Gooey Gluten Free Vegan Oreo Brownies

Well hello. If you are here to have your vegan, gluten free mind blown by some Oreo brownies then you are in the right place. These were super easy, and my god super delicious. I always have to get someone else to eat my vegan/gluten free food just to check its as delicious as I think, because I feel over time my taste buds have come to accept anything that even distinctly has a whisp of chocolate in it. Michael confirmed it. Tasty AF.


The recipe is an adapted Jamie Oliver brownie recipe, it includes Tesco Free From ‘cookies and cream’ biscuits aka Oreos. If you are not GF you can use normal flour and normal Oreos.


5 tablespoons of sunflower oil

200g dairy free chocolate (i use tesco own)

170g self raising gluten free flour

3 heaped teaspoons cocoa powder

180g golden caster sugar (I used light brown muscovado reduce if you don’t like super sweet brownies)

pinch of salt

teaspoon vanilla essence

230ml soya milk

1 160g packet oreo cookies


Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4. Grease a square baking tin (roughly 20cm) with a little oil, then line with greaseproof paper.

Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure the base doesn’t touch the water. Break the chocolate into the bowl and allow it to melt, then set aside to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl, then stir in the sugar and a pinch of salt. Stir in the oil, vanilla essence, soya milk and melted chocolate until combined.

Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, spreading it out evenly. Push the oreos evenly in to the mix, cover over with the batter, then place into the hot oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until cooked on the outside, but still gooey in the middle. The aga took 35 mins in the roasting oven.


They were enjoyed whilst watching the new series of the OA next to the fire with a glass of wine. They’re exceptionally sweet so if thats not your thing then modify the dark choc/salt/sugar content. You can also chop up the oreo and mix through the batter if you’d rather. Either way…delicious. I have frozen half of the batch which can be taken out 30mins before eating to defrost, or chucked in to a hot oven/microwave to heat through if impatient.