Top 5 Podcasts / SS18

Top 5 Podcasts / SS18

I am a media junkie. If I am not on my phone, I am watching TV or a film, if I am cleaning/cooking/ I am listening to music, if I am in the bath/garden I am listening to a podcast. I use media to give my brain a distraction, I am not fond of silence. Silence makes me think and my brain already does too much of that. I am going out a few posts of the next few week listing my favourite films, TV shows, and today is podcasts. 

Disclaimer; I don't listen to any kind of 'self help' podcasts. I don't listen to any kind of 'girl boss' motivational podcasts. I mainly listen to true crime, comedy and a little bit of historical/conspiracy theory escapism. So if thats you're jam too then here is a little list. Also, there are more than 5, what's the opposite of click bait? 

So these are the ones that I listen to every week, without fail:

1) Casefile - probably my favourite. There is no comedy with this one, just factual true crime, his dry dulcet Australian tones retell true crime amazingly well and the range and variety of cases is brilliant. His coverage of The East Area rapist (pre arrest) is the best I have heard and I always look forward to my Saturdays because of this. 

start with: Case 53 - The East Area Rapist. 

2) Small Town Murder - I am an OG supporter of this podcast having seen a recommendation on instagram when they were at episode 4. I love the guys behind STM so much that I set up a facebook group for the podcast which now has thousands of members. James and Jimmie are comedians and this is their take on murders that happen in backwards small towns in America. Their research is top notch and they blend comedy and serious topics well. Thursdays are better because of these guys. 

start with: #011 in South Lake Tahoe

3) Dark Poutine - I found these guys at the beginning of summer and going through the back log whilst sunbathing on the terrace has been wonderful. This is all about Canadian true crime, the content is refreshing, their humour and research are top notch, I look forward to it every week. 

start with: #04 - The Halifax Explosion

4) True Crime Garage - Love these guys! Again, a dose of true crime with a some comedy thrown in. They enjoy deconstructing the cases themselves, asking questions about motives, actions and outcomes. I have a crush on The Captain. 

start with: #215 Tara Grinstead

5) Elis James and John Robins - an utter joy of a podcast. I started listening to this after the Josh Widdicombe podcasts stopped. Other than how funny they are I enjoy the various features, from playing Made Up Games to people writing in with their minor shames for The Shamewell. They also touch on topics such as mental health, male suicide and feminism. The boys are advocates of equality and all round general hammer legends. Start from the beginning, join the facebook group. 

start with: Bonus Podcast for the best Shamewell ever (its about 8 mins in)

These are ones I dip in and out of, or have been one offs. 

  • Atlanta Monster 
  • This American Life 
  • Griefcast
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno
  • You Must Remember This 
  • Sword and Scale 
  • The Odditorium 
  • S-Town
  • Generation Why
  • Criminology

Please please let me know your recommendations, I am always look to distract my brain! I hope you enjoyed this, next up will be TV shows, on which I am an expert.