A Mindful Month

A Mindful Month

So for the month of September I wanted to write out a whole mindful plan for myself, I wanted to have everything in one place and was going to put together a little excel spreadsheet but I thought that actually you may like what I am doing too, and may even want to join in? This doesn't have to be September, it could be any 30 days, any month, any time. 


I wanted a mix of meditation, yoga, mindfulness and little tasks to do each day to see what impact it has on my mental health. Selfishly these are all exercises that I enjoy, spaces I like to visit and things I like to do but please do adapt for your own tastes. My plan was to do the meditation in the evening before bed and the yoga first thing but I will see how I am feeling and where my energy levels are at. I have put a fair amount of research in to this so I hope something lovely and positive comes out of it. 


Have a read ahead of the days and see if there is anything you may want to buy (a new book maybe?) and see if dates align with things you may have planned, weekend getaways, work trips etc.  Watch this

Day 1

Introduction to meditation / put social media apps on second page of phone screen 

Day 2

Walk in woodland  / 30 min easy yoga

Day 3 

Happiness meditation / listen to, then share your current favourite song on instagram (this is mine

Day 4

Deep breathing / Drink your morning tea/coffee/berocca outside

Day 5

Read a few chapters of a book / guided meditation

Day 6

Morning yoga / write down something that has been troubling you/making you stressed or anxious that you haven't told anyone. Fold away and put in a safe place. 

Day 7

Practice Gratitude - Write down 7 things you are grateful for this week

Day 8

De-clutter one area of your house / relaxation meditation

Day 9

Notification free day - turn all notifications off (apart from phone calls) / stretch yoga

Day 10

Treat yourself to an autumnal candle / anxiety meditation

Day 11

Go on a walk in the countryside (rain or shine!) / Read a few chapters of your book before bed

Day 12

morning meditation / order this book

Day 13

set a goal to achieve by 13th of next month / gentle yoga 

Day 14

Practice Gratitude - Write down 7 things you are grateful for this week

Day 15

morning meditation / read more of your book

Day 16

 Eat a big breakfast together with loved ones/friends / watch the sunset (19.20pm in Leeds)

Day 17

morning productivity meditation / cook a favourite dinner 

Day 18

book a massage (or ask your partner for one, its for your mental wellbeing after all...) / sleep meditation 

Day 19

Gentle yoga / go for a walk with music or a podcast on

Day 20

body scan meditation / organise a dinner party for later in the year 

Day 21

Practice Gratitude - Write down 7 things you are grateful for this week

Day 22

Restorative yoga / treat yourself to a bath/face-mask mini spa evening

Day 23

Finding harmony meditation / go on a muddy dog walk (you can borrow mine!)

Day 24

watch an old favourite film / yoga for bedtime 

Day 25

Breathing meditation /  take a different walk around your neighbourhood 

Day 26

Become and organ donor or make an appointment to give blood (if religion/culture/ethics allow)

Day 27

calm meditation / social media free evening 

Day 28

Practice Gratitude - Write down 7 things you are grateful for this week

Day 29

bake a cake / inner peace yoga

Day 30

Unfold your piece of paper, is it still worrying you as much? if it is give it or show it to someone, if you don't feel comfortable doing that then burn it and watch the ashes float away / bedtime meditation

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed this, I hope I did too and it added a little bit of stillness back in to our lives.