Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

Afternoon all! And welcome to my first dabble in to interiors blogging! Whilst I have shared home inspiration on my OG blog (SYGM) this is now the new home for all of that, and this was something I wanted to start when we moved in but as you know things didn't go to plan. I can finally start sharing the visions I have for the house, starting with the office/wardrobe room. 

Office Inspiration.jpg

When we bought the house we realised there was 0 wardrobe space, and the alcoves where wardrobes could go were so slender they would end up sticking out in to a large proportion of the master bedroom. We didn't want to get a free standing wardrobe and put it in the guest room and we wondered whether a wardrobe in the office would be weird. It's not conventional but we didn't really have another choice. We called up the joiner who did our old kitchen and asked him to come round and measure up. We decided to put the wardrobe against the end wall of the office, sitting over 2m tall and about 3m wide it meant we would have enough space and we could stop pining for our old Sharps fitted wardrobes. 

I then looked at what was going to be left of the office space and started planning where desks could go, plug sockets were, window space etc. We finally decided on my desk to the right of the room, and Michaels would be on the wall opposite the wardrobe, as you walk in to the room. 

office layout.png

We then spoke to our joiner as Michael had seen some 'live wood' tables and liked the idea of it for our desks. He said no problem and looked to sourcing wood (he's taken pictures and I will share the process when they are installed). with a good grain and nice raw edges. Mine is 1m long whereas Michaels is 1.7m as he has a lot more to fit on his desk than I do. We also needed to leave enough room so you could open the wardrobe doors fully. 

live edge bar / live edge table / Desk

Desk chair sourcing was easy for me, I saw this beautiful green chair in Katie's house, sat on it, and fell in love so I wanted something similar. I knew I couldn't get away with anything quite as big but luckily Made have a smaller one so I ordered it. Michael's chair on the other hand has to meet health and safety standards for his company so goodness knows what he ends up having! 

image | Katie -  Come Down To The Woods  

image | Katie - Come Down To The Woods 

This is the one I have bought - it comes in 5 colour ways -

This is the one I have bought - it comes in 5 colour ways -

Paint colours - I wanted the wardrobe to be the dominant feature in the room because really, it was going to take up the most space and why try and blend it in. I had seen this image of a pantry and fell in love, this is kind of what I wanted the wardrobe to look like panelling wise, but to mirror the panelling we are having in the master bedroom instead. 

The Vintage Rug Shop 

The Vintage Rug Shop 

I wanted the wardrobe to be matt black so have opted for Farrow and Ball Pitch Black, with Strong White on the walls to make it stand out. Handle wise I have chosen these from Dowsing and Reynolds in brass. Panelling and colour inspo:

image | Project at Ha

image | Project at Ha

We haven't decided on flooring yet and because I was away we haven't had the chance to get it installed before work starts so I don't think wood flooring will now be possible as there won't be space down the sides of the wardrobe to instal a floor so who knows what we will do. To soften it up from being overly masculine and industrial I have a few pale pink bits and bobs to dot around, from shelving to lamps and if it works an awesome armchair. 

The room currently looks like this...#goals it is the only room of the house that is not pink, because the previous owner had a baby boy and this was the nursery. 

Couldn't be bothered to even tidy up in here as we are having to empty it this weekend! 

Image |  BHG

Image | BHG

and whilst it won't exactly look like the above (sans zebra rug...), I thought the mix of green/pink/white and dark wood looked awesome. If we have any money left then I would like to get something like this for the main beam. 

So there we go! Whilst the joiner is here he is also putting up wood panelling in the master bedroom but I will show you all of that properly in a different post but it will blatantly be on instagram as soon as it's finished. 

So there you go, my first interiors post! I hope it was OK, let me know if I have left anything out?