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The Weekend Edit #64

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The Weekend Edit #64

Morning! How has your week been? You’ve probably seen how mine has gone and it has mainly involved dogs. If you’re not a dog fan this post is prob not for you…Shall we just jump straight in?

Monday meant more dogs in sinks, at this point I hadn’t decided if I wanted to up the ‘extra’ level and get a professional then when someone suggest a calendar, then it morphed in to a book and here we are. But I still wanted to see Natalie and get the schnauzers in the sink, they were exceptionally willing which was lovely and they all looked so cute in their winter jumpers.


On Tuesday, you guessed it…I had another dog. This time I was meeting the exceptionally lovely Bridget and her spaniel Maggie. I knew Bridget through instagram (of course) and her work for Whitakers Gin (which happened to be one of my fave and I already had bottles in the cupboard). That day we also had the roofers in to fix all the leaks we had been having over summer, 2 bathroom guys to come and quote for some work and by 5pm I had a migraine. It was early to bed which How To Get Away With Murder (which I am v late to the party on).


Wednesday - you mean dog day! The lovely Rach travelled down from Skipton with her little cutie Rigby, after a rather bumpy start but he sat beautifully in the sink for me in the end. After Rigby I melted in to the fluffy paws of Pablo the cavapoo, he was such a super star and sat happily in the sink in-between climbing out on to the surfaces. I then had a lovely chilled afternoon catching up on bake off and sorting out a little bit of So You’re Getting Married admin.

Thursday - James the photographer arrived with his beautiful cavalier pup Lily, we did some test shots and then planned the best attack for the book shoots.


Friday - Its usually a chore day and this was no different, I blitzed the house ahead of dog company on the Sunday, made sure the sink was glistening and whilst out gardening in the front I decided we should paint our side wall pink and grey. After agreement from Michael and the neighbours I’ve send some emails out for quotes.

Saturday - I painted the side door pink because we had quit a large amount left after the roof terrace was painted in the same colour and it seems a waste just having it sat going off in the garage. I cleaned up and tidied the garden because I new it was about to have 16 doggie visitors. I then witnessed the most gorgeous sunset from the terrace. I drew out all the styling ideas for each dog and got everything ready so that the day would run as easily as possible.

Sunday - Didn’t sleep a wink, reminded me of pre wedding nerves mixed with excitement. After a very begrudging early start (8am on a Sunday…will only do for dogs!). 15 dogs, in 30min slots across the day…heaven and also chaos. It was such a good day. I had one of my friends helping me (and thank god because her brain thinks logistically and mine felt like mush). Everyone arrived, signed a release form then basically popped the dogs in the sink and took photos. We gave them all lots of treats and hugs, had some snacks and basically lived my best life. I have people from travelling all across the UK which I genuinely can’t believe (and I often forget that normal humans have no problem travelling these distances) and I am so excited to get all the pics done and share what we have done. We were also spoilt with treats, flowers and toys for atticus which was so lovely and unexpected. I love instagram!

All the dogs (and their owners) were so lovely, some I only knew through insta so it was our first time meeting and it felt like I’d known them for ages, just wish I had had more time to spend with everyone. The chows stole my heart though…

We have also chosen a charity to donate a portion of the proceeds too which I think makes all this fluff totally worthwhile and I will talk a bit more about this over on my instagram and the blog soon.


Right! I am now off to prepare for the next shoot, I have had an email to say that some of the decor has been delayed till tomorrow morning so lets hope it arrives in the morning! Then watch bake off.

I hope you’re well? I hope you’re loving dogs in sinks as much as I am?