The Weekend Edit #43

The Weekend Edit #43

Evening all. After Squarespace having a meltdown last night I can finally get this weeks edit up. I am currently half way through my Monday, I have ignored the sun and worked from bed watching Desperate Housewives today as it was more of an admin/email kind of work day. 


I bought a few potted plants to put in to the garden but have been struggling to keep them alive in this heat, mainly because I forget to water them. Thankfully the hydrangeas are still with us and I plan on putting them in the ground when it cools down a bit to give them the best chance. Monday was all about getting the house back in order after the weekend, I can become so lazy on a weekend and not bother unloading the dishwasher etc but come Monday I can't concentrate on work knowing there are so many chores to do. 


I wrote all about perfume in one of the first posts for this blog as it's one of my favourite things, I get asked my top 3 all the time, they are as follows: 

1) Acqua di Parma Colonia - THE perfect summer scent. I have several AdiP but that one will forever be my favourite and an absolute classic. 

2) Creed Love In White - I always get asked what this is when I wear it, and its something I save for special occasions only, I wore their Spring Flowers for my wedding. 

3) Byredo Super Cedar - Everyone raves about Gypsy Water but for me it is all about the cedar, an incredible woody but delicate fragrance perfect for Autumn.


Tuesday - Absolutely no complaints here about the weather (in fact I have read it is to last well in to August) I have been walking Atticus only in the evenings but giving him access to the shaded garden all day. I perve on this house a lot. 


Wednesday, I was meant to be having blood tests but the doctors called to cancel and reschedule for next week. No bother, would rather not have needles jabbed in to my arm! We were half way through week on the new diet and the recipes are actually quite yummy. I will photograph and blog some up as we go along as they are good for just healthy lunches/dinners anyway. 


I'm not sure you have seen in the hallway really? This is looking from the kitchen to the downstairs toilet in front, utility to the right and the back barn door to the left. Anyway, on Friday morning a lovely lady called Ruth who I met at a party brought round an antique washstand I bought off her (via the magical medium of a facebook buy and sell group) 

An hour or so later the electrician arrived to finally put up the master bedroom light, after it went on a journey around the country before being delivered. One of the dishes was smashed but Laura Ashley have said they would send a replacement out ASAP. 


I wasn't going to link as I don't think I would shop from Laura Ashley again but I did see it is in the sale (how annoying!) so buy at your own peril! 

The joiner arrived to restore the wardrobe doors but also to help us fix the cellar trapdoor. Have I told you about this? It's in the living room and the sofa sits on top of it but its where the electric/gas meters live so it does need access, and ya know if there are monsters its somewhere to hide. It has so much potential, its about the size of the living room, covered from wall to floor in the most beautiful stone and has the original stone stairs going down. This is a project for much further down the line, but for now we need a door that can actually be opened without Michael having to use a potato masher to prise it up. 


On Friday evening I enjoy a glass of red on the terrace and caught up on Love Island, this seasons hasn't been as good and the enjoyment of it is fading as there are obvious winners and the drama is boring. 


A friend then popped over and we had sparkling rose and dressed up the dogs, because dogs in sailor and reindeer outfits are the best medicine. 


On Saturday I requested we made no plans which is exactly what we did. I binged watched The Hills (throwback I know) and Desperate Housewives. 


My nails kept breaking so I cut them all back (wah) but put on one of my favourite pale pinks. I love it because its a proper 'rose pink' and I think just gives a healthy look to your nails but does look pink pink in certain lights. Its Nails Inc Elizabeth Street. I then had a lovely bath and we watched Sicario. One of my favourite films, ahead of Sicario 2 coming out soon. 


I am looking forward to this week because this heatwave is meant to continue (currently dripping under boob sweat as I write this, oooph!) we are having friends over for a BBQ on Thurs and fingers crossed I can muster up the strength and quash the anxiety to go to a wedding on Sunday! 

Thank you so much if you took the time to comment on my post about grief, it is my most read post so far, it makes me sad so many people can relate but also makes me feel a little better knowing my feelings are felt by many. Have a lovely week and I will see you back here on Monday! 

FODMAP | Week 1

Sunday saw us do a full week of the eliminating foods high in FODMAP. 3 days in and I was still experiencing my usual intestinal discomfort but it wasn't after meals anymore, it was just a little bit here and there through out the day (which tbh could be anxiety related). But by Friday I was feeling so much better (less bloated, regular movements, fewer cramps). I think things need to be shifted a little bit because I am constantly hungry which is not a good thing. I will start adding foods back in next week so its only 1 more week of quite meh food. In saying that we have made some lovely dinners so far, including fish tacos, spicy drumsticks and a prawn pasta dish which I will remake and gets some photos of to blog. Michael accidentally had some garlic whilst out and had a bad reaction so I think we have worked out that is what one of his triggers is! He has cut it back out and we are going to try something garlicky next week to see if it flares him up again. I will cry if garlic is one of mine!