Beauty Favourites #1

Beauty Favourites #1

I thought it was time for a beauty post! I quite flatteringly get asked quite often what is on my face, I got a lot of questions after me insta-storying the royal wedding and searches on here for "make up" were up by 40%, I don't think I have properly dedicated a post to it so thought it was about time. These are my 'every day' make up favourites, mainly what I use during a regular week, and there is a mixture of high street and high end. I buy most of my make up from Boots, John Lewis or Space NK. Any other questions then let me know. 


I will start with what I get asked the most "what lipstick are you wearing?". My lipstick collection would make your eyes water but I realised the same 3 get the most compliments. 


Left to Right: Coachella Coral - Charlottle Tilbury, Flame - MaxFactor, Love Bite - Charlotte Tilbury

The two Tilbury lipsticks are from the Kissing range which are her most hydrating (and the most hydrating lipsticks I've owned, love them so much) The MaxFactor lipstick is a matte but I don't find it overly drying. The Coachella Coral gets the most compliments and its the only lipstick I have ever finished. 


Skipping to skincare, I am on to my third bottle of the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate, I can't rave about this stuff enough. Not only does it make your skin feel fabulous and let it drench in everything it needs, make up sits gloriously on top of it giving you a superb glow. The Rodial exfoliator has sorted out my under the skin spots massively and I feel 3 times a week has help it appear less congested, smoother and plumper. I think it has been re-named but it is currently in the sale, usually £45 now £9, just make sure you're using SPF after using it. I used to used the Kiehls moisturiser but when I was down in Stamford I ran out and picked up a half price Nivea Q10 pot on a whim, I am now on my second tub and I am so impressed with it. I never really bought in to the anti-aging hype but this has minimised the fine lines around my eyes and forehead majorly. 


I have been using the La Roche-Posay anti-backhead lotion for a while and love it, I don't use it on the same day as the Rodial but I feel it deep cleans my skin out after cleansing. For cleanser I am obsessed with the Murad clarifying cleanser, this is heavy duty for blemishes and I notice when I dont use it. Only down side is that it doesn't travel well and most of it leaked out here and there whilst I was down south. And finally my weekly facial treatment of choice is the Manuka Doctor purifying facial peel. 


The last skincare type product is the Neom Scent to Sleep hand balm. I mean, this does not send you to sleep, however the balm is a-mazing. You can see the difference in the condition of your skin after a few uses. The key point for me is that I use it as part of my bedtime routine and it does smell nice, I took it down to Stamford with me and I find the smell really comforting and de-stressing. 


Lastly before we go back to make up is conditioner, I have been using the Garnier Honey Treasures and swish swish bish, my hair is magical. Super shiny, strong and so many less breakages on top of this, it smells incredible. I mix up my shampoo and just buy whatever is on offer when we are in the supermarket. 


Face stuff - I have been drunk on Nars love for a couple of years now. Their formula is perfect and their colour match is bang on for my skin (mont blanc). I switch between Sheer Glow and Radiant Longwear depending on weather (sweaty) or night time (move coverage). For full coverage in the evening I use Mac Studio Fix in NW13. It covers up spot scars, redness and all manner of bumps and blemishes. I bring colour back to my ghost-like face with Bobbi Brown bronzer in Golden Light 1. This is a warming terracotta matt bronze (no shimmer/glitter). I also use the Nars Creamy concealer in Chantilly. Have shunned my Clarins for this as it sinks in to the under eye area and doesn't crease in lines as the day goes on. 

Eyeshadow wise I have been loving the Tilbury palette in The Vintage Vamp. The colours compliment my blue eyes, some days I wear just the palest, some days I chuck it all on for a smokey eye. I think its a great inclusion to any make up collection. 


For lazy days I have eye crayons, you simply slather on and rub in, top with eyeliner/mascara and you're good to go. Current favourite is the Tilbury Champagne Diamonds or Bobbi Brown Gilded sparkle stick. When Clarins discontinued my favourite liquid liner I tried to find a replacement and couldn't I was spending so much money on high end liners but they all did the same liner cardinal sin...the would imprint on the upper lid. That was until I picked up Maybelline Master Ink in Matte Black. Oh my days. It is perfect. Doesn't smudge and is black black...not that blue black some eyeliners go when they're on your eyes. I am still on the hunt as I am not overly fond of the applicator but its good for now. 


I have realised my mascara of choice for life is and will always be Diorshow Blackout mascara. I started using this in 6th form about 13 years ago and I always go back to it. It makes super long lashes that look incredible, it doesn't smudge and the wand makes it so easy to apply. If you pick up anything from this blog post then I would highly recommend it. I remember when it was £18 and its now a whopping £27! 

Finally 2 perfumes that are perfect for summer. You may have read my perfume post last year, if not please do. It's lengthy but it is something I would be interested in reading myself if you have a love of scent, or are looking to buy a new one. Perfect day time scent is Gypsy Water by Byredo and my all time favourite is Acqua di Parma Colonia. It's a unisex scent but it makes you smell like a wealthy Italian relaxing on your yacht sipping aperol spritz. 

If there is anything else please do let me know!