV. I like to have something on during the day whilst I work, and cozying up on the sofa in the evening to consume even more. I feel this has given me all of the qualifications to cast the unquestionable and ultimate list of Autumnal films. I like atmosphere, golden sunlight, pretty leaves, candles and marginally decent storylines. I hope you enjoy! 

The trio hiding in hagrids pumpkin patch.jpg

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - there was always going to be a Harry Potter on the list. I find all of the first 3 like a visual hug, the third was chosen purely due to pumpkins. 

Available - everywhere. You should own it by now! 


When Harry Met Sally - one of my all time favourite films. A great love story and the back drop of New York in Autumn most definitely adds to the charm. 

Available - NowTV. 


Good Will Hunting - Autumn is always back to school time. This is probably one of my favourite college/uni films. 

Available - It was on Netflix, but probably on Putlocker. 


Autumn in New York - this film is a little bit shit, but in kind of a good way. Playboy guy, meets girl, changes etc etc etc. But the backdrop is lovely and it is a heart warming tale that I have probably watched 3 or 4 times! And ya know, Richard Gere. 

Available - Netflix


Serendipity - not exactly an Autumn film but more towards winter, but there are lots of fairy lights and cmon, it is a lovely story. 

Available - Sky and Amazon Video. 


You've Got Mail - "don't you love Autumn in the fall, it makes me want to buy school suppliers". Fox. This film needs no explanation. 

Available - another that was on Netflix, will be on Putlocker or other streaming sites. We use moviesonline(dot)cc


Friends with Kids - you have probably not seen this film. It has a really good cast, seasonal wonderfulness and a cute arch to the story. It isn't groundbreaking, it won't make you think but its a nice film for a Sunday afternoon. 

Available - Netflix


Ok, so I have given you the lovely heart warming films. Now for a couple of atmospheric films:


The Woman in Black - One of my absolute all time favourites. A classic ghost story, a must watch in front of the fire with lights off and candles on. 

Available - Netflix


Halloween - an obvious choice for Autumn but it really is such a fantastic premise. The first and the best was released in 1978 but I do believe there is a remake that is tolerable if you don't fancy 70s mustiness. 

Available - it must be everywhere! 


There are also a few TV series that absolutely warm my heart and get me ready for the colder months...


Gilmore Girls - I am pretty sure it is perpetually Autumn in Stars Hollow. 

Available - Netflix. Obvs. 


Wuthering Heights - the Tom Hardy mini series version. Heather on moorland, moody scenery and one of the greatest tales of all time. A post Sunday roast viewing necessary. Its meee Cathyyyy, i've come home nowwww, so co-oh-oh-old, let me in at your window-oh-oh-uh-oh. 

Available - NowTV


Lady Chatterleys Lover  - Lots of autumnal countryside, tweed and well...romance? My favourite version was the 2015 BBC TV series with Richard Madden. 

Available -  struggled to find where this one is, if I find it I will update you on insta (@simply.weekend)


Downton Abbey - Sunday evenings will never be the same without the sound of the Downton theme tune and the ring of the servants bell. But it is OK, relive all of the joy by rewatching it. You won't regret this life choice. It is also something you can binge watch in front of the fire if the rain is just too much. 

Available - NowTV 


Ok so my favourite film for this time of year is Far From The Madding Crowd. The golden hour sunlight, the long panning shots of Dorset's magnificent countryside, the rugged handsome men out working the fields, and then our fabulous heroine, Bathsheba. The cinematography in this takes my breath away every time. 

Available - NowTV, or other streaming site. Or my house. We can sit by the fire, drink mulled wine, light all of the woody, spicy candles and enjoy an absolute cinematic masterpiece. 


I really hoped you enjoyed this list. I would LOVE to know if you have any films you watch at this time of year? Do you like or dislike any of those listed? Tag #simplyweekend on your insta or instastory if you decide to give any a bash. 

Candles for your viewing pleasure: Diptyque Ambre and The Botanical Candle Co Tinder Box