The Weekend Edit #37

The Weekend Edit #37

Evening! I hope last week treated you well and Monday wasn't too bad? Hopefully this is going up on Monday evening if not it's probably now Wednesday, happy Wednesday! (gotta cover all bases for having poor time management skills), I do hate this culture of professing how 'busy' we all are. If you have time to whine about it on aren't reallllly that busy are you? I am never busy, I just don't manage my time correctly.


Bank Holiday Monday was gorgeous. I have been enjoying the weather and spending a lot of time soaking up the sunshine. On the Sunday I was invited to a neighbours daughters birthday but had a cracking headache and I felt loud hyper 3 year olds was not the answer. I had bought a gift for her so popped round the next day. She is obsessed with Atticus so I bought her a little miniature toy Atticus which she loves. She's French and whilst speaks good english she babbles away in French and its cute. They fed me kir royales and well...I don't remember michael coming over to bring me home ha. 


Tuesday and work started in the master bedroom. Listening to the joiner work with a hangover was not a joy however the prospect of having panelling by the end of the day was worth it. We spent a little bit of time choosing the size of squares, where the slats would lay etc and I am really happy with how it looked at the end of the day. 


I awoke on Wednesday to a full leave wisteria, with no hysteria. There are no flowers! If you have any tips please let me know. I don't know how old it is etc so anything I can do to get my purple heady fix would be much appreciated. I personally don't think it likes where it lives? 


One thing that is going well are the peonies. When we moved in these were covered by leaves and I didn't even know they existed till a few weeks ago, but hopefully they'll bloom soon. I have accidentally killed off a hydrangea and a David Austin rose that didn't like the new home :( The soil here is exceptionally clay-y. That morning I had a doctors appointment, I had specifically waited to see a particular doctor at my GP surgery who specialised in genetic cancer. I told him about everything that has happened in the last few months and he has put me forward to be screened and tested for various cancers relating to bowel/gynae. The wait list is long but it will definitely be worth it and it is something that isn't really offered privately. He was very clear and concise about next steps and I left feeling a little bit less anxious about the future of my own health. 


Thursday, and the decorating started on the panelling. I had decided on Farrow and Ball's Black Blue without even swatching it. I haven't swatched any paint so far for the house, when it was getting sprayed it just looked pitch black (which amusingly it what I was having painted on the wardrobes) and I worried it wasn't going to be blue enough. After it dried I was so happy with not only the colour but the finish of it too. We opted for spray painted finish because on wood it makes it all smooth, there are no roller brush or paint brush lines. Makes for a smarter, fresher look. And! Spray painting was no more expensive that normal so, we are probably going to get the whole house done this way! 


Friday - The panelling was finished and we could put most of the bedroom back in to place, it is still filled with crap because of the office/wardrobes being done for now. I cleaned as much was worth it downstairs and made everything look pretty. I can't wait to get that brown cornicing painted as a) its not original to the house and b) I think it detracks the eye from the beam.


So so so happy with how everything turned out and the electrician came back to fit the new plug facias and light switch from Dowsing and Reynolds. Slightly disappointed with the plug sockets as the USB writing is part of the design and not visible on the website, in fact you can see where they have airbrushed it out. Have let the know, will see what they say! Everything else we have bought from them has been beautiful and very well made though. 


Who's this babe? Well dear reader, it is Denmark's entry in to Eurovision. Saturday was all about good snacks and Eurovision viewing. It is something we do every year and something I always look forward to. Good (questionable) music, glitter, sequins, lasers and snide commentary about the geo-political state of Europe, what's not to love!? Denmark were my favourites, they didn't win. Neither did we, obvs. 


On Sunday it was the day of the garden, namely the BBQ getting put together (can really recommend this one if you're looking for a bbq, this comes with a smoker), and me putting up some very well timed festoon lights {gifted} from Cox and Cox, wait till Saturday as there will be a 20% discount code on the site! (I went for the starter kit, and it has to be plugged in). We were meant to go to the garden centre to get this baby planted and looking a little more alive but we had to wait in for the delivery of the charcoal. By 4pm Amazon said they tried deliver and couldn't, the shops were now all closed and we had spent 2 hours building a BBQ, prepping food for a BBQ. We drove round various garages until we found a Sainsbury's express with some charcoal. Got home, lit BBQ, started cooking and 'ding dong'. Charcoal arrived. Sods law isn't it! Anywho, we had a beautiful bbq and ended the weekend on a high. 


I genuinely went to bed feeling super content. Something I hadn't felt in a while and something that didn't last long in to the week ha, but thats for the next edit. Hopefully in the next edit I have another room to show you!