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The Weekend Edit #63

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The Weekend Edit #63

So, I am thinking I will do one week weekend edit then the next week a vlog, else I am just repeating myself weekly and that doesn’t make sense to me, especially when I share most stuff on instagram anyway. I am currently editing a vlog which will go up this Sunday, and this is this weeks edit. Does that make any sense? Probably not. I am delirious after only managing a few hours sleep and waking at 7.30. Grumpy, sleep deprived Phoebe does not make for good company so I am channeling my time in to smashing some words out on to the keyboard.


And the cleaner is here and I basically hide in a corner until she goes because I don’t want to be in her way.

This past week and a bit has been a little bit meh but we had a couple of highlights. We hosted a really fun bbq for Michael’s old school friends, even though it rained throughout the day it held off in the evening and we sat outside, drinking wine and enjoyed the food under the festoon lights. I then had a small triumph taking the dog to get some lunch and a quick gin in the pub.

Screenshot at Sep 09 14-45-52.png

Some fun projects are starting in the house, I think I have my inspiration back for interiors which had wavered a little bit over the past few months. I think when you are grieving, anxious, depressed, wallowing whatever it may be, your spark dims a little and whilst you know you should do what you loved before, sometimes it’s hard to build up the energy to face the tasks. Interiors are my thing, but it’s more because I like having a nice calm and pretty home as its where I spend 99% of my time. I also found the thought of planning, arranging workmen, the stress of having them in the house etc was far too much so I pushed it all from my head till I was doing better.


I have also come to terms with instagram, in August I tried to upload images daily and saw absolutely no increase in engagement or followers. I have stayed at roughly the same number now for the past 3 or 4 months and I have just come to terms with that fact, I have stopped stressing about it and I am posting what I want, when I want. Talking of which have you seen #dogsinsinks?


This has become my autumn passion project. It is basically me putting Atticus in the kitchen sink with other dogs and taking a picture, uploading on a Friday and hoping the world enjoys the cuteness. I can see the Daily Mail headline now “woman cures anxiety by unhygienically putting her dog in the sink for instagram” but in some ways it really is helping me. I get to meet new people, we do a fun little activity and I get to be creative. Its all my favourite things PLUS dogs. I have got in touch with a dog charity and a dog food company to see if there is any way of working together so that we could perhaps make it more than just a dog in a sink but we will see. In fact, I am thinking of making it in to a coffee table book.


What else have I got going on? Nothing major, the odd instagram haul, a weekly insta chat about bake off or gardeners world, talking of which…did you see my plant haul? And I got a new spade…maybe this is why my numbers aren’t increasing…hmm. HA.


I’ve got an ad coming up with Kenwood which I am so excited about because for the first time in my adult life…I have a toaster! I used to use the oven grill in the old house then in this house I use the microwave oven grill thing, all the above options take about 10 mins to make toast which I do actually eat most days so I am excited for this life changing development.

I am now catching up with this a few days later due to server issues with the blog, so will continue as if nothing happened. NOTHING TO SEE HERE OK?


After writing all that about no growth, I got a lovely shout out from Katie @comedowntothewoods and managed to swing over the 25k mark which has made me very happy. I could stay at 25k forever as its a pleasant number.

So, I had a really good few days. Getting up much earlier, being more productive with my days and even managed some exposure therapy to the post office and the park. Did some DIY with some shelving. The next few weeks are mainly booked up with people bringing their dogs over to the house, but today (Monday) I have 2 bathroom guys coming over to quote for the work we are wanting done, an interview for Yorkshire Life magazine (Nov issue out in Oct) in between I have 2 gorgeous schnauzers coming over to get in the sink with Atticus.


I hope you have a lovely week. So happy Bake Off is back in our lives as well as Strictly and The Island with Bear Grylls (love that show so much) Such good TV on in autumn don’t you think?

As I have got my timings wrong I am off to edit the weekly vlog to also go up this week, then next week it will be the weekend edit, then following will be a vlog.