best tv series ever

best tv series ever

There are some series I enjoyed so so much but will never make the list because they got crap about half way through or had a terrible terrible ending, examples of this are Supernatural, Lost, Fargo, True Detective, Homeland, Dexter, Dr Foster and The Walking Dead. Also, Friends and Gilmore Girls aren’t in the list because it goes without saying that they should be in everyones list. So here is my top series ever (in no particular order);

  • Stranger Things - both series have been great (bring on series 3!), so many 80s nostalgia vibes that make me want coloured Christmas lights. The acting was amazing and I really enjoyed the storyline. If you’re not in to sci-fi/fantasy I still think you would enjoy this, if not just for Winona Ryder’s acting - 9/10

  • Haunting of Hill House - a new addition to my list but a series that will stick with me for a lonnnng time. The acting is amazing, the editing and cinematography are incredible, the storyline is perfect and whilst yes it is scary that isn’t the overriding vibe. It’s more about the atmosphere and characters. I have watched it through twice already - 10/10

  • Game of Thrones - I have to admit, the first 2 seasons I was like…nah thanks mate. Was basically boobs and brawling but I stuck with it and it finally got amazing. I appreciate that this is full on fantasy world so if you aren’t in to that then you will never really enjoy this. The storyline has just got so better and better over the years and I can’t wait for the ending - 9/10

  • Luther - this was a series I felt didn’t have much hype about it at the time? I remember Michael just putting it on, Idris had been in a few films (and another series on this list) but there are some scenes from this series that have stuck with me nearly 8 years later. Great acting, amazing plot and one I would revisit every few years - 9/10

  • Black Books - ahhh a historical favourite, and one I have re-watched too many times to count. Excellent comedy, timeless characters and one of the best things to come from Dylan Moran - 9/10

  • Downton Abbey - just the sound of that service bell and I am whipped back in time to lavish stately homes, beautiful costumes and so many longing stares. I think when a main character (no spoilers) left it did dip slightly, but I enjoyed it all the way through and looking forward to the film! I can pop Downton on and submerge myself straight away whereas other series need a few episodes to get back in to it - 10/10

  • The Vicar of Dibley - another blast from the past. How can you not enjoy the wonderful Dawn French? The Christmas specials are always my favourites and whilst its already over 2 decades old I think Alice’s jokes will only age gracefully with time - 9/10

  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia - I was late to the party on this one but binged all the way through and several times more. The comedy is great, rediculous and on those anxiety days, takes you completely away from all your worry #nightman ahhhhh - 10/10

  • Friday Night Dinner - ahh one of my absolute favourites and I am not entirely sure why. What I do like is the amount of lamps in the house, it makes it feel cosy. The comedy is stupid but light and there is something so warming about it. I struggled to watch any of after mum died so I think there is an element of it reminding me of home? 10/10

  • Happy Valley - slightly biased as this is set in lovely West Yorkshire but it has to be one of my favourite BBC tv series commissioned. I won’t really tell you what it is about in case you haven’t seen it but its about a female detective and there be some badduns about - 10/10

  • Broadchurch - god, there was absolute hysteria about this when it was on. Everyone trying to guess whodunnit. It was superbly written, and whilst the first series was the best, I have enjoyed them all. Olivia Coleman is also a legend and I will watch anything with her in - 9/10

  • The Wire - its one of the highest rated TV series on IMDB for a reason, its fantastic. The O.G of drugs/police battles - 10/10

  • Parks and Recreation - everyone needs a Leslie in their lives. So much happy, I was late watching this too, think I only started it last year and it has seen me through some of the saddest times this year - 10/10

  • Line of Duty - SO GOOD. One of my absolute favourites, it was one of those series that had me gripped straight away. It also has some cracking actors in it that have gone on to star in more tv series (another series coming next year!) - 10/10

  • Jonathan Creek - I mean come on…it is wonderful TV. There are some episodes I still randomly think about (that limping man in the snow). Used to love the Christmas specials but the last couple of years have been a little bit of a let down, the theme tune does bring all the nostalgia though - 9/10

  • Taskmaster - the only gameshow on the list because it is the only gameshow you should be watching, if you haven’t start on this I am so jealous for the amount of laughter you are about to have - 10/10

  • Ice Road Truckers - you know how I hate travelling and lorries? How about combining those two? Terrifying? No! This is one of those guilty pleasure series that I seek out online (because its not always up to date on channel 5) and binge through. I don’t know if its the snowy Canadian backdrop, the fact I will never do it, or the chance of death through falling in to ice that does it for me but I love it - 9/10

I also have several TV series I think about from my childhood that I wish would make a comeback or when I listen to theme song its immediate nostalgia;

  • The Queens Nose

  • The Racoons

  • Demon Headmaster

  • Aquila

  • The Family Ness

  • Animals of Farthing Wood

  • Are You Afraid of The Dark

  • Penny Crayon

  • Knightmare


Someone once messaged me on instagram to tell me I watched too much TV. I personally don’t think there is such a thing but ya know. Maybe they are on instagram too much to know I watch too much TV. Ha. I do watch a lot of TV, I work from home and always have something on, Michael and I have our own interests so in downtime I like to burrito myself up in the duvet and binge on a new series or revisit an old one. Also, as an anxious agoraphobe TV is great company for those days where the thought of the outside world is just a little too daunting. The only downside is that I genuinely feel I have watched almost everything and I’m waiting for new series to come out, thankfully this is a good time of year for it!

I hope the list is of some help, it will of course contain a lot that you have already watched but I am hoping there are a few you haven’t seen yet. I get messaged a lot asking for recommendations but do feel free to send me some!

I also have a highlight on my insta stories of all the TV/film I have been watching so you can always see where to watch it!