The Weekend Edit #36

The Weekend Edit #36

Welcome back! I am currently writing this up awaiting my 3rd favourite time of year. Eurovision (Christmas and my Birthday are the others). We have had the joiners in today, theres dust everywhere but actually, this week has been OK. Only one major blip which I will tell you about. 


Monday, a fresh week! Mr Miller was away for most of the week so it was just Atticus and I hanging out on Monday. We walked, we talked, we had a gin and we got the rooms ready for the decorator arriving on the Friday. 


On Tuesday I spent the day getting a load of work done, whilst I am not behind I have taken on a lot of new projects and I don't want to slip behind on them. 


I hate it when Michael goes away, it's not necessarily being on my own as I quite enjoy my own company and can keep myself entertained its my 'what if' something happens. What if his dad goes to hospital, what if someone breaks in, what if the dog brain catastrophizes absolutely everything. It is something that started to calm down with CBT but I have found it's getting worse again, hopefully I will be getting new CBT sessions soon. 

Bedroom Inspiration.JPG

I published my second interiors post all about our bedroom which is currently being sorted out by the joiners and due to be finished by Wednesday next week. It will still need little bits, god knows where the hell the Laura Ashley light has wandered off to after I accidentally sent it to the old house and they have a policy where they need to send it out before it can be recalled...utter madness. 


The weather has been spoiling us, the terrace has been a gorgeous and I feel so lucky I have a quiet space to sit and work/read (drink). On Wednesday I was thinking about all the possible reasons I could use to get out of the blogger event I had said yes to on the Thursday. It involved eating at various restaurants in town with a bunch of people I have never met. The food and travel phobics ideal of hell? Why did I say yes?! 


The pink chair of dreams has been accompanied by a pretty magnolia branch from Cox & Cox. I got to choose 3 items from them, and I will show you the other 2 probably on instagram first, but will def be in the next weekend edit. 


As you can see, I made it. I didn't eat all day, I took my meds, got ready and then we drove in to town. This was my first time going in to town since being back in Leeds and probably since my birthday in February. I arrived slightly late and everyone was already there. Michael dropped me off in the middle of town and I had to call my friend so she could direct me on how to get to the bar but I arrived safely! I downed my drink and got chatting to some lovely ladies I have been following on instagram for ages! 


We then went to the next restaurant, Michael text to tell me he had parked the car and was in town himself having dinner with his boss who was over from the US. I calmed down a little bit, ate a tiny bit of my starter then started to feel a bit iffy. Oh my god. My vertigo was coming back. 


I decided to tough it out, if I kept my head facing straight then it was kind of OK and it wasn't overwhelming yet. We went to the next restaurant which was Issho, one of my absolutel favourites and where Michael happened to be dining (I know right). I didn't want to take the lift down or up so walked with the lovely Charlotte (who you should follow on insta @charlotteasquith). I have followed her on insta for what seems like years and I love her atheistic. Plus her little boy is adorable.    


As per usual Issho catered amazingly well for my dietary requirements and it was delicious. The girls (Katie and Amy of No House Rules) put on a lovely event and chose an awesome bunch of bloggers to attend from all backgrounds, not just lifestyle and interiors. I realised that it wasn't vertigo, it was just dizziness from being too anxious. Which whilst I know it can be a symptom its not something that is usually in my repertoire. 


I skipped desert as Michael's boss left a while ago and it made sense to go home and work out what the fuck my body was doing.

I got home, had some chips and fanta, my head was actually still really dizzy when I laid down. I knew I just needed some sleep. I am so so glad I went and I tried to ignore my anxiety but felt perhaps I wasn't totally ready for such exposure. At least I know I can do it and I hope I can go to many more! 


It was finalllllllly time for the pink in the kitchen to go. I opted for Strong White in the end. It has a cool undertone that sits nicely with the grey but reflects the surround warm tones of the neighbours stone in the evening which stops it from looking overly clinical/sterile. I now just need to buy new handles and a tap and I will feel like this kitchen is a little bit more me. 


The sun had definitely arrived and we were so ready for a relaxing bank holiday weekend. Michael had spent the week travelling and away from home so we chilled on Friday night, went for a dog walk in the freshly mown fields, watched Den of Thieves (actually surprisingly enjoyable!) in bed and went to bed at a reasonable time. 


I woke up on Saturday in a good mood. The first time in a while actually, I felt positive, happy and looking forward to the day. We went up to my mother in laws land to see the new lambs, the youngest were 4 days old and the eldest were 3 weeks. They bounced, they bleated, I want to take them home, but also got a craving for lamb and mint sauce...on the way home we went shopping but opted for mexican takeaway instead. We did buy everything for a bbq to have the next day though (no lamb, I couldn't do it!!)

On Sunday I woke up and got cooking for our little BBQ, pasta salad, tomato salad, marinated chicken, prawn skewers and then went up to the terrace to watch the final two episodes of Parks and Recreation. I think it is genuinely my favourite tv show. I already want to go back and watch it all. 

Evenings up here are wonderful and we will turn our attention to furniture and decor when this current batch of work is done. As we live in Leeds we aren't really guaranteed a glorious summer but it would be nice to at least have something comfy for our friends to sit on. 

Bank Holiday Monday was spent chilling, then I went to a neighbours house with a gift for their little girl. She is 3, French,  and obsessed with Atticus so I got her a little toy Atticus. They fed me Kir Royales and I can never turn those down so I nursed a hangover whilst the joiners were hammering/nailing/sawing the crap out of the panelling today. I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you back here on Monday!