The Weekend Edit #39

The Weekend Edit #39

Well! This was a good week. A very good week. Shall we begin? 

I am writing this up whilst watching Taskmaster, it is one of my favourite programmes and gives me so so much joy. I am in a pretty good mood to be honest. Shall we see why? (At time of writing this I was in a good mood and now I'm on dear reader, read on)


We have been treated so well with the weather up here in Leeds. Usually I sit longing for the sunshine everyone else seems to be enjoying but we have had warm sunny days, beautiful evenings and it has been glorious. When I can I work up here (usually after 3pm as the sun is a little lower) if not I do an hour inside, then an hour out!


Monday was actually a really good work day. I got a lot done, chased a lot of invoices (seriously, please just pay me) and made progress with some plans for this blog. If there is anything you'd like to see on here please let me know. 

Tuesday - I've been trying very hard to find my happy place (not physical, but ya know mental). It may be one of those things that the more you chase it, the more elusive it becomes but I can't spend my life as a grumpus. I have started yoga. Well, not started, its something I have done on and off over the years but this time I have committed myself to daily yoga on the terrace (weather permitting)


In the evenings I have been bugging Michael to go a little further afield, and we jumped in the car for 10 mins to one of my favourite places. 


We always go food shopping on a Wednesday, I love routine. It makes me happy. I was thinking back to only a year ago when going to M&S was a deal. I had to mentally prepare and get ready whereas now I hop in the car no bother. It feels good when I am reminded of this and Wednesday's trip was plain sailing. I wore a superhero top, and I kind felt like one. Just for going food shopping. I then ate all the good stuff from the food shop...


We watched The Blindside, which is an incredible film. Add it to your list if you've not watched before. Dog walk that evening involved stealing lilac, I have fallen in love with it and really want to buy some for the garden. 


This is one of my favourite nail polishes, lasts amazingly well and makes you looked tanned. Plus it's £2.99. On Thursday evening we were having our first friends over for a BBQ and for them to see the house, they kindly had Atticus for a few days when we were down south, Atticus loves Prince so he got to come too. 


I think Prince is Atticus's favourite dog after his first love Geoff (my sisters schnauzer). We had chicken, hot dogs and millionaires shortbread. All gluten free and Phoebe friendly. 


Friday was my chill day because I was dreading Saturday. I read and was uninspired by this months Country Living. Nautical for original. Yawn. I plotted what I was going to buy for the garden and cleaned. I clean and tidy when I am anxious and the guest room had turned in to a dumping ground whilst the office/dressing room was being done. 


After I had cleaned I felt it all looked very inviting so I lit some candles, made a tea and watched Twilight before bed. I often watch films in the guest room, it's something I used to do in the old house too. Not sure why?! 


Saturday. I mean, if you follow me on instagram you already know how the day went but we are recapping for posterity/history and stuff. I had a slow morning, tea in bed, watching Doomsday preppers until my sister came over around 3ish. 

So where where were we off to? A festival, a gig, I am not sure what i'd call it but it is labelled as a festival. I wanted to see Jimmy Eat World but there were other bands on all day, my sister wanted to see Taking Back Sunday so we were looking to head in to town around 6ish. My main worries for these kinds of events are long queues, lots of people, big crowds and loud noise. Lili had been several times before and we had got VIP area access thanks to a friend. 


It was such a gorgeous evening, we had the roof terrace doors open, loud emo music on and we got ready together just like we used to when we went out in Stamford. I was getting really nervous because I felt like I was throwing myself in the deep end and putting myself in a situation that was hard to get out of should I panic (unlike the cinema for example). Lili had to get a taxi in as we only have a two seater car, but it meant she could go and pick up our wristbands. We then met her and it was time to venture in to the festival. There wasn't really a queue as were were going later on in the day, there was a bag check, a short walk and then we were up in the VIP area. That was it. I was in. I was festival-ing!


All the bands were in the VIP area (I will openly admit I didn't know any of them) which made for a welcome distraction before Taking Back Sunday started playing. From the balcony you got a good view but couldn't really hear it. I would have to venture in to the crowd for Jimmy!


Which I did. And I loved it. I had such a fun night! I think live music might catch on you know? I was so proud of myself, so sad I couldn't text mum about it and so exhausted from all the adrenaline and happiness. CBT prepares you for what to do when you start to panic or intrusive thoughts push their way in, I think I had to use my techniques only once or twice within the first 20 mins of being there. Even on the way out when the massive crowd surged to the exit, I was ok! I was actually ok!! 

I slept SO badly because my body was unsure what to do with itself but that has happened before after major events. 


We were soon back in our little walled garden as we were hosting another BBQ, the weather again was glorious and we still had one more day to go of the bank holiday. After our guests had left we went for a little dog walk then I sunbathed on the terrace listening to true crime podcasts, I usually listen to Casefile and Small Town Murder but I have added Dark Poutine to my list. They are 2 Canadians covering true crime in Canada. They're funny, have good chemistry and who knew Canadians could be so brutal! 


On Monday I drank rosé and felt very happy. I am sure I was still on a high from watching one of my favourite bands or it was from fitting in new old jeans that I bought but were too small. They are from Zara and have a really comfy fit (now ha). I also think I am going to treat myself to some earrings from Zara because they have strong jewel game right the turquoise beaded ones. We had a lovely dog walk around our neighbourhood, perved on more houses and made an even bigger list of what I want to buy for the garden. 


By the time this is going live we received some sad news about Atticus's best friend Geoff. He's currently in the vets and very very poorly. I said to Michael soon after mum " I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Atticus", and now my sister is going through just that. Geoff is a tough cookie and we are hoping he pulls through.