How to edit your instagram images on the go

How to edit your instagram images on the go

If I have the time I like to use my big dSLR to take photos, but it is rather large and clunky to be chucking in my handbag willy nilly so rely heavily on my phone for instagram photos. Which is totally acceptable nowadays as the lenses on a camera phone are amazing, they’re pretty good in low light and, the image is right there for you to start editing straight away, rather than uploading to the PC, getting all up in lightroom, then sending it back to your phone to put on instagram.

When Laura or Rebecca used to go to events for SYGM they would send images to me, I edit then quickly send them back for instagram. The images for SYGM are edited slightly differently than my own instagram but I think I had become quite a dab hand at editing on the go so I thought I would share what I have learnt over the years and my favourite apps.

For the last couple of months I have only been using 1 app to edit my photos and that is called Afterlight, it used to be free but it is now £2.99 but it does have more to offer. For me the filters are what sold it as there are lots to choose from but they are quite natural/editorial looking so work well for instagram. Most recently all I do is bump up the brightness and drag the temperature of the image to the slightly cool side to fit in with my feed. At the end I will alway adjust so it is straight and then drag up to sharpen. If I use a filter I always use one called Russ which I add and then lighten. My insta secret is out of the bag!

Don’t forget that you can reframe a photo and chop out all the shit bits in your edit (and super easy with that app). For example, here are a couple Michael took of me and then my edit it of them.

For my house pics, I always try and take them in as much natural light as possible but because the front of the house faces north I feel the images can look dark so I do like to brighten. I then cool them down, and make sure they’re straight (one of my insta image bugbears!!). The edit is only small but makes such a difference and takes less than a minute to do. I also think it brings a little cohesiveness to the overall look of your images/feed.

Once you have the image you want to edit, if you don’t use a filter, the adjust/crop first. Then brighten, then sharpen. This will give you the basis of a crisp, clear image. If you do use a filter, use the filter first then see if anything else needs amending, some cropping, maybe too warm, to bright?

Hopefully that will help you edit your images quickly and effectively. I think at the very least use instagram’s own editing tool and brighten and make sure its straight, please…for my sanity!