The Weekend Edit #40

The Weekend Edit #40

Well you just never know how your week is going to go do you? I should know that by now. 

Starting at Thursday where we left off last week, we went for brunch at a new local place. It was overpriced and didn't really cater for my dietary needs even though they advertise themselves as gf/vegan friendly. We got it on the way back from a visit to deepest darkest dodgy Leeds to pick up my pill from a pharmacy, I won't go in to the bounteous errors played by my GPs last week but they left me without my pill and I had to buy it and have it sent to a lloydspharmacy. £15 for 6 months. 


Sadly it was bad news about Geoff and after a short stay at the vets they called my sister to say there was nothing more they could do. He went to sleep that afternoon with lili by his side and we decided he has now gone to hang out with mum, and leave half eaten chews in her shoes. 

Screenshot at May 31 18-09-41.png

Unless you have a pet, especially something as companionable as a dog then I don't think you'll know how it feels to lose a pet. Geoff wasn't even mine but I was so sad, but more sad for my sister as I know how bereft I would feel if I lost Atticus right now. We joked that so far this year we have lost someone dear every other month since January, so watch out July! 


To take my mind of things Michael and I went for a dog walk to a different part of our new neighbourhood. I got to look at the huge houses, with their rambling gardens and wonder who lives inside, what their lives are like and what they may be having for dinner. 


Always repping for my one true love. Stamford. Wine and cheese. 


On Saturday I finished tidying the new office area, it still needs a lot such as prints, shelves etc but its all done for now! I then headed up to the terrace for a little bit of sunshine and podcast listening. 


Painted my nails in a suitable chirpy shade, this is called Huckleberry by Barry M and I can't even remember how many bottles I've bought, I love it so much! It is also one of their 'gel' polishes and the formula lasts well over two weeks. Another favourite is their pale pink in Rosehip. 


My mum was always a feeder "would you like some more?" "No thank you, I'm full, that was delicious". Whollop. The sound of more food being dumped on your plate. A firm family favourite was always mac and cheese. Mum's was the best and something often requested when we cam back from boarding school/uni/had friends over.

So on Sunday I invited my sister over, we went to a little antique shop, I bought a dolly tub to house an olive tree on the terrace, a white stool to be used as side table in the living room and I bought my sister a set of cast iron scales, just like mum used to have. All were bought from Oakwood Vintage, worth a visit if you're in the Leeds area. 


We had mac and cheese (my version) watched White Gold (they're both in sales and thats how I imagine they are at work) and had Fabs for dessert. Wasn't a bad Sunday indeed. 

As I upload this on Monday I am beginning to get exceptionally excited for Love Island being back on tonight. Until then I am replying to emails (I am so behind) watching The Split, really enjoyed it, and eating nutella sandwiches. I hope your week has started off well? I really struggle with Mondays, just like I struggle with mornings. I always get most of my work done post 5pm and post Thursday. Does anyone else feel this way? Right! Let's crack on!!