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The Weekend Edit #51

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The Weekend Edit #51

I usually pop a film on whilst I write up my weekend edits, todays choice is Halloween H2O. The Halloween films are a little on the lame side but I find them quite 90s nostalgic, the tree lined streets, the autumnal colours, the pumpkins, the murders. Ya know?


The “to do’ list for this blog is huge at the moment and I am hoping to bash out a few blog posts a week in the lead up to Christmas (are we mentioning that word yet? I’m going for it). But of course the bread and butter remains and here is this weeks catch up!

So the last update was on Thursday and I don’t think much else happened that day aside from working. On Friday I checked the weather, Michael was picking up a courtesy car as ours was in for repairs or tests I cant remember, but he was going to be home early so I thought this was the ideal opportunity for us to get the projector out and have a cosy movie night on the terrace. I am going to do a whole blog post so I don’t want to give too much away, but seriously…that Friday is now one of my favourite memories of this house so far. It looked a little something like this…sneak peek…


It took quite a while to set everything up but the actually setting up of the projector was so easy, I was worried we were going to miss sunset but we nailed it. We sat and watching I Know What You Did Last Summer and Fantastic Beasts.

On Saturday we had a chore and chill day, we usually have a lovely lie in, do a few chores, then chill! I had to put away all of the frippery mess I made with styling the terrace, and then I cleaned the living room and kitchen. That evening we starting watching a new tv series called The Leftovers (think its on Now TV/Sky) I watched Strictly, then we watched Inferno (the last of those Tom Hanks/Darren Brown books) was a bit rubbish but easy viewing for a Saturday night.


After watching I remembered I have some Dante in my antique book collection, usually if there is a name on the inside I like to try and get the book back to the family but Augusta Edith was proving most difficult until some awesome ladies found out some info on her. Looks like she was unmarried, no children and left her estate to a couple of gents so there isn’t really anyone to track down but I have always been fascinated when finding other peoples old belongings, its one of the reasons I love living in an old house. I always wonder who and how many people have walked down the stairs that I am currently going down. Is that weird? It’s probably weird.


On Sunday morning I wrote up our meal plan for the week then we were going to go food shopping. Well we were both faffing around all day and then realised it was nearly 3.30 and the shops closed soon, so it was a quick dash to get something that night then we got home and places an online shop order. Something we rarely do but was so easy, even with all my dietary requirements. On Sunday evening I had friends over for wine and to watch the meteor shower, we sat in the cold and even though it was a clear night only saw a few ‘shooting stars’ we then spent the rest of the night Christmas party planning. We had no bloody internet all day which was nice in a way but also ya know, its 2018. I had stuff to google…

Monday Monday and whilst I had every plan to smash my way through my to do list, a little too much gin/prosecco and wine the night before coupled with midnight snacking of olives and marshmallows (why Phoebe) my stomach was so so sore so I had a rest day and did minimal emailing from bed. I watched season 2 of Making a Murderer and I have started curating my Christmas/Winter playlist on Netflix, because I am cool.


So here we are on Tuesday, our food shopping arrived but I had to re-flim some content (will be up on another insta account on Friday) so missed the chance to get the curry on in time so we just had a quick easy dinner tonight. I plan on making cinnamon pretzels tomorrow (Millers request, I once made them when I did a Bake Off cook along of all the technical bakes).

Ive got therapy on Thursday this week, I also have a brand coming over to take some test shots of the house then on Friday I have a super awesome meeting with one of my industry girl crushes for Simply Social, I am going to being going through all things insta/blogging with her for her shiny new blog which I will link to on the day if I can. So tomorrow is going to consist of deep cleaning the house and prep! I’ve also got the home cinema insta pic and blog going up tomorrow and I would love you for a lifetime for any support you can give on that!