The Weekend Edit #42

The Weekend Edit #42

Evening all! 

Let's have a little catch up, I left you at the beginning of July and since then it has been all go go go, something I am not used to, and something I usually can't deal that well with but I am doing good! Let's start at Thursday 5th July. 

Firstly, this weather has just been so good for my mood. I do emails when I first wake up, sunbathe and listen to podcasts then do work from about 7-10pm, it has meant also working on weekends but totally worth it for the extra hours I can spend outside. 


Thursday evening and I went in to town to celebrate a family friends graduation, I met up with my sister and her partner, swooped by Zara to check out the sales then mistakenly read the map and we had much further to walk that I had intended. It was lovely to catch up with everyone, especially those who now live in Australia as I last saw them at our wedding (and then a few more at mums funeral). I invited them all over for brunch the next morning. What I forgot was the house was an absolute state as I was halfway through deep cleaning and was going to finish the next morning ahead of a dinner party on Friday night. Cue returning home at 11pm and hoovering/mopping everywhere. 


A few weeks back I was contacted by a company wanting to work with SYGM, I was invited to have a private chef come and cook for me and some friends at my house, of course I said yes. I chose the 5 course menu, asked the girls what they'd like then started prepping. As the weather had been so beautiful we dragged the dining table in to the garden, I ordered flowers from my favourite florist Leafy Couture and blitzed the house within an inch of its life. We had an email that morning that our terrace furniture was out for delivery but I was so gutted it didn't arrive that day. The girls arrived and were presented with a glass of Whispering Angel rosé which came highly recommend but I decided I wasn't much of a fan and taken up to the roof terrace whilst the chef cooked and I took photos. 

The whole evening was lovely, and I am so lucky I get to share opportunities like this with my friends, I just wish I could have all of them there! There will be a full blog post about the company on SYGM this week. The company are called Dine Indulge, I chose the £53 a head menu which, let's be honest you can easily spent that on a round of drinks. I am looking at the idea as an alternative for hen dos but if you have a special event I can highly recommend it! What I will add is that my gluten and dairy free requirements were catered for so well and it was lovely to eat the same food as everyone else. The best part is that the chef cleans up and takes everything away afterwards, pure bliss! 


On Saturday we had invited friends over to watch the England game and BBQ. When we bought this house, we knew we wanted it to become a social hub for us and our friends but blimey, didn't realise the amount of cleaning and organisation that'd be involved. Food shop done and 'ding dong'. Our furniture for the terrace arrived! We waited until after the football (hello england win) to put it together and the friends still here helped. It said it would take 30 minutes with 2 people. Well we had 4 and it took over 3 hours. 


I would like to add it is not down to incompetencies, I feel between us all we are good at DIY and have common sense, the actual product was not built well, pilot holes weren't in the right place so it required some ad hoc DIY to get it to all go together. As the sun set we finally sat on the new sofa, and wished the fire pit was lit. 


Sunday was a chill day, finally and no people entered through the threshold of our house. I remained braless and unwashed all day. It was bliss. 


On Monday morning I had an appointment with a inspector from West Yorkshire police round for a 2 hour interview in which I gave a statement. I am helping them with an investigation and I am legally not allowed to say what it is about until it goes to court (if it does, I hope it doesn't, cba with this). I didn't particularly enjoy it but after a quick spot of lunch it was a little bit of work then off to the doctors for a check up. A rather ummm invasive check up...with a young locum doctor which made it worse. Trousers and knickers pulled back up and awkward eye contact later I am having a colonoscopy and blood tests in a few weeks. 


On Tuesday we had Michaels dad and step mum round for BBQ, a catch up and I think we watched some football, it was lovely to see them and find out how they're enjoying retired life! The house was still a little bit of a tip but I just hoped the remnants of Sarah's beautiful flowers from the Friday night would distract them. 


Wednesday and the joiner was back. I want some posts made for the terrace so I can hang festoon lights across and we also need a new door up there, he was also doing some other jobs such as fixing the massive ass trapdoor we have down in to the cellar. So helpful having a good joiner for these jobs as it is just something we can't do. We haven't got a house project on for a little while now (omg no I need to show you Michaels new home gym, will do that in the next update) just a matter of finding the perfect bits of frippery to fill gaps around the house. 


On Thursday I tried to catch up on my work but got so overwhelmed by the amount of emails I thought it best just to put my laptop away (what logic is that?!) I then had a friend over for a little prosecco on the terrace whilst our dogs played/made muddy paw prints. One thing I found out is that the fabric wipes clean so that is a bonus with the dog and my ability to spill anything on something white. I took this selfie to send to Michael whilst I was waiting, I liked it so uploaded to instagram. Usually when I post a picture of myself I lose followers but quite the opposite happened and I received lots of lovely comments which was a surprise! 


Friday, managed to get semi on top of work stuff, cleaned the house and then waited for Michael to get back from London as we were having some of his old work friends over for a BBQ. It wasn't very well planned as we had no food in when he left (on the weds) and he got back about 30 mins before they arrived so I did an online shop and simply guessed what everyone would like. Doing a BBQ for gluten, dairy and vegetarian needs was a little bit challenging but it was delicious. We got rained off just before dessert so brought everything in and had ice-cream and salted fudge brownie in the living room. 

Saturday and Sunday - I told everyone to fuck off and don't come round. It worked until Sunday evening when a friend popped over to pick up her sunglasses she accidentally left, I let her off and we had ice lollies on the terrace in the evening sun. It was a lovely weekend actually. I caught up on all my favourite podcasts (can highly recommend the most recent Casefile episode) I sunbathed and ate the last of the lovely food in the house as I have started the fodmap diet. I got a lot of questions on insta (and lots of helpful tips) so I thought at the end of each weekend edit I will update you with how its going. If you're not interested please feel free to skip the next paragraph and come talk to me on insta instead! 


FODMAP | Elimination Week 1 - 

Started on the Sunday so 2 days in eliminating all high fodmap foods. Having to say goodbye to things I eat almost daily such as asparagus, artichokes and avocado (apparently only things beginning with A and totally middle class). Currently feeling very hungry as I wait for dinner. Snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter on, corn chips and bananas. Dinner last night was a salmon and dill patty and veg, tonight it's prawn gf pasta. Still very bloated, tired and abdominally uncomfortable so I am hoping for some relief soon. Gin is still OK.