The Weekend Edit #38

The Weekend Edit #38

Evening all! I hope your Monday has been ok? Did you have a good weekend? Shall we catch up on the week? Want to see a bunch of wood?


The joiner came over on Monday and Tuesday and started dropping off all the wood pieces for the wardrobes


On Tuesday evening we had out first proper BBQ for other people as Michaels Dad and step mum came round. Had chicken again, and some prawns, but also some delicious 'posh dogs' from M&S. Michael then showed them how to use their Apple TV, it was very sweet. 


As Michael successfully cooked all the meat we lived to see another day and on Wednesday real work in the office began. As most of the wardrobes and desks had been made in the workshop it was just a case of putting it all together in situ. 


The whole wardrobe was made bespoke, down to measure the height of my handbags and the lengths of my shoes. Michael is must more logistical thinking than I am, he actually was the one that planned out most of the old kitchen and he did the same here. I will show you what we went for on a better picture. That evening Michael went on a man date to see The Avengers and I watched a true crime docu on Netflix about the Pizza Bomber. V good. 

Gin and rubicon, quite the summer revelation. 

Gin and rubicon, quite the summer revelation. 


On Thursday royal wedding fever had hit. I was meant to be heading to a friends for a viewing party but as she is mid busiest work schedule of the year I offered to have it here instead. Only problem was that I had not planned for such an occasion so went on the hunt for flowers and bunting. 


Mum would definitely approve of the garden so far. After some rather precarious balancing the bunting was in the garden, then the house got a little smattering. Downstairs was looking lovely, upstairs on the other hand...


By the end of Friday we should hopefully have everything in place and then ready for Saturday's little party. Well by 7pm on Friday the joiners were still here and we had decided now would be the opportune moment to mount the main tv on the wall. We got half way and the screws jammed which required a trip to Wickes, some gin and then as the joiners had left we could put everything away. 


So we opted for oak bespoke panelled wardrobes about 2m tall x 3.5m wide. They are painted in Farrow and Ball's Pitch Black and the handles are from Dowsing and Reynolds. There are 4 doors but 5 sections. We have double hanging and a bottom shelf each. Then on my side I have 2 handbag shelves, a jumper shelf, a t-shirt shelf then a compartmented pants/bra drawer then another empty (for now) drawer under that. We then have shared full length hanging in the middle then I have 2 shoe drawers. Michael has the same on his side but the inclusion of a cap shelf and a watch/cufflink/lie compartment. 

I brought up some of mums clothes with me so my one in one out policy is not being enforced at the moment but we have another chest of drawers in the guest room for pjs/gym wear/scarves. 

We got the TV mounted with the help of a neighbour as it was too heavy and I couldn't stop laughing at Michaels serious face because I am 100% sure he would have divorced me if I damaged or dropped that TV. New TV unit will be ordered and cable cover panel for the hanging friends. 

We went to bed around 2am and were up at 9 to continue cleaning the house for people arriving at 11. 


Bunting up. Prosecco poured. Treats laid out and BBQ on. Royal Wedding time! 


I got offered a lot of stuff to do with the wedding, from gold Harry themed sex toys (WTF) to teddy bears, to food. The only 2 things I accepted was a hamper which never arrived and this pimp your prosecco kit from Pop a Ball (gifted!) Made the prosecco shimmer in rose gold (but make sure you only use the tiny tip of a teaspoon full else it fizzes everywhere ha).


Amal Clooney was my best dressed!

I could talk about the wedding for hours so I won't get started on here. Overall I thought it was a lovely day, but most importantly I think it signals positive change. Which is always good. 


On Sunday I finished off putting everything on the desk and getting my office space set up. If you are local to Yorkshire and looking for a joiner I can highly recommend Jamie. If you'd like his details please message me! Their website is currently having new photography done so the only way to get him at the mo is his mobile. The chair is from, lamp is TKMaxx and the desks are bespoke. Michael has one too which is 1.8m long and full of lovely gnarly bits and knots. 


There are a few snags, the doors are so tall that they warp a little bit so need magnetic clasps so that they close flush. Jamie is bring those this week and there is a little bit paint missing from a corner of the side panel which doesn't really matter but its good to mention. 


Sunday was a beautiful day. We took a slow walk through the cow parsley to the pub near us, they do gluten free roasts! We enjoyed a late lunch and ambled up the road, chilled in front of the TV and I got a few things ready for the week because I have decided I need to get my life back on bloody track. 


So since Mum died, naturally I have felt meh. But like really meh. More meh than when I had felt meh before. I am not sure if its depression? But perhaps that I am depressed? I think you can have either and both? I think it can be situational? I am not sure. But either way I think I tick all those boxes as not having energy, no motivation for previous things that gave me joy, sadness etc. So I have decided to force it. I am making myself get up early, making myself do some yoga, making myself do the things I want to say no to in the hopes that in doing so I will enjoy it, it will make me feel less meh and I will regain my little spark. Is this a bad idea? 


I hope you liked the wardrobes/office update! Both the master bedroom and office are nearly finished now, they need light fittings and frippery. Next project is boring! We need to spend money on the roof and pointing. Then replacing some of the original bricks in one of the walls. YAWN. Then! Its new bathroom time. We wanted to try and get everything done as soon as we moved in so that we could enjoy the house finished for as long as possible. 

So this week, no workmen, peace and quite and cracking on with living my best life, being positive and dragging my butt in to a vinyasa or two. On Saturday I am doing something WAY out of my comfort zone for the first time ever. Will see you back here on Sunday, hopefully successfull.