The Weekend Edit #46

The Weekend Edit #46

Another week gone. Do you not feel l like time is flying by at the moment? Too quickly perhaps. I'm currently writing this up from the bedroom so I don't have to listen to Michael natter away doing his business thing. I've just caught up on Big Brother and now watching some Last Man on Earth whilst my images upload. I am also waiting for a phone call from the doctor that she booked in a week ago and I have no faith in actually happening, plus, I am not even sure what it is for, the receptionist just said "a check up". (I take that back, she called as soon as I hit the full stop, nothing serious, just a referral). Anyway! Shall we catch up? 


So Monday to Wednesday I worked like a mother trucker because I AM SO BEHIND on my SYGM work, so many wedding submissions, invoices, admin to do. I got relegated to the guest bedroom on Tuesday evening because Michael was staying up for 24 hours playing one of his favourite games. He took the week off work to do just that. So, he slept until 11pm, got up, bought snacks and played whilst I slept in the guest room. The master bedroom is too close to the office so I would have heard him chuntering away to his friends. Bless him. 


I slept very badly and my sojourn in the east wing prompted a search for round shutters. The light is beyond bright in the morning and impossible to sleep through. I was grumpy for most of the day, but I walked the dog in the rain and felt refreshed. I really do prefer the cooler weather. Don't get me wrong, was loving a gin on the terrace topping up my tan but I will always be a winter baby.  


On Wednesday I took to instagram and asked something I had wanted to for a while. "How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?". I was blown away. So, I always thought I was alone in how I felt in the morning, I assumed people with their life together sprang out of bed in the morning to a chorus of some Disney shit, happy, laughing with birds and woodland creatures help making coffee. It turns out this is not the case at all. I counted the responses, 202. Out of those only 1 person. 1! Had a positive "omg yes I love mornings, I am up at 5am ready to go". 1 PERSON. Everyone else responded mainly with tired/anxious/headache/bloated/knackered/dread/stressed


I have spent about 10 years thinking the way I feel in the morning is totally on me, and it wasn't until maybe 3 weeks ago I asked Michael how he feels in the morning, and he said "I feel shit" that I wondered how others felt. He is a healthy guy, doesn't really use social media, works out, goes to bed at a decent time, has no anxieties. Yet he feels shit. So why is it? Why do we all feel crap in the morning? I really wish I could dedicate more research and time in to this, I think it is so indicative of our society and current culture. So when you wake up feeling meh, just know everyone else does too. Solidarity in sadness. 


On Thursday I smashed my inbox. SMASHED IT. Then what happens is because I finally reply, it fills back up again...have you ever accomplished an empty inbox? I believe its the mythical unicorn of the working world. That evening I settled down to watch Celeb Big Brother, I asked on insta and only about 20% of those that responded were going to be watching. I guess it really is no longer popular but I don't know why I keep watching it. There is always a curiosity about celebs interacting, and I love Kirstie Alley. 


On Friday a lovely pink new blazer arrived, I did some online shopping when I was relegated to the guest room, on Michaels card. Ha. First to arrive was this super cute blazer from H&M. I poured myself a gin and took a selfie. I was hesitant to post it on insta because I don't usually put myself on there, mainly because I lose followers but also because I dunno, just awkward. But I really wanted to start adding a bit more makeup/jewellery/clothing to my posts, after a few messages to friends they encouraged me to post it so I did. And you know what? I gained followers and everyone complimented my exceptionally lovely £34 pink blazer. Don't even know what I was worried about! 

On Saturday I did my chores because I didn't do them on Friday. I then had a super chill day lounging around watching crap films and tv. One of my favourite past times which I am so sure you are aware of by now. Michael took Atticus to the vets, he got his booster jabs and the all clear healthwise. Perfect weight etc. I realised I hadn't been out in the car this week, something I will try and be better out next week, I'm not avoiding it per se but there were trips this week I could have gone on and didn't. Whilst I am being kind to myself I also don't want to slip in to bad practices with my travel anxiety because the last thing I need right now is to be trapped within 4 walls. 


On Sunday we had a super productive day deep cleaning the house, I put up something things that had been waiting in the wings for a while. Made a huggee list of stuff I still need to buy for each room, had a bath then we had a late dinner and watched the final of The Unforgotten, I enjoyed it but felt the ending was a bit rushed? What did you think? 


Whilst I was in the bath Loaf re-grammed on of my living room pics. I got over 1000 new followers because of it, isn't that crazy? I mean, amazing! But I could spent 8 months grinding for that many followers. I must say, I am definitely enjoying using instagram more lately, I feel people are using it to actually interact rather than just like pictures and that is something I enjoy. The nice interiors and handbags help but the people are what make it. Speaking of intsa, this weeks post will be about editing your images quickly. Which apps, tips, advice etc. Hope you enjoy! 

I hope your Monday was OK! I hope you're home with dinner in the oven and a nice glass of wine. See you soon!