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The Weekend Edit #45

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The Weekend Edit #45

Evening! How was your week? There has been a changeable note in the weather and it smelt like Autumn on the evening dog walks. The heating and the aga still aren't on and the news has told me that whilst its meant to be horrid for the next couple of days the sunshine is meant to return in to late August. That means no roast dinners for at least another month! Autumn is my favourite time of year, whilst I have loved the sunshine, and got myself a pretty decent tan on the terrace, I much prefer being cold. I like dark skies, candlelight and roaring fires. Mulled wine, hot chocolate and casseroles. Crumbles and cashmere. New blog name? 

On Monday I shunned work and spent some time with my sister, her boyfriend and the dog they were looking after called Dexter. 


Atticus was very keen on him but Dexter was more about a chilled life and didn't really take to Atticus wanting to play and following him non-stop. Atticus has always been a bit bizarre when its come to playing, even from a young age he is either really intense or will run away with tail between his legs. He is exceptionally friendly and wants to say hello to everyone but at the same time he will bolt if a dog plays with him 'the wrong way'. He is a weirdo. 


On Tuesday it was time to get back to work, the real wedding submission folder is bulging and doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon. I will get to the bottom of it by the end of the week! I spent my break tidying up the guest room and decided that I think the back wall needs something and have decided on panelling. 


The room is so high, probably around 20ft and I think the bed looks a little lost, some grey or dusting pink panelling would look lovely, have this style in mind. 

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The house has come to a bit of a standstill has we have to pour nearly 2k on a door and then some more on the roof before winter sets in. The recent downpours have left us with a couple of leaks coming in which was quite an unwelcome surprise. The heat has also warped the roof terrace door so that needs replacing asap. 


Michael was out on Tuesday evening so I worked till about 8 then took myself off to bed with popcorn and Pride & Prejudice. Do you have films that make you feel cosy? Another for me is Far From The Madding Crowd and weirdly, The Woman in Black. Think its all about atmosphere. 


On Wednesday morning I had a slow start and watched all of the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star series on Youtube. Even if you have no idea who these 2 are it is definitely worth watching to get an incredible insight in to the world of Youtube. Jeffree who launched his make up line off the back of youtube stardom is an inspiration, he has built and entire barbie pink gucci empire and speaks candidly about his life and recent experiences. There are 4 episodes all together. 


I am on the hunt for some stools for the kitchen island because I think it will be nice to work down here when the aga is back on. There is nice light, a view in to the walled garden through the french doors and I am near the food. I have found that plants do well in here, the latest is this little guy who now has 3 babies. Apparently I can cut and simply put in to soil, will give it a go and if you live in Leeds and want one let me know! 


On Friday evening I settled in to a rather lovely bath with the last of my favourite Neom candle, and listened to the latest True Crime podcast in my collection. Have got a post going up on my favourite podcasts on Wednesday. It may seem odd to de-stress whilst listening to tales of gore and murder but ya know, each to their own. 


At about 9pm I got a craving for nachos. Now, I have not had a craving for food in months. Usually I write our weekly menu based on what I fancy, some weeks its super healthy stir fries, others its stodgy lasagne or casseroles. I love food. But recently I haven't at all. My stomach is in agony most of the time, the FODMAP diet did help but it was just too restrictive. My craving for nachos was so strong I dragged Michael out to tesco to buy all the ingredients, I was mindful to still keep it quite low fodmap and knew it wasn't going to be as delicious as nachos I was having a few years ago but the fact I was hungry and salivating was a really positive sign. 

A simply salsa, guac, df cheese and corn crisp later I was happy with a very full tummy. 


On Saturday I had a super productive day getting some gardening and little chores done, the nachos didn't make me feel ill at all and I was feeling good! Positive perhaps! 


So Laura or @elleaitchtee as I have fondly come to know her on instagram often stories about vegan and gf treats she finds. And dogs, lots of dogs. Well one post piqued my interest as it was a fluffy chocolatey nougat. After enquiring about where she buys such delight, she offered to send me one. Wellllll its forking delicious, I haven't had a mars bar (used to be second fave after a snickers) and to my recollection it tastes just like one. The chocolate, whilst decent does have a slight soy taste to it but nothing will ever be as creamy good as milk chocolate is. I have located these bars of heaven online and get ready to remortgage your house, they are £2.10 each. I love instagram so much sometimes, Laura is one of my favourites (chocolate dealing aside). 

After eating it in the sunshine in the garden, I finished off by watering the rest of the plants and then settled down on the bed to watch some desperate housewives. 


On Sunday we opted for another chill day, mainly because it was torrential out but also because we couldn't be bothered to go anywhere.


I can't wait till the garden is all fluffed out with plants and flowers, making it a lovely little green sanctuary to enjoy morning coffee and late night hot chocolates (or wine, whatever takes your fancy) is something I am looking forward to in the coming years. That evening, I lit candles, we made nachos again and settled down for a film. We didn't watch any of my suggestions of Dead Mans Shoes, John Q or The Pianist but instead Angels and Demons. Good ol' Dan Brown/Tom Hanks. 


I actually can't believe that this is our house. Genuinely. It so nearly didn't happen and the move was so frantic (blog post coming up on moving house) then I was down south whilst everything arrived, it was weird coming back to this 'home'. Plus, it's just so nice! Never did I think I would have a house like this growing up, I don't take any aspect of my life for granted but this house was just a 'pinch me' moment all be it a delayed one. I hope you have a lovely week, see you here on Weds!