The Weekend Edit #29

The Weekend Edit #29

It has been a while, and I am very sorry! Will do a brief catch up for January then go on to the move which finally happened on Feb 2nd. Whilst I hadn't been keeping this up to date, I had been vlogging the entire time should you prefer visual video format then you can subscribe here. All brands mentioned are not sponsored, everything paid for by own pennies. 

January was probably one of the worst months I have ever experienced in my 30 years of being alive. Mum went in to surgery on the 2nd and wasn't awake until the 5th/6th. I had so many sleepless nights worrying about her, I knew she was in the best place and the surgery needed was live saving so I just had to sit tight till I got a call to say she was doing OK. In the middle of January I got a call from my dad, he told me my nana (his mum) had passed away. She lived in Scotland so that was too far for me to travel, Lili went with him as Mum was still recovering in hospital. Atticus fell poorly whilst we were packing, we assumed he kept picking up bits of stuff that was on the floor, but after he projectiled one too many times we took him tAll the while this was going on we were trying to finalise on our house. We had a move date of the 26th which was pushed back again and again until our seller said, move or we are putting it back on the market. We told our buyers to pull their fingers out (mainly at their solicitors) and we finally had a set date of the 2nd of Feb. We didn't exchange till the day before, nor complete till the morning of but hey, it all happened in the end. Michael had his last day at his current workplace on the 1st and starts his new job Feb 26th. 

Positive news: mums surgery removed all the cancer. We have finally moved house. 


The move itself - I am never moving again. It was awful. The packing, the cleaning, the unpacking, the cleaning, the phone calls, the sleepless nights, the money! Both Michael and I were frazzled by the Friday AKA move day.


We had help from my sister and her boyfriend who we totally needed, there was no way we would have been out in time without them. Michaels mum and partner also came to help, we had a horsebox, two 4x4s and a tiny TT. But it was done. 


We celebrated with a McDonalds and gin. The first thing we did was unravel the bed so that we had somewhere to sleep that night, and somewhere to rest if we got tired. Then we ploughed through with all the heavy lifting and unpacking (thanks to Matt and Michael)  and the joy of only one flight of stairs, all the main stuff was put in place by Friday night. Our sofa and guest bed wasn't arriving till the Saturday but Loaf had been amazing at storing the furniture since Christmas so a days wait was no complaint. 


The above picture was the first I took of the house to upload to instagram, we had been unpacking all day and it was about 1am. Going from our beautiful kitchen I was happy that even though this isn't something I would pick, it is still gorgeous and made unpacking all our crockery/glassware a pleasure.

It felt weird waking up in a new house. It took a few moments for my brain to remember where I was. Saturday was a busy day with so many deliveries arriving, including the sofa and bed. 


Sofa is from Loaf, it their Large Crumpet in Brushed Cotton, colour Gun Metal. Cushions are from H&M Home. It is exceptionally comfy but very low, thankfully have ordered foot stool as I feel it needs it. 


The guest bed is also from Loaf, it is a kingsize Coco, Brushed Cotton in Smoked Blue, and it is where we slept until Friday. The mattress is Casper, we were so pleased were it we bought a second for the Master Bedroom, it is a King, not an EU King (which is not the UK standard size) 


On Tuesday some lovely welcome treats arrived from by best friend, she had sent some Tarte and Berry Gluten Free Salted Caramel brownies. These were a welcome treat all week in between dog walks, unpacking and heavy lifting! 

The rest of the week was quite a blur but it looked something like this...

The roof terrace still remains my favourite part of the house and I can't wait to get some wildlife up here. 


We got a little welcome package from our estate agents. If you are Leeds/Yorkshire based then we would highly recommend Manning Stainton. We originally bought from them back in 2012 and even though the process this time was a lot more complicated, the service we received was 10/10. 


Anxiety wise, well. I have had good days and bad days. For the first 3 nights I was sleeping so soundly because we were up at 7am with the dogs then it was non stop all day. But during the day I was wracked with this unsettled, nervous feeling that I just couldn't seem to shift. I was getting my usual upset stomach, headaches, chest pains and overall malaise but powering through because I didn't want to let the side down by not pulling my weight. I think when the bed arrived no Friday I started to see our little sanctuary of calm space come together. 

The bed is a beauty and we have waited for MONTHS for it to arrive. It is from Soho Home, I first saw it when Rebecca went and stayed at Soho House Barcelona for So You're Getting Married in October. They carry very little stock and it is constantly out of stock but they do let you know when it is back in via email. The pink lamp is from TK Maxx, it was bought before the move so I think it is now out of stock, sorry! The candle is my all time favourite, hands down the best scent that has every existed which is Ottoman by Cire Trudon


Friday evening (the above is what the house looked like 2 hours before they arrived) I had friends over and it was the first night I actually felt calm, I don't know if it was because they were a little slice of my old neighbourhood or it was because I always enjoy hosting but I woke up on Saturday feeling less anxious. I had a lie in, I had a long bath and we had a day of doing errands. Dog groomers, M&S, Tesco, Wickes and back home. I realised that my home was starting to feel like my safe place and in this realisation I felt less anxious about the fact I was feeling anxious. 


I spent Saturday afternoon pottering, eating cake and choosing paint colours. All have been chosen and the decorator starts soon! I'm not going to give too much away in the Weekend Edits because I am going to be doing separate blog posts on all the decorating and interiors. 

Sunday Funday. We went shopping in to town. I hadn't been in since Dec 23rd due to feeling just too anxious. I was a bit wobbly on the way in but once there I calmed down enough to get some hardcore shopping done, including choosing my birthday present (not till the 23rd Feb). I chose the Medium Lily in Rosewater. Handbags and bed linen aside, I think going in and returning to my safe place really helped cement the move and as I am writing this on Monday I am feeling better yet again. 


Monday and the delivery of my 'babestation' - this is what Michael calls where I do my make up. It is from Made.Com and has plenty of space for all my frippery. We will be getting wood panelling behind the bed in a similar dark dark blue so it will look wonderful when finished. 


Up on the roof terrace this evening for a beautiful sunset. Will you ever tire of this view? I am now back at work as I have a desk and unpacked all my tech stuff (will upload office pics when it looks less of a bomb site). I have been so overwhelmed with the response to the house so far, I always knew it was a little gem but I am so happy I get to share it with lovely likeminded people. Expect lots of interiors posts interspersed with some lifestyle, my baking fails in the Aga, blogging tips (media pack post up this week!!!) and the Weekend Edits.

If you have any questions please message me on insta or email! 

I hope you are doing well?